Ace Of The Dragon Division Chapter 153

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Chapter 153: Junior Brother… (Part one)

Seeing Xu Cheng not giving him any face and just leaving, Zuozhi was immediately angered. He furiously slammed the table and said, "He really thinks he is something? 20 million was my highest evaluation of you. In my eyes, 20 million is what I use to send off beggars."

A bodyguard by his side got closer and asked, "Sir, should I teach him a lesson?"

"We will talk about it later. If he really dares to investigate further, the underground money house will pay us and we will just get this job done." In Zuozhi's eyes, it was better for Xu Cheng to refuse their offer. From what Hetian said, if Xu Cheng dies, the huge sum of money he has with the underground money house would belong to Zuozhi. Xu Cheng might not care too much about this money, but Zuozhi didn't tell him that there were so many people in this world that would kill him for this money!

In the car, Lin Lei asked Xu Cheng curiously, "Brother-in-Law, who is that guy? He seems to have a pretty big background, he even acts more arrogantly than my dad."

Xu Cheng laughed. "Wei Nation has always been arrogant in front of the people of Huaxia. Oh right, why did you choose to stay all of a sudden? Why aren't you going back to Britain for your playboy lifestyle?"

Lin Lei pouted. "If I keep on playing then my dad will kill me. He said that if I don't come to Huaxia this year to fix up my temper, then I'm not allowed to go back to inherit his business."

Xu Cheng nodded. "That's true."

Lin Lei immediately stared at Xu Cheng. "Holy c.r.a.p, Brother-in-Law, even you don't support my lifestyle?"

"Of course I know what your temper's like. If you keep on playing like that, you will become a waste man. I also know you are a clever brat, and you just don't like to study," Xu Cheng lightly scolded him.

"Oh right, don't call me brother-in-law in front of others. I don't want others to find out about my relations.h.i.+p with your sister. Did she not remind you?" Xu Cheng asked curiously.

"She did. She told me not to call you that in front of other people."

Xu Cheng bitterly smiled. He looked out the window and said, "Sometimes I don't even know what's the point of this marriage. But I will just let her do what she wants for the sake of her career."

Lin Lei looked at Xu Cheng and said, "Brother-in-Law, do you honestly think that she doesn't want to publicize her marriage with you because she's scared of it affecting her career?"

"Why else?" Xu Cheng turned around and bitterly smiled as he turned back. Faintly, he said, "All these years, to make sure I didn't bother her in the slightest, I went to the army."

Lin Lei didn't say anything as he thought of something in his head. In fact, he knew Lin Chuxue was doing this to protect Xu Cheng. In the past, Xu Cheng always had an inferiority complex. If someone courted by countless suitors was married to a n.o.body that was adopted by her parents, there would be so much public pressure. In Britain, Lin Chuxue had the t.i.tle of "most ideal dream lover" in the upper cla.s.s. She had always attracted tons of attention, and even some royal family members were her pursuers. Naturally, if she were to declare the news that she married Xu Cheng, the kind of ridicule and mockery from the aristocrats and royalty may push Xu Cheng more and more towards the edge of a cliff.

That was why Lin Chuxue had been waiting for Xu Cheng, waiting for him to become stronger and then for him to confidently tell her that he loved her!

By then, Lin Chuxue could be a.s.sured that Xu Cheng could handle all of those public opinions, or it would only ruin him! Of course, it wasn't like Lin Chuxue had no feelings towards Xu Cheng. After all, with their childhood sweetheart memories and ties, maybe there was faint love, or maybe even deep affection. All in all, without any emotional foundation, how would Lin Chuxue agree to marry him?

Both of them had their own difficulties, and both of them had their own plans. Without communication, the misunderstanding caused them to miss all these years that they could've spent together.

So, Lin Lei got tired by just looking at those two. Hearing what Xu Cheng just said made him even more sure that the two still liked each other, yet they both chose to be silent. What a troublesome couple.


Chapter 153: Junior Brother… (Part two)

Just then, Xu Cheng's phone rang.
It was from Shen Yao.


"Xu Cheng, you haven't eaten, right? Come home, a pretty good meal is already prepped." Shen Yao sounded pretty lively on the other end.

Xu Cheng looked at Lin Lei, and then he awkwardly said, "It's fine, I will just eat something outside. Do you still remember Lin Chuxue's little brother? He came to find me so I'm going to take him out for some food."

Shen Yao: "Isn't Chuxue's little brother basically my little brother? We can take this chance to get to know each other too. Come together, my dad told me to give you this call. He said he wanted to apologize to you with this meal. Just come back, and bring Lin Lei with you."

Xu Cheng was a bit speechless. Covering the mic on the phone, he whispered to Lin Lei, "Are you going to be following me from now on?"

Lin Lei nodded.

Then he could only bring him to Shen Yao's place too. He might as well introduce him into the family during the meal.

At the thought of this, Xu Cheng said to the phone, "Okay, we are on our way."

"See you." Shen Yao sounded quite happy on the other end.

After hanging up, she had her hands on her waist and said to Shen Wansan, "Dad, I got the guy back for you. Since you said you are going to apologize to him, then don't put up a straight face towards him."

Shen Wansan nodded and said, "Yeah. How will I have the guts to? He beat the elite bodyguard I have into a piece of sh*t, I'm still scared of him."

Speaking of elite, Shen Yao couldn't help but glance at Wen Zhao, who was currently bandaged from head to toe and walking with a stick. She rolled her eyes and mumbled, "Too elite."

Wen Zhao for sure heard this, and he blushed as he embarra.s.singly lowered his head, feeling as if Huhu just fcked him in the azz.

Xu Cheng drove back to that big Shen Mansion. As the driver, Lin Lei couldn't help but ridicule, "Brother-in… I mean, Brother Xu, you should get a new car, this one's too hard to drive." He was going to call him brother-in-law out of habit, but he quickly corrected himself.

Xu Cheng didn't mind. "No sh*t, back in Britain you got used to driving all kinds of luxury cars, you are obviously not used to this. But let me tell you, a good driver can drive any car."

"I still don't want to drive a sh*t box."

Xu Cheng brought Lin Lei into the mansion and then followed the maid to the big dining room. He saw Shen Yao, Shen Wansan, and Wen Zhao were already waiting.

Xu Cheng smiled, walked to Shen Wansan, and said, "President Shen, sorry for the wait."

Shen Wansan's att.i.tude was clearly better than before. He waved and said, "No worries at all, and this is?"

"This is my cousin, Lin Lei."

Shen Yao introduced on the side, "Do you remember the big celebrity I told you about that's my best friend? Lin Chuxue, do you remember? This is her little brother."

"Oh, very handsome!" Shen Wansan praised. "Don't just stand there, come and let's eat."

Xu Cheng gestured for Lin Lei to sit down and eat. After coming in, Lin Lei saw Shen Yao's att.i.tude towards Xu Cheng was clearly on the active side. As a player king himself, this signal was a bit dangerous, It meant Shen Yao wanted Xu Cheng to see her best side, and she was even talking him up to her father. Up to this point, probably only his brother-in-law, the idiot with zero EQ, wouldn't see what was going on!

Lin Lei ate as he felt nervous for his sister.

Just then, Wen Zhao said, "Junior Brother…"

Shen Wansan got scared. In fear that this bodyguard of his would ask to be humiliated again, he directly slapped him on the head, coughed, and said, "Eat."

Wen Zhao really wanted to cry at that moment.


Ace Of The Dragon Division Chapter 153

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