Ace Of The Dragon Division Chapter 328.2

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Chapter 328: Being Dragged to Apologize (Part two)

Mommy Li replied, “Did I do something today? Aren't you asking such an absurd question? Our son got beaten up, that's a slap to our Li Family's face, do you know that? Right now, there are so many eyes on our Li Family, and if we let this go so easily, others might think we are easy to bully. I obviously had to seek justice for my son. The guy that beat our son was too arrogant, and he didn't even pay any respect to me. How could I just sit back and do nothing?”

Li Hui's slap immediately landed on his wife's face.

(TL Note: Here at Noodletown, we don't support domestic violence)


Li Wei's mom directly fell to the floor as she looked at her man dumbfoundedly in disbelief.

Li Hui scolded, furious, “Why does he have to pay any respect to you? Who the fack are you? I think you have forgotten who you are after so many years of people calling you Mrs. Li! Just because other people suck up to you, you really think you are Jesus now? Don't forget who you are! I'm busy running the business and working 24/7, yet you only know how to create trouble for me. Let me tell you, Luo Xinfeng, only what I give you is yours, and other than that, don't facking use my name to intimidate other people!”

“Have you gone crazy?!” Luo Xinfeng began throwing a tantrum as she shouted, “Li Hui, you ! You actually dare to hit me?!”

“It's still light for me to just beat you. Do you know who you offended?”

“Who the fack did I offend?” Mommy Li shouted, “You tell me, who the fack did I offend? Who am I scared of?”

Li Hui kicked Luo Xinfeng while she was on the floor and the pain almost knocked her unconscious. Then, he directly grabbed her by the hair and began dragging her out of the door.

Luo Xinfeng screamed miserably as she stumbled while getting dragged out by her husband. The maids and housekeepers all didn't dare to come over or say anything. Their master normally wouldn't be as mad as he was today, but for some unknown reason, he was even commiting domestic abuse.

Luo Xinfeng directly got her anger and temper beaten out of her by her husband. She was terrified as she s.h.i.+vered in the car.

Li Hui drove as he shouted, “Let me tell you who you offended! You offended someone completely out of our league! If they want us dead tonight, we won't survive to see the next sunrise! Even I can't do anything about it. I don't blame you for not knowing about it beforehand, but if you dare to mess up the apology and not cooperate, then don't blame me for what I will do! If you still want to live in the Li Family and be Mrs. Li, then in a bit, go and apologize to the guy you offended. Whether it's a little boy or a woman, you have to get on your knees and apologize. You will do whatever makes them happy, GOT IT?!”

Li Hui roared angrily, and his wife was so startled she immediately began nodding as hard as she could.

Li Hui sighed. “I'm also to blame, I was too busy with the business, and I almost let you ruin the entire Li Family. Let me tell you, even if you have to get on your knees and kowtow, you have to get them to forgive you, or else we are both dead tonight, got it? You know how my temper has been over the years, I'm not joking with you!”

Luo Xinfeng nodded in fear. She obviously knew her husband well, and a case of domestic violence was a first in the family. This change in behavior caused her to become fearful towards her husband. She didn't know who she offended that would p.i.s.s her husband off this much.

With the address his wife gave, Li Hui drove to Xu Cheng's condo and rode the elevator to the top.

At home, Xu Cheng was still planning how to snipe the Li Family when his doorbell actually rang. He could see that bruised Mommy Li and a stranger standing outside. Xu Cheng was quite confused.

Just as he opened the door, he saw Li Hui kicking his wife behind the knee, and Luo Xinfeng directly got onto her knees!

“I'm sorry!” Luo Xinfeng immediately begged in tears.

Xu Cheng was quite shocked and confused. What the fack was this?

Ace Of The Dragon Division Chapter 328.2

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