Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 862 - Meeting again

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Chapter 862: Meeting again

Bei Shan looked around and saw that there was no one around, and he was a little worried about Lin chuxue’s mental state. “Have you been missing Little Junior Brother too much recently, so you’re hallucinating? Do you need me to find you a psychologist?” “No need,” Lin chuxue slowly stood up, looked around again, and then turned around to go downstairs without anyone’s help. They walked to the door and saw a car outside the house. Tevez got out of the car and compared the address. Bei Shan and the J of diamonds looked at him warily. “Don’t go out yet. ” The two of them didn’t let Lin chuxue rush out of the villa next door, afraid that this uninvited guest would see Lin chuxue here. Who knew if he was a killer or looking for her? “Tevez?” After Lin chuxue saw that it was Tevez, she was slightly stunned. “You know him?” Lin chuxue nodded.”He’s a friend from my hometown. I’ve known him since I was young. He has been doing business in China.” “Then don’t go out first. Wait for the two of us to talk to him first.” Bei Shan still told Lin chuxue not to come out. Lin chuxue’s mind wasn’t on this issue at all, and her mind suddenly shook like a Thunderbolt. He thought of the DV for no reason, and then the video! Surveillance! “You guys can go ahead. I left something on the balcony. I’ll go get it.” She said hurriedly, then turned around and ran back into the villa. The owner of such a big villa must have surveillance cameras for security and privacy! Lin chuxue went from room to room to look for the computers connected to the surveillance cameras. Finally, she found a monitor screen in a small room. She reached out and touched the mouse, then entered the surveillance footage that was twenty minutes backward. She searched slowly. She didn’t believe that the person she had just seen was an illusion! It was a bit of a pity that there were no surveillance cameras on the balcony, but that didn’t stop Lin chuxue from looking at the surveillance camera at the gate. She slowly adjusted the time and finally, she found it! 30 minutes ago, a 1.9-meter tall man was driving a sports car. This sports car was the one parked outside the door. Then, he walked into the villa. Lin chuxue saw that he was wearing, but it didn’t affect her from recognizing him as Fang Yucheng at first glance. Lin chuxue’s face was filled with joy, and then she watched the video from the beginning, including the scene of her and the maid climbing over the wall. Lin chuxue wanted no one to go out during this time, which meant that after this man came in, he didn’t go out at all! From the moment bei Shan and the J of diamonds came in to the real-time recording, they didn’t see this person go out. Then, he was still in the villa! He was hiding. Lin chuxue cried tears of joy. He was here! It was him just now! It was him, he was looking at her. “Xu Cheng …” Lin chuxue couldn’t take it anymore, turned around, and ran out of the surveillance room toward the balcony. Although there was no one on the balcony, she still shouted loudly,””I know you’re nearby, and you’re hiding from me, Xu Cheng. You didn’t even go out, can you come out? Let’s make things clear. I’m a woman, and I don’t care. What are you afraid of? I know that you must have your own reasons for not seeing me, but I’m not afraid. There’s nothing we can’t face together. Come out, alright? Let me see you. No matter what you become, you are my husband!” Speaking of this, Lin chuxue raised her amputated ring finger to the air and said in a low voice,””Look, the wedding ring you gave me. I’ve been wearing it all this time. I accepted your proposal, Did you know? All this time, only this ring has made me feel happy and found a support. I know that this represents your promise to me. You won’t leave me, right? No matter what you’re about to face, don’t leave me. Let me face it with you, okay? Even if it’s just your face, we’ll face it together!” However, no matter how she shouted and persuaded, there was still no movement in the surroundings. Lin chuxue had never been so patient before. She was afraid, afraid that if she overreacted, she would make Xu Cheng leave, so she had to be careful with her words. Xu Cheng just stood in the corner, looking at her and quietly listening to her words. Tears flowed out for no reason, and it was very warm. He felt like all the suffering and worry in his heart had been swept away, and everything he did was worth it! Lin chuxue was like a headless fly circling the balcony, trying to find Xu Cheng’s figure. Suddenly, she stood on the edge of the balcony and said through gritted teeth,””There was a boy. No matter what danger I was in, he would always come to save me. Once upon a time, I became dependent on him. He even became a part of me, inseparable. If one day, he would no longer protect me and leave me alone, then my life would have no meaning.” Then, Lin chuxue closed her eyes, opened her arms, and stepped out from the edge of the third-floor balcony. Xu Cheng couldn’t help but jump out as well. One of his hands wrapped around Lin chuxue’s waist in the air, and he grabbed her very tightly. Lin chuxue subconsciously felt a warm embrace, the harbor that had sheltered her from the wind for half her life. She was no stranger to it, and she couldn’t be more familiar with the smell of a man that belonged to Xu Cheng. The two of them both fell down the stairs. Xu Cheng forced Lin chuxue’s body up, and he fell down. Lin chuxue opened her eyes, and a big teardrop fell on Xu Cheng’s face. “Even if I die, I still want to be with you. Do you understand?” Lin chuxue smiled. As soon as he finished speaking, there was a bang. The two of them fell into the pool, causing a huge splash. In the water, Lin chuxue didn’t care about anything else and directly covered Xu Cheng’s lips. She tightly hugged Xu Cheng, afraid that he would disappear and leave again. She was very scared! She had been missing him and waiting for him day and night, and she didn’t want to endure this kind of suffering anymore. Xu Cheng saw that this woman didn’t want to live anymore. She was hugging him so tightly in the water that she even forgot to breathe. He quickly pushed her into the water and cursed,””Aren’t you afraid of suffocating? Idiot!” After he finished speaking, he realized that his were gone. He turned around in a panic and was about to climb up to the sh.o.r.e. But Lin chuxue domineeringly held his face with both hands and turned it over to look at him. “What are you afraid of?” Lin chuxue’s eyes were red,”have I never seen you like this before?” I don’t care, Xu Cheng, do you hear me? I don’t care! In this world, even if everyone has let you down, there is only one person who will stand by your side, and that is your wife, me!” Under Xu Cheng’s ugly appearance, his red eyes became even redder. He looked at Lin chuxue, pinched her eyes, and asked in a hoa.r.s.e voice,””If I’m going to be like this for the rest of my life, won’t you care? Don’t you get scared when you wake up and see me like this every day? You’re Princess Lan, the perfect woman. All the men in the world will think that you should find a perfect man and not someone like me. ” After that, Xu Cheng ruthlessly pushed her away and then turned around and walked towards the sh.o.r.e.

Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 862 - Meeting again

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