History's Strongest Husband Chapter 11.2 - Force Me To Slap Your Face

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Chapter 11.2: Force Me to Slap Your Face

He expected this sort of predicament to occur eventually and once it did, but he was still shocked and taken aback.

The Lin Family had always been the Xu Family's fierce rival. The saying, 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend' came to mind hence why he bothered to create a recipe strictly for the Lin Family. It'd be more than enough to see the fall of the Xu Family.

But somehow… it had turned into this.

Shen Lang sighed and turned to Lin Mo. "May I speak to you privately?"

"Of course."

Lin Mo and Shen Lang walked out of the room and into the back.

"You called Xu Jiazhu and Xu Qianqian over?" Shen Lang questioned.

"Yes." Lin Mo replied.

Shen Lang's brows tightened. "Why?"

"You know this recipe would cause a big blow to the Xu Family's business. I'd surely benefit from this. I had no reason to call them over, but in the end, I did. I called the Xu Family over."

Shen Lang did not reply, only waiting for the other party to give his reasoning.

"Shen Lang, for you ordinary folks, having enough money to live well and comfortable is more than enough. You folks would be satisfied with that. But for us, for people like me, money isn't the most important. Status and power are our top priorities. Without status nor power, no matter the amount of riches we have, we cannot possibly hold on to it. We are but pigs waiting to be slaughtered.

Shen Lang scoffed. "If the Lin Family becomes the King's silk supplier, you'd naturally gain all the status and benefits that comes along with it.

"No, that power is fleeting and can always come and go." Lin Mo shook his head. "My good son is currently studying at Tiannan Military Academy. He has good grades he's doing pretty well. a.s.signed an important mission, he'll soon venture outside of the academy. His future achievements, as well as his future position as a military official, is much more important than the money I would otherwise gain. Don't you know, Xu Qianqian's new fiance is Zhang Jin?"

New fiancé?! ಠ_ಠ So fast?! You sure move fast!

The Xu Family House had only chased out Shen Lang not too long ago and already they've arranged a marriage with the Zhang Family?

Xu Qianqian works fast… that sly fox. I wonder what you bribed that man with.

"The Zhang Family is backed by the Zhu Family and you know better the weight the Zhu Family carries in the Great Yan." Lin Mo continued.

The Zhu Family… heh… they were a royal n.o.ble whose roots traced from all the way back. The Empress' mother, Zhu Rong hailed from the Zhu Family. She once ruled as the governor of Tianna Province.

The state of Zhang Family's influence, it reached the heavens. Zhang Jin could have chosen any woman he wished, but he chose Xu Qianqian for her ephemeral beauty.

"Zhang Jin's father serves as a military official in Nujiang County. Not to mention, his martial arts prowess is profoundly deep. If I'm to use this recipe with means to take away the Xu Family's main source of income, is it not akin to offending the Zhang Family? Shen Lang, what then would happen to the well-being of my son? I am sorry."

Shen Lang frowned. "You could have simply refused to buy my recipe if the was your reasoning. You have another motive. Why then did you sell me out?"

Lin Mo smiled bitterly. "Shen Lang, you are a trivial little guy who has no value other than catching the Xu Family's ire. I merely sold you out simply to gain their favor. What could possibly be wrong about this? Furthermore, this recipe is now in my hands. What use is it in taking it back? I can always share it and do business with the Xu Family together."

Shen Lang scoffed and muttered softly, "The Xu Family has never once placed me in their eyes. To them, I'm just a flea - an insignificant ant. My hatred to them is insignificant… my sufferings, they turn the other cheek… my pride, they destroyed… to think this small recipe would give them the sole reason to cleanse their hatred of me. Isn't it hilarious?"

"Yes. It is tragic." Lin Mo agreed. "Although I am sorry for you, the favor the Xu Family would owe me is far too great to pa.s.s. My son's future is now secured. Shen Lang, this is life. Things will always be difficult."

Shen Lang smiled. "Boss Lin is ruthless. I understand now."

Then, he turned around and left.

Returning back to the hall, Shen Lang saw the Lin Family and the Xu Family's soldiers surround him in full circles.

Tian Thirteen stood quietly to the side, eyes resting in solitude peace.

Several of Xuanwu City's official also came to the scene.

Xu Qianqian raised her head and looked at Shen Lang pitifully.

"Shen Lang, please tell them whether you robbed our new recipe or not. Say you only did it because you hated to be apart from me." She said softly. "If you plead guilty now, we won't pursue the matter any further. We'll only say you were confused at the time. If you refuse, Shen Lang, please don't blame us for being ruthless."

She never believed in her wildest imagine the Shen Lang she thought for a fool could possibly create such a recipe.

Surely he s.n.a.t.c.hed it from someplace, she thought. As to where, it matters not.

Xu Jiazhu found it highly unreasonable and absurd for the foolish him to create a modified version of their golden dye recipe thus he was a.s.sured to confide with the officials.

"Heh!" Shen Lang sneered.

He originally planned on secretly killing of the Xu Family and their roots, but he did not expect it to happen ever so quickly. Seems his plans needed to be put into motion at a much earlier date.

It's time to happily slap some faces!

History's Strongest Husband Chapter 11.2 - Force Me To Slap Your Face

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