Cyber Ghosts Chapter 75 Halfway Yi Yang Finger

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"Martial skills in novels? Jienan, you sure have the sense of humor. " Zhang Dalong found it interesting but did not comment. However, after Liu Shuai heard this, he became serious and stared at Jienan, even Liu Shuai turned to be serious. Hao Ning spoke to Jienan with very clear p.r.o.nunciation, "Then, what do you think they are in novels?"

"Hmm? Have you heard of reserving one's strength and waiting quietly for components' attack? Once the component attacks, the person would immediately get an incomparably violent force to strike back." Jienan was a fan of novels. Although he didn't know why the two were so nervous, he still said it out loud, "This is the description of the skill in novels. Does it feel like the scene when I grabbed the stick earlier?"

Hao Ning suddenly understood something. He turned his head and looked around, and sure enough, every guard had flown out a few meters in that instant, and they were all sprawled on the ground, unable to get up. Then, he carefully searched for the sticks. As he raised his head to look up, he found that all the sticks were inserted into the ceiling about half of their length, no wonder he couldn't see them just now.

Jienan continued, "Amongst the novels I read, only Ouyang Feng cultivates that kind of martial arts, and it is called…"

"Toad Technique!" Hao Ning broke out in a cold sweat. Although this technique was famous, its description was not very impressive, so even he had forgotten about it. It seemed like he would have to re-read Mr. Jin's books when he got back.

"Right!" Jienan laughed, "That's it, bro, so you also like those characters in arcade novels. The only technique that can defeat is Yi Yang Finger. Back then …."

"What happened? What are you talking about?" Hao Ning thought of countless other possibilities. This kind of martial arts could not exist in this world, so how could Qili know it? Hao Ning looked at Liu Shuai. Liu Shuai had heard the conversation between the two of them and knew what Hao Ning was thinking. He immediately said, "It doesn't matter if you could figure it out or not. We should save the person now!"

"Save the person?" Hao Ning laughed bitterly, "Save whom? Qili or the manager? "

"Err …" Liu Shuai scratched his head. Right now, Qili had the upper hand, while the manager and the fat security guard talked as they retreated. There were no customers around; even the waiters were hiding outside the door. Liu Shuai clenched his teeth and said, "Let's calm Qili down first."

"What..." Hao Ning wiped his forehead, "Do you think I can survive if I go now? We have no G.o.d now!"

Just as Hao Ning was about to say something, Liu Shuai made a face, indicating that there were people around and that they should not speak carelessly. Hao Ning immediately understood. Seeing that Zhang Dalong and the others did not seem to understand, Hao Ning showed a bitter expression. Then his eyes suddenly lit up.

Then, in front of Zhang Dalong, the two started to talk as if they were performing crosstalk,

Hao Ning: Although I don't have that, can I borrow it from Zhou Yuan?

Liu Shuai: Yeah! He is that as well! However...

Hao Ning: Stop bulls.h.i.+tting, I'm just asking you if it would work.

Liu Shuai: Why don't you try it and you'll know!

Hao Ning: So that's it. Do you bring those martial arts books?

Liu Shuai: I'm looking, don't push.

Hao Ning: Hey, you always screw up at a critical moment, hurry up!

Zhang Dalong and Jienan looked at each other and were confused by what they heard. When they heard Hao Ning saying that he wanted a book, and wanted to borrow something from Zhou Yuan, they thought he wanted to borrow Zhou Yuan's book, so they quickly went up and asked, "What book do you want? Why don't you try our WeChat reading app? It's beneficial, there are …"

"Shut up!" Hao Ning's face was full of anxiety, "Don't interrupt! What are you doing advertising right now!"

Zhang Dalong was stunned, and his expression changed slightly. He had been surfing the flow smoothly for the past few years, and today, he was already condescending himself, but in the end, he was reprimanded by a few little brats. After thinking for a while, he calmed down and asked, "What kind of books are you looking for?"

"Jin Yong's novels!" Hao Ning seemed to not care about the rude way of his speech, as he was flipping through his phone.

"Uh, is that OK?" Jienan opened his cell phone and clicked on an app, inside which was the Complete Collection of Jin Yong.

"Yes! I love you! " As if finding a lifeline, Hao Ning s.n.a.t.c.hed the phone over and said with a smile, "Let me borrow it."

Then, without wasting any more time, he held the phone in one hand and placed Zhou Yuan's hand on his forehead. Under Zhang Dalong and Jienan's confused gazes, he said in a low voice: "Lend Me Your Mana!" Then, he closed his eyes and the screen of Jienan's phone flickered a few times before turning black. It looked like there was no more electricity.

"Zhou Yuan, your — — thing, why is it so strange? Forget it." Very quickly, Hao Ning opened his eyes and suspiciously looked at Zhou Yuan. He thought for a while, then decided not to care about the details. Following that, he handed his phone over to Jienan and looked at him with contempt, "Is it a pirated version? Why does it feel like there are wrong words? "

Jienan blushed red as he received the phone and laughed.

Just then, Zhang Dalong suddenly felt something strange. He immediately grabbed Jienan's hand and said, "Be quick. Check our products' background data to see if there are any fluctuations!"

Jienan patted his phone and realized that it was out of power, so he said to Zhang Dalong helplessly, "Wait a moment, I'm going to borrow a charge pal."

"Wait," Zhang Dalong shook his head, "Forget it, I'm afraid I can't even tell from the data …"

"Qili!" Hao Ning walked forward and stopped three or five steps away from him. "What's wrong with you? Did you find hair in your food?"

Hao Ning said this sentence after quite a bit of thought. If he blamed him for beating people, even if he successfully restrained Qili, he might be sent to the police station together with Qili since the latter had almost smashed a restaurant. Therefore, he could only tell them that it was a simple matter of hair to show that he was on the right side.

It seemed like Qili was unhappy with the manager's words. Just as he was about to punch the manager, he heard Hao Ning's voice and turned around. He looked at Hao Ning, but his eyes were still red, "Who the h.e.l.l are you?"

"Eh?" Seeing that this "Qili" in front did not recognize him, Hao Ning felt awkward. Could it be that this was not Qili? How could there be such a similar person? However, compared to the man with a wronged looking face in the afternoon, the person in front of him had a slightly hostile expression.

"Stop messing around, hurry up and go back to work overtime. You still have so much code to write!" Hao Ning braved himself to speak, regardless of whether he was Qili or not. Since he had already stood out, he could only force himself.

Hearing that he had codes to write, Qili's face suddenly filled with anger and he rushed towards Hao Ning, "What d.a.m.n thing am I supposed to write!"

His speed was not fast, so Hao Ning stepped forward and delivered his Qi to his index finger. Seeing Qili approaching towards him, he pointed at the center between Qili's brows.

Just as Jienan was about to warn this bro to be careful, he suddenly realized that the man who was charging over had been stopped before he could even finish speaking. Zhang Dalong's eyes were sharp. He could tell that something was amiss, so he asked, "What skill did he use?"

"This...This is impossible!" Jienan rubbed his eyes. He did not answer Zhang Dalong's question, but it could be considered to have solved it.

"c.r.a.p! My inner strength is not enough! " Hao Ning said softly. Just now, he "learned" the Yi Yang Finger from novels, but with a point of his finger, he realized that the power of his finger was tiny, at most, it could cause a headache for ordinary people. He thought to himself that he would be d.a.m.ned. It would be lucky for him if Qili only crashed several of his ribs broken.

However, out of his expectation, although the power of his finger was small, he made it right to circulate his Qi and strike out his thumb. Though his inner strength was insufficient, the aura was still present, and Qili seemed to be scared stiff by the aura. Seeing that his head was about to collide with the index finger, he immediately stopped and retreated quickly. After waiting for Hao Ning to release the finger, he did not dare move for a few breaths. After circulating his cultivation, however, he discovered that it was not a big deal, so he rushed forward while screaming.

Cyber Ghosts Chapter 75 Halfway Yi Yang Finger

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