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Chapter 2 Has a s.p.a.ce (2 more)

“Su Ruizhe!” Suddenly a shrill voice called Su Ruizhe's name.

Su Ruizhe slowly turned around and saw a fat middle-aged woman standing at the entrance of the lane, with a kind smile on her round face, as if she were looking at a child she loved very much.

Su Ruizhe moved his lips, and then squeezed out three words*, “Eldest Aunt*…”

*wife of father's elder brother*

“Xiaozhe, where have you been these days? I've been here several times. You always keep me out! Oh, look at your weight. You haven't had a good meal these days, have you? What a sin!” Chen Huizhen, a distressed and unfit figure, did not know how close she thought they were. When Grandpa Mingming* pa.s.sed away, the family did not appear.

*His name appeared to be like that*

Thinking of his Grandfather, Su Ruizhe can't help the reddening of his eyes again, clearly has vowed not to shed weak tears, but Grandpa and Zhang Yun are the untouchable scars in his heart, he really can't control himself…

When Chen Huizhen saw Su Ruizhe's appearance, she thought he was really touched by her concern. She said softly again, “You can't eat well at home alone. Come with me and eat at home with your aunt!”

Wen Yan*, the sadness in Su Ruizhe's eyes that was caused by thinking about his grandfather quickly withdrew, replaced by total indifference.

*no idea what Wen Yan is, if anyone can help then here it is 文彦.*

In his past life*, the seemingly cordial aunt invited him to come home for dinner and then let him live at home for the sake of better care. The conditions of the uncle's family are good. Both uncle and aunt are employees of state-owned enterprises. The three-bedroom and one-bathroom house was just a.s.signed this year. The room is s.p.a.cious and the windows are clean. It is totally different from Grandpa's humble cabin.

*It said once upon a time but I thought this fits better*

For the first time, he lived in such an open house, put on clean and brand-new clothes, and slept in a big soft and comfortable bed. Everything is beautiful, like a beautiful dream.

Later, eldest aunt said that eldest cousin's children wanted to go to a better public elementary school. She took a fancy to the attached elementary school of No. 1 Middle School in the city, but the child's household registration was not there. She was so worried that she wanted to ask him if he could leave the child's household registration in his grandfather's house.

Su Ruizhe remembered that Grandpa's house was worn out, but the location was ok.

After Grandpa's death, this dilapidated small house became his only property, and the head of the household became him.

At that time, he was still a seventeen-year-old child. He really thought that he had regained his affection. The days when he lived in his aunt's house were the best days of his life. He naturally agreed without hesitation.

Then… Eldest aunt was much better towards him.

His eldest cousin who works in the government agency soon transferred his little nephew's account to his grandfather's house through their relations.h.i.+p, and even hung up the account with his elder cousin* and elder sister-in-law. Finally, eldest aunt said that he was too young to be the proper head of the household, so even the head of the household was changed.

*The Eldest Cousin's younger brother*

Later, Su Ruizhe learned that Grandpa's apartment is not a commercial house, but a public rental house, only has the right to use, not property rights*. We can only wait for demolition, not resale. It happened that his uncle was related and heard that the house was to be demolished, so that was the reason that his aunt came to take him back to live with them.

*not sure what it meant by that but from what it said it meant that they could not rent it but only live in it*

The demolition notice came down soon after*. The demolition money was distributed according to the number of people. One person had hundreds of thousands of dollars. Everyone had the money. Su Ruizhe also had a sum of 300,000. Eldest aunt said that he was still a child, lived and ate in their house, and did not need money. She would save the money for him first.

*For those who don't understand, it just means that as long as their name is under the house registration then they each get money so they cheated him out of his own money and even made it look like they were the ones who owned the place*

Then they continued to serve him with delicious food and drink. In less than a month, he had been fooled to the point where he believed every word his Eldest aunt said.

Su Ruizhe could not help sighing when he thought of his foolish self at that time. If it were not for his yearning for warmth and trust, he would not have fallen to the later stage, nor would he have pushed away his loved ones with a cruel heart…

“Xiao zhe? Xiao Zhe!”*

*not sure if I should keep it like this or write it as ‘Little Zhe'*

Su Ruizhe's memory was interrupted by her sharp voice. He looked up at his still tender and gentle aunt, who was smiling in front of him.

“Will you come home with Eldest aunt? There's meat stewing at home, and your uncle always talks about you. After all, we're your only blood relatives now!!” Chen Huizhen deliberately aggravated the words of blood relatives.

Su Ruizhe, however, gave a sneer in his heart. What a close blood relative, who squeezed all his utilizable value and kicked him out to the open again?!

“No, aunt. Today is Grandpa's 37th day. I have to accompany him at home so that he won't be lonely.”

Referring to Grandpa Su who died, Chen Huizhou's smile on her face was instantly lost and she could only say dryly, “Oh… Then, let's go to my house for dinner another day.”

Watching the fat figure disappear at the entrance of the lane, Su Ruizhe lowered his eyes and slowly turned around and went into the dilapidated small house.

The room was empty. There was a black-and-white picture of Grandpa hanging on the wall. The toothless old man smiled kindly and Su Ruizhe's tears fell down immediately.

Grandpa managed to raise him with difficulty, a good day has not been able to pa.s.s, until he died, even with a s.p.a.ce and with the ability of rebirth, life seems to have no meaning at all…

If it wasn't for… If there had not been a man in the world who was worried about him, he would not have been willing to face the terrible apocalypse again.

As the sky grew darker and the smell of food came from afar, Su Ruizhe took out the barbecue stored in the s.p.a.ce and gobbled it up like that. Then he lay down on the hard wooden bed and began to think about what he would do tomorrow.

There is only one month to go before the end of the world begins. His time is very tight. He must be well prepared. Yet he is now poor, selling vegetables alone and earning less than hundreds of dollars a day… Food is something he does not worry about, his s.p.a.ce melons, fruits, vegetables, crude rice, and grains, he has it all, but there is no meat! G.o.d knows how difficult it is to eat hot food in the apocalypse! Not to mention meat!

If you want to earn enough money to eat meat for more than ten years, you'd better rob a bank fast…

Unfortunately, the end of the world has not yet begun, and the world has not been chaotic. Let's not say whether he can succeed in robbing banks with his small stature, but in case he is caught, he has to go to jail. When the end of the world begins, the cell is not a safe place. Even if he is not bitten by the corpse prisoners, he will starve to death in the iron fence. It is better to be a law-abiding good citizen and save money safely.

Su Ruizhe flashed into the s.p.a.ce and came to a beautiful valley, which was not very large and occupied more than a dozen acres of land at most. However, there were rice fields, vegetable gardens and fruit forests in the valley, which were full of vitality. There was also a clear spring with clear eyes*. He went to the water and drank a big mouthful of the sweet spring, which made him feel refreshed.

*not sure what it meant by clear eyes*

On the other side of the spring was a large expanse of green gra.s.s, where he planned to raise some living animals. There is also a cave in the valley, about four or five square meters, in which things are kept fresh, so picking vegetables and fruits, he will put them directly in the cave.

This s.p.a.ce is actually the second power of Su Ruizhe. In the apocalypse, dual-system power is not absent, but rather rare.

At first, his ability level was not high. Wooden powers had little attack power except that they could make vegetable seedlings grow faster. s.p.a.ce powers were only as big as a few cubic meters, and without these mountains and rivers, they could only store some dead things, which had little effect.

In the apocalypse, the environment became worse and worse, many plants had mutated, and human beings were facing an urgent survival crisis. After several years of wandering, Su Ruizhe and his uncle's family finally came to a large base. The Research Inst.i.tute of the base recruited a group of power volunteers to help with research. Such abilities as Su Ruizhe in planting and s.p.a.ce are very popular.

At first, the Research Inst.i.tute was good for him, mainly studying his powers. It brought him a lot of nuclei upgrades, which made his powers rise to the third level. Then he found that his powers had changed, his s.p.a.ce had become larger, and there were mountains, rivers, and land in the s.p.a.ce. Not only could he grow crops, but also he could use the wood powers to turn the fruit of plants planted into a weapon…

However, this is not the case for other s.p.a.ce powers. At that time, Su Ruizhe had lived for many years in the apocalypse and had seen some dark sides, but in his heart, he still attached great importance to the ‘relatives' who had given him warmth and care, so he disclosed the great secret to his aunt, thinking that he could make their family better.

He never imagined that his aunt would turn around and sell him to the inst.i.tute…

The gentle researchers at the Inst.i.tute also tore apart their gentle masks, experimenting with him in every possible way, and nicknamed him the hope of the future of mankind.

After experiencing all kinds of inhumane experiments, Su Ruizhe's nuclei was eventually dug out for its power and he died, and then the researchers went on to look for their next hope.

*not sure if he dug it out himself but most of them say that they dug it out. Here it is if someone is able to translate it better:在经历了各种惨无人道的实验后,苏睿哲最后被挖出了异能核而死,然后那些研究员又继续去找他们下一个希望了。*

Oh, how ironic.

Su Ruizhe took out several large plastic bags and filled them with vegetables and fruits in a lot of s.p.a.ce. He piled them on the ground of the cave and prepared to sell them tomorrow.

Out of the s.p.a.ce, Su Ruizhe laid back on the wooden bed, pulled out a bunch of scattered bills from his old sportswear pocket and counted them carefully. That's all his income from selling vegetables and fruits today. Five hundred and twenty yuan, if put in the past, would be a huge sum of money, but it's still too small for Su Ruizhe now.

There is too much material needed for the apocalypse. If he does not take advantage of the month before the apocalypse to collect necessities soon, he will be too late after the apocalypse begins.

Money and money! He needs money too much!

At this moment, he suddenly remembered the house… Soon the demolition notice will be issued, as long as the contract can be signed, according to the notice, it seems that each person has more than 300,000!

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My Cherry Will Explode In The Apocalypse Chapter 2

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