My Cherry Will Explode In The Apocalypse Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – Unfavorable

More than 300,000, its enough for Su Ruizhe to buy thousands of kilograms of fresh meat, he does not know whether the s.p.a.ce can raise chickens and ducks, if he goes to buy more than a dozen chickens and ducks to raise, after that, he can ensure that there are eggs to eat every day, and occasionally can kill one to eat fresh meat.

In his previous life, his s.p.a.ce power could only store some dead things at first. Later, although it was upgraded and could grow vegetables and fields inside, the animals in the world mutated. It was harder to eat meat than to climb the heavens, let alone live chickens and ducks. This time, he said that he had to prepare more meat that lasts for a long time. There are also necessary daily necessities to be prepared, salt, soy sauce, and vinegar to be stockpiled, he also has to buy clothes and shoes. There are also necessary daily necessities to be prepared, salt, soy sauce, and vinegar to be stockpiled, he also has to buy clothes and shoes.

With that in mind, Su Ruizhe felt that 300,000 yuan did not seem to work very well either…

Hey, no matter what, when the s.h.i.+p arrives at the bridge, it's natural to straighten out. Anyway, let's get the demolition money first. -people can always come up with ways to get out of the predicament

Su Ruizhe closed his eyes and went to sleep.

The next day, Su Ruizhe got up very early, turned over a broken trolley used by his grandfather when he went out to collect rubbish, put the bag of vegetables and fruits that he had prepared yesterday on it, and dragged it to the entrance of the vegetable market on East Street.

On the roadside, Su Ruizhe squatted on the ground, put fresh vegetables, melons, and fruits on the ground, and shouted, “My own fresh fruits and vegetables, cheap and delicious!”

Sure enough, many aunts and aunties who came to buy vegetables were attracted by him. Among them, some bought cherries from him yesterday. Today, when he saw them, he immediately welcomed them.

“Little brother, do you have any potatoes and cuc.u.mbers like the ones you sold yesterday?” A gray-haired woman smiled and asked, “My little grandson doesn't usually like vegetarian food, but he liked the food I bought from you yesterday. He ate an extra bowl of rice.”

“Yes, grandmother, how much do you want?”

“Give me five potatoes and two cuc.u.mbers.”

“Good, grandmother, its 20 yuan.”

“Here you are!” The price is not cheap, but who let the young man grow his own vegetables? It's hard to find such fresh and good quality vegetables. What's so bad about it being a little expensive?

Today, Su Ruizhe brought a bag that was very large and opaque. He quietly filled it twice and sold it for the entire morning, which made a lot of money.

He folded the money one by one, stuffed it into the pocket of his sportswear, packed the bag and cart, and headed home.

Walking along, he suddenly felt as if he was being followed by someone. As he pa.s.sed a shop, he looked behind him quietly through the window reflection. As a result, he saw two men with s.h.i.+fty eyes and looked like thieves as they followed him. A poor student like him shouldn't have been spotted. It's estimated that he was seen when he counted his money just now.

He was too careless.

Su Ruizhe immediately quickened his pace and tried to shake off the people who followed him, but the two men followed him tightly, apparently not going to give up halfway.

“This kid runs really fast!”

“Stop talking nonsense and catch up quickly. It's rare to meet such a weak chicken and fat sheep! That money must be s.n.a.t.c.hed!”

“All right!”

Su Ruizhe listened to the approaching closer and closer footsteps behind him. Obviously, he was panicked and ran into a lane.

With a sneer, the two thieves followed him and turned into the alley. At the corner not far from them, the tall figure of Zhang Yun slowly appeared, carrying a small bag full of cups of instant noodles* just bought from the supermarket.

If he's not mistaken, that kid just now is the teenager who sold cherries to him yesterday. Looking at this situation, it's obvious that those guys are targeting him. He lives near here. So, if he remembers correctly, that alley should be a dead end. Thinking of the teenager's thin and weak body, the sword like eyebrows frown.

Tut-tut, these two guys are so daring that they dare to rob on his territory?

Zhang Yun walked down the lane with his long legs and fierce anger.

Within a few steps, he heard the malicious laughter of the two men.

“Still dare to resist, you brat? Lao Zi* has a knife in his hand!”

*It can also be Lao Tzu and it's just a way to make himself bigger or better*


“Stinky boy, look at the knife!”

Zhang Yun's heart was so tight that he simply threw the bag on the ground and rushed in quickly. He was afraid that if he was a step late, he would see the cute and lovely teenager with blood all over his body.

However, the images he saw and his imagination were extremely different.

Su Ruizhe was almost stabbed by a robber who raised his knife. The robber was then seized by Su Ruizhe and turned around. The knife in his hand was dropped to the ground. Then Su Ruizhe kicked the robber down and kicked him in the stomach. The robber could not stand up for half a day. The young boy stepped on his chest with a mighty foot and said to the other robber in a clear voice, “Put down your weapon! Otherwise, I will…”

Su Ruizhe was trying to make a cruel remark, but he suddenly saw Zhang Yun standing not far away.

Zhang Yun: …

It seems different from what I imagined…?

Su Ruizhe's eyes immediately stared, and then realized that his present shape was very ungraceful, so he carefully removed his legs from the man's chest, his white cheeks were slowly turning red, could not be told whether he's shy or anxious.*

*MC is just too cute XD*

“I… I can explain…” Su Ruizhe said with a stutter.

However, Zhang Yun frowned fiercely. He rushed forward a few steps and pulled Su Ruizhe aside. He quickly kicked another guy to the wall who planned to take advantage of while Su Ruizhe's off guard to sneak attack him. Zhang Yun's strength is not comparable* to Su Ruizhe's. He knocked the man unconscious with one foot.

*It was trying to say that Zhang Yun is stronger but it sounded a bit awkward so I hope this is good*

Seeing that the threat was removed, Zhang Yun glanced at Su Ruizhe coldly and said, “Let's go.”

In the morning, there will be so much noise that it won't be long before the police come. Although they say that it was self-defense, they have to take note of what they want to do after all. They don't want to have anything to do with the police because he is a b.a.s.t.a.r.d who earns a living by collecting protection fees.

Zhang Yun's momentum was so strong that Su Ruizhe dared not speak and had to trot to catch up.

Zhang Yun went to the entrance of the lane, picked up the bag of instant noodles he had left behind, and planned to leave directly.

“Wait, wait!” Su Ruizhe didn't want to miss such a good chance to meet Zhang Yun, he shouted at him in a hurry.

“What?” Zhang Yun twisted his eyebrows and asked impatiently.

Su Ruizhe bit his lips and said, “Thank you for saving me.”

Zhang Yun narrowed his eyes slightly, “No, I just don't want these sc.u.m to make trouble on my turf, and you don't seem to need my help.”

Just now, when the teenager fought, his movements were very sharp and he didn't hesitate at all. He was obviously trained, which made him feel that he was not as harmless as he appeared on the surface.

“Thank you anyway.” Su Ruizhe was keenly aware of Zhang Yun's rejection of himself. He bit his lips and forced himself to show a smiling face, “My name is Su Ruizhe. I am seventeen years old and go to school in No. 1 Middle School* of the city! What's your name?”

*I don't know why it's a middle school but its probably the name of the school because it's like that from the beginning*

After a long silence, Zhang Yun dropped two words, “Zhang Yun.”

Looking at Zhan Yun's back as he leaves, Su Ruizhe sighed heavily. Things seemed unfavorable between them…

In fact, his fist and foot skills were taught to him by his predecessors. Unexpectedly, now they have become the reason for his self-defense. However, he can fully understand the reaction of Zhang Yun, after all, he is not just an ordinary gangster.

Well, he knew they would meet by chance. He shouldn't have fought in front of him. It's better to be robbed, or at least to be saved.

But this time they left each other's names, which is the first step!

Su Ruizhe left the alley with his bag and cart. At first, he was in a good mood from making money. He wanted to go home and cook a meal for himself, but now he has no mood at all.

“Uncle Wu! Give me ten skewers of mutton, five skewers of beef ribs, two skewers of tenderloin, and a skewer of roast corn! And another bowl of white rice!” Coming to the familiar kebab* shop's door, smelling the fragrance, Su Ruizhe was familiar with the road and ordered a lot of things.

*It could also be called a meat or cooked meat store*

“No problem, no problem!” Wu Qi promised, took the money he handed over, lowered his voice and asked, “Xiao Zhe! Do you have any vegetables in your house? I made a kebab with the vegetables you sold me and sold them all in one night. The guests all said they were delicious. Do you think you could sell me more?”

“Of course!” Su Ruizhe quickly removed several bags from the trolley. In fact, all the contents were sold out in the morning, but with the cover of the bags, he quietly moved many bags out of the s.p.a.ce and did not attract the attention of others. Then Wu Qi was given a bag full of vegetables, along with several red and big cherries. Wu Qi did not want to take advantage of the child. He gave him two red tickets. Su Ruizhe reasoned with him but in the end, could only accept them.

“Uncle Wu, do you know where to buy chickens and ducks? I want to buy some to keep at home.” Now, no live poultry* can be sold outside. It's not easy to buy live chickens and ducks. Wu Qi has opened a shop here for more than ten years. I'm sure he knows how to buy chickens, ducks, and fish.

*For those who don't know, this word means domestic fowl, such as chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese*

“You asked the right person.” Wu Qi laughed and took a piece of paper, wrote down a telephone number on it, gave it to him while saying, “Lao Zhang and I have known each other for many years. He's the best chicken and duck farmer. Tell him that I introduced you, and he will certainly make it cheaper for you.”*

*This whole thing sounded so bad in MTLing which gave me a headache and I had to fix it up XD* 

“Thank you, Uncle Wu!” Su Ruizhe happily picked up the piece of paper.

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My Cherry Will Explode In The Apocalypse Chapter 3

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