My Cherry Will Explode In The Apocalypse Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – Magical Toys for Use

Wu Qi's craftsmans.h.i.+p is still so good. The crisp and fragrant barbecue makes Su Ruizhe's mouth water. When he came back from the apocalypse, his goal is not only to survive, but also to have meat every day in the future.

After lunch was quickly settled, Su Ruizhe found a public telephone booth and called that old Zhang. It's not that he's so poor that he can't even afford a mobile phone. He still has the money to buy a second-hand mobile phone. But he thought that the end of the world would come soon when there was no signal, the mobile phone was the same thing as sc.r.a.p iron. It would be better to buy some food for a few hundred dollars.

When Lao Zhang, heard he was a customer introduced by Wu Qi, he was very enthusiastic. He happened to have time this afternoon. So he told Su Ruizhe his address and asked him to meet him directly at his chicken farm.

Lao Zhang's chicken farm is in the countryside of the suburbs. In order to save money, Su Ruizhe changed three buses and took more than two hours to get to his destination by bus.

Lao Zhang was in his fifties, he is a kind and honest man. He knew that he was introduced by Wu Qi, don't mention how enthusiastic he was. He helped select twenty chickens and twenty ducklings. They all jumped around.

When it was time for dinner, Lao Zhang's wife is also a warm person and she asked Su Ruizhe to stay for dinner. He is so overwhelmed that he has to say yes. A farmer's dinner is very simple, that is a large pot of chicken stewed mushroom and a bowl of red-roasted meat, that large pot of chicken stewed mushroom is boiled with home-raised local chicken, the meat is fragrant and tender, particularly delicious, let alone the red-roasted meat, each piece is fat and thin, boiled in a big fire for an afternoon, crisp and chewy, it melts in one's mouth! Even the white rice in his own bowl tastes very good, soft and sweet. Su Ruizhe ate a big bowl of rice in two mouthfuls. He was a little embarra.s.sed at the beginning, but Lao Zhang and his wife happily gave him more food and made him eat more.

Gradually he let go and ate three big bowls of white rice with delicious meat.

“Haha, young man! Just eat more! What a healthy body!*” Lao Zhang and his wife were happy to see him eat as if the food is really delicious.

After he had eaten and drank enough, Lao Zhang also prepared two big cages for him. The furry chickens and ducks were packed in the cages. They chirped and quacked. They charged him 500 yuan altogether.

“Hurry back, young man. It's dark, so it's hard to walk.” The enthusiastic Lao Zhang took him all the way to the station.

“Well, thank you, Uncle Zhang.” After a pause, Su Ruizhe lowered his voice and said to Zhang, “My family has something to do with the government. I heard that the weather will get hotter and hotter over time. Don't sell food or anything in your family. It's better to h.o.a.rd more food at home.”*

*MC is so nice!*

“All right! But what kind of high temperature is coming again?* Got it! Thank you, young man!”

*This may sound awkward but he's just wondering how bad it'll be*

Su Ruizhe looked at Lao Zhang's back and sighed. He could only help them this much.

It was getting dark. At that time, the station was empty except for Su Ruizhe. He simply put all the things he was carrying into the s.p.a.ce. When the bus arrived, he got on easily. -it could also mean in a relaxed way.

Three more buses were taken to get home. As soon as the door was opened, a piece of paper was noticed on the ground. Su Ruizhe picked it up and looked at it. He found it was written by his great aunt. Obviously, today she came to find him again and found that he was not at home. She was given the cold-shoulder treatment again, so she left him a note.

*This woman is so shameless that it makes my teeth hurt*

Su Ruizhe can imagine her inner anger by looking at the strength of her handwriting. The note only said that his Uncle missed him, so he must go to their house for dinner tomorrow.

Su Ruizhe sneered and tore the paper to pieces and threw it into the garbage can.

After locking the door, Su Ruizhe flashed into the s.p.a.ce.

The chickens and ducks are having fun on the broad gra.s.s on the other side of the spring. They are all lively, but they seem to be confined to this area and do not run away to spoil the vegetable gardens and orchards. Su Ruizhe took some millet and scattered it on the ground. He looked at the little guys eating without raising their heads. Su Ruizhe immediately smiled which bent his eyes.

Su Ruizhe could not help swallowing his saliva when he thought of the chicken stewed mushrooms and red-roasted meat at Lao Zhang's home today. He had been hungry for too long in his last days and never wanted to repeat that painful day.

*Poor baby T^T*

These little things are both male and female, as long as they are well cared for, I believe they will grow up soon. When the time comes, not only chicken eggs and duck eggs will be eaten, but also new chicks and ducklings will be born. From time to time, they will be able to eat fresh meat. If anything, they should pay attention to a sustainable development.

Su Ruizhe also plans to buy rabbits, pigs, and sheep. Rabbits are in heat all year round, so they breed very quickly. Pigs, cows, and sheep are all meant to enrich future recipes. Although the valley is small, these animals should still be enough.

Looking at the clear spring water, Su Ruizhe thought about buying some tools in the near future, so he can dig a small fish pond in the open, and raise some fish krill. He remembered that Zhang Yun said that he liked to eat fish.

Su Ruizhe can't help sighing when he thinks of Zhang Yun. How can he get close to Zhang Yun? Zhang Yun, who is so defensive, will certainly not have any favor for those who come up inexplicably.


Shaking his head, Su Ruizhe decided not to think about it for the time being. Like yesterday, he picked many vegetables, melons, and fruits and put them in bags, ready to sell them for money tomorrow.

I should also stock up on daily necessities, clothes, and medicines, which are all non-renewable things in the last ages.

There are too many things to do, too many things to buy, he only hates that the time is too short, and with too little money. When the move is notified, he will definitely sign the contract in the first place! Three hundred thousand! I don't know how many things I can buy.

Unfortunately, he remembered that it would take at least a month for the notice to come down. Only in his previous life did he receive the money for the relocation in less than five days, and the apocalypse came.

Hey, let's go on selling vegetables tomorrow, and we can earn nearly 1000 yuan a day.

*That was how it is in the raws*

The next day, Su Ruizhe went to the East Street vegetable market with fresh fruits and vegetables picked from the s.p.a.ce. Those aunts and mothers who came out to buy vegetables in the early morning and bought vegetables here. Although the price may be slightly higher here, they were willing to buy them here. Who makes his food fresh and delicious? I heard it's homebred.

A morning pa.s.sed quickly. Su Ruizhe packed his bags and trolley, patted dust off of his body, and left directly. He still has a lot of things to buy today.

After eating two bowls of red-roasted beef noodles, Su Ruizhe set out for the second-hand market.

He really has no money now. He can only come here to try his luck and find bargains.

But he wandered around and saw nothing to his liking. Most of the second-hand electronic products are here, but the end of the world is coming, so he is not willing to spend money to buy these sc.r.a.p copper and iron. It's time for him to spend his money. Every Penny must be spent on the edge of the knife. -it comes from the saying use the best steel to make the knife's edge; which means use resources where they are needed most

Just as he was about to leave the second-hand market, he suddenly saw a pile of toy guns on a small booth in the corner.

More precisely, it should be toy gas. Gas is a kind of toy gun that fires plastic bullets through compressed air or a little gunpowder. These toy guns, big or small, are imitations of some popular guns and weapons in TV series, such as pistols, shotguns, pistols, Machine guns, and so on, but they are toy guns, and real guns are very different, you can see at a glance that toys come with these things out without fear of causing panic.

*Finding the right types of guns was a headache for me T^T*

Su Ruizhe's eyes lit up immediately, these toy guns for others may be for children to play with as they are loaded with plastic bullets and the most it would do is shoot balloons, birds or anything small because there is no lethal force, but for Su Ruizhe, that is the best weapon for him!

“How many are these guns?” Su Ruizhe repressed the excitement in his heart and slowly walked over, making a casual look and asked.

“A handful of three hundred! Thirteen in all. If you really want them, give me three thousand.”

*I don't know what that means so if you could translate it then here it is 一把三百!*

The toy gun was sold by a middle-aged man who was somewhat down-dressed, wearing a pair of metal with deep eyes. The whole person looked sad. Although these toy guns were not valuable, it would take some time to collect them. Su Ruizhe guessed what might happen to his family before he could sell them. So Su Ruizhe did not haggle with him, he simply took out the money from his pocket and bought all the toy guns on the ground.

Thirteen toy guns, big or small, of all kinds, were given by the man with some plastic bullets, and he left with a sigh.

The people at the booth next to him sighed and chatted with Su Ruizhe as he squatted down to collect his things. It turned out that this man had also set up a stall in this second-hand market for several days. It was said that his teenage son had disappeared. These toy guns were all his son's favorite things. When the family was short of money, he took them for money.

*That's so sad*

Every family has its own difficult experiences, and it's not easy for anyone to live through them.

Su Ruizhe left the second-hand market with these toy guns, found a public toilet, and put the things into the s.p.a.ce.

Three thousand yuan, almost all of Su Ruizhe's savings from selling melons, fruits, and vegetables during his three days of rebirth, are now used to buy these toy guns.

Someone else would surely think that Su Ruizhe was making a fool of himself, but Su Ruizhe himself felt that he had made a very good deal.

Whether before or after his death, real guns, and real ammunition are not what ordinary people like him can get. These toy guns may be toys for others, but they are different for Su Ruizhe.

Su Ruizhe's power is very special. He can turn vegetables and fruits planted in his s.p.a.ce into weapons. Like a very popular game, peas in his vegetable garden can be turned into green bullets, loaded into the toy guns, which can almost be taken as real guns. Guns are used to deal with some low-level zombies.

I'm finally done with this chapter!! It took too much time to translate yesterday and I was finally able to edit today! Doing homework this week was hard because I had a lot of papers but I have a bit of time so I'll make sure to give you guys these chapters.

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My Cherry Will Explode In The Apocalypse Chapter 4

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