Scum Male's Whitewashing Manual Chapter 30.1

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Published at 11th of September 2019 03:19:30 PM Chapter 30.1

In the beginning, Long-ge came to this city with Yi Qingqing . He brought several younger brothers with him, but he came to a new place where he owned no land and had no acquaintances, which was equivalent to starting a new struggle .

It took him several months to become Boss Yang’s thug after his younger brothers ran away . It was a little easier to get by, but he actually saw this evil spirit here!

To be honest, when he saw Wei Mingyan, he was eager to teach this disgraceful fellow a lesson . This guy had harmed him before . But when he saw the well-dressed security guards, the idea of teaching Wei Mingyan a lesson went up in smoke .

Now, he was called out . Even if he is unwilling, Long-ge had to stand out . He stands out of the crowd, but his heart felt bitter .

Before all of this, so many men couldn’t even beat Wei Mingyan who was alone . Let alone right now, Wei Mingyan brought more people with him this time .

Why did he have such bad karma, meeting such an evil spirit!

“What?  Ah Long, do you know him?”

Boss Yang was still sitting on the ground . When he saw the man chatting with his thug, he immediately asked aloud .

“We used to play together . ”

Long-ge really didn’t want to answer, but who made his livelihood depend on Boss Yang?


“That’s easy then . Little brother, since all know each other . This matter today, I will not pursue you over this matter . ”

Boss Yang is also a person who can see which way the wind blows . He just glanced around and tried to stare at the security guards who held batons . He quickly made a quick decision .

A wise man does not fight when the odds are against him . But at least he could leave!

“Pursue?” Wei Mingyan rolled the word on his tongue . He took the baton from the head of the security guard and dropped it on the ground . He looked at the fat man sitting on the ground and raised his eyebrows . “Coincidentally, you don’t want to pursue me . But I want to pursue you . ”

Boss Yang took one careful look at the baton, which looked like it was very difficult to handle . His eyes were filled with fear, but he had to save face . “Little Brother, have we met?”

“Never ah . ”

Wei Mingyan’s lip is slightly hooked, pointing to a family that has long been stunned and crowding together . “See there? That is my brother . ”

He picked up the baton with his right hand and tapped it gently on his left . A smile was still on his face . “If you break my brother’s leg . Shouldn’t his younger brother come to pursue it?”

Brother …

Boss Yang looked at the young man in his early twenties before him, then looked at the middle-aged man with black and gray hair and wrinkled face on the sickbed behind him in disbelief .

The age difference is a little too big …

But it’s not the time to think about these things . He was clearly smiling, but it felt like a demonic man was carrying a baton and coming up to him . Boss Yang almost p.i.s.sed himself in fright, “Don’t! Don’t hit me, I’ll compensate! Can’t I just compensate?!”

Wei Mingyan stopped, and a gentle smile appeared on his handsome face . “Why didn’t you say so before? It would have saved me a trip . We are all reasonable people . Why should we be rough?”

He knows in his heart that it was useless to reason with people like Boss Yang . Instead, using force to intimidate would give him a definite answer . This does not mean that everyone was unintelligent .

With the corner of his eye still looking at the baton in the man’s hand, Boss Yang gulped and responded with trepidation, “Yes… yes…”

“Harmony makes money . Don’t be so stiff, little brother . How much do you think it’s appropriate for me to compensate? As long as you say the word, I will absolutely compensate Jianguo!”

(和气生财 [hé qi shēng cái] = Harmony makes money / Friendliness is conducive to business success) 

Wei Mingyan looked at him with an even more gentle smile, he looked like a nice guy, “Yes, harmony makes money . ”

He held back his baton and held out a hand . “Come on, Boss Yang, let’s have a good chat . ”

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Ten minutes later, Boss Yang limped . He was supported by the thugs around him, struggling to get out of the ward .

“Boss, are you okay …?”

“No, it’s all right . Fortunately, I’m quick-witted today . Otherwise, I a.s.sume that this little life would end here . Let’s go, follow me back and find someone . Today I’m going to completely destroy them!!”

He wiped the sweat on his forehead but talked fiercely . From behind him came the man’s magnetic and pleasant voice, “Long-ge, you wait . ”

Boss Yang froze stiff in place . But even stiffer than him, Long-ge didn’t dare to even make a sound .

Seeing the people around him not moving while behind him the sound of the devil’s footsteps came, Boss Yang was so frightened that his legs trembled . He pushed Long-ge out . “Hurry up, the man is looking for you . ”

After pus.h.i.+ng the man, the obese evil manipulator clapped and pulled his own people, whispering urgently, “Walk fast . ”

Wei Mingyan stood in the same place, watching from a distance . Boss Yang escaped from the corridor with agile steps, completely inconsistent with his obese body . He watched Long-ge coming toward him with the speed of a turtle .

“Long-ge, I heard you smashed Lan Lan’s Aunt and Uncle’s home?”

Hearing this, Long-ge felt bad . He immediately clarified, “it wasn’t me, it was Yi Qingqing who told me to!”

“Yi Qingqing?”

Listening to the man repeating these words, Long-ge’s head was sweating . He was afraid of Wei Mingyan’s revenge, and even more afraid of the gang of security men around him .

If so many people rushed up, wouldn’t he vomit blood?!

“All right, go . When we’re free, let us brothers catch up . ”

This sentence was like a gold medal to avoid death . Long-ge breathed out a sigh of relief, wiped the sweat from his head and ran away .

Scum Male's Whitewashing Manual Chapter 30.1

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