Scum Male's Whitewashing Manual Chapter 30.2

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Published at 11th of September 2019 03:19:40 PM Chapter 30.2

His mind is still thinking… Who’s your brother?!

When everyone left, Wei Mingyan went into the ward again . This time, it was different from the way he looked before; with that frightening smile . At the moment, he smiled slightly . He looked stable and reliable .

“Jianguo-ge, Sister-in-law, you don’t have to worry about this . ” The man consoled Chen Jianguo, who’s his age would be old enough to be his father . “Let me handle this, and I promise to do it neatly for you!”

After that, he no longer looked at the couple who obviously hadn’t returned from their daze, waving at Chen Bei, who had a bruised nose and a swollen face . “Come, Bei Bei, come to Uncle . ”

As if it was normal, Wei Mingyan; who is only in his early twenties, asked Chen Bei to call him uncle . This young boy would certainly not like it, and he isn’t even a close uncle . Why?

But now, having witnessed Wei Mingyan threatening and frightening away the bad guys, Chen Bei looked at him with stars in his eyes .

He came toward the man without thinking twice, “Uncle!”

Chen Jianguo still hasn’t figured out how he became Wei Mingyan’s elder brother yet, but this boy changed his tune so fast . “…”

“En!” Wei Mingyan answered smilingly and touched Chen Bei’s head . “You want to protect your parents, uncle can understand . But you can’t act rashly before you have any ability, you understand?”

In a rebellious period, Chen Bei; who normally wouldn’t listen to any nagging from his parents and grandparents, nodded cleverly at the moment . He wors.h.i.+ped and looked at the man . “Uncle, how can I protect my parents as well as you?”

“First of all…” Wei Mingyan deliberately thought about it for a while before he gave a serious reply . As expected, Chen Bei’s eyes lit up a little more .

“You have to go to a good university . ”


— Chen Bei looked confused .

Although he had never met him face to face before, he clearly remembered that Wei Mingyan did not take the university entrance exam, didn’t he?

Faced with the teenager’s question, Wei Mingyan answered straightforwardly, “Your uncle’s wife is a college student . Isn’t it because of her that I became so fierce? If you take the university entrance examination, couldn’t you find a university student wife?”

Chen Bei was puzzled . He felt that Wei Mingyan’s words were both reasonable and unreasonable .

While he was still thinking, Wei Mingyan looked at the teenager funnily and said to Chen Jianguo and his wife, “Brother, sister-in-law, I have booked a hotel next door, let Bei Bei stay with me these couple of days . ”

If the former ‘Hun Zi’ said that, Chen Jianguo would certainly refuse instantly . What if he secretly sold his child?

But now, without thinking about it, he promised, “Ah, this kid is troubling you… When I’m healed, let’s have a drink together . Thank you very much for today . ”

“You don’t have to thank me . I remember the kindness of Uncle and Aunt when I was a child . ”

w.a.n.g Zhaodi watched her son happily follow a man’s slender figure out of the ward . Only then did she ask, “Jianguo, I’m not dreaming am I…?”

Chen Jianguo was reminded of his parents’ quarrel when he was a child .

“You have money!? Then why don’t you come back with meat? Every day you give a steaming bowl of rice to the one next door . I don’t see the child appreciate the kindness!”

“The child has not eaten for two days, he will starve to death if he doesn’t eat anything . When he grows up, he will surely be grateful to you… ”

“Oh come on, what grateful?!”

“I know that you are soft-hearted and couldn’t bear it… forget it . Take it as a good deed . I’ll pour some soup in the rice bowl, and you can send it to the child . ”

Knowing how to return the grace of others…

Unexpectedly, after more than ten years, his father was right .

Chen Jianguo couldn’t help but smile . When his wife asked him if he was okay, he said, “Zhaodi, my dad was right . Being kind and doing good deeds are rewarded . ”

He must also be a good person in the future …

After returning home, Boss Yang gathered people and was preparing to go to the hospital to do a ‘good deed’ of his own . He also received news of a recent crackdown and reluctantly had to conserve manpower .

But the more he thought about it, and the angrier he became, the more he couldn’t swallow it . At a celebration party, the bald man tried hard to find someone in the crowd with his small eyes . Finally, when the party reached its climax, he found the person he wanted .

“Teach a lesson? How old? Is there anyone behind him?”

“Twenty-something, behind him…” Boss Yang narrowed his eyes and thought, “No one! There’s n.o.body behind him!”

“Heh, piece of cake, give me the address . I guarantee it would be settled quickly . ” When the man promised, he smiled again . “But if I help you settle this matter . Shouldn’t you also give me something in return?”

Boss Yang has been immersed in this dirty circle for many years . How can he not know the rules? He immediately understood him and said, “Name it, as long as you say it, I can certainly do it!”

“In fact, it’s nothing big . Some rich man came from city next door and said he was going to sponsor us in B-city . I heard that it’s a large sum of money . We were originally poor in B-city . We want to develop but we don’t have any money . Now this man came, the problem is …” He clapped his hands and then said, “solved!”

“Now a leader I’ve been trying to catch up with is showing this guy around . He is prepared to buy a piece of land to do a big project . If that land came from us, the chances of making money in the future will be as good as done . I saw the place you just bought, it’s good . You give me some good feng shui, and I’ll take you up with me . How about it?”

Boss Yang didn’t expect to come to a party and find such a good thing . He didn’t even want to answer directly, “Good!  You first introduce them to me . city is developing so fast . How rich is this rich man?”

“Not only rich but also powerful . I heard that he has connections in the capital, ordinary people really can’t afford to provoke him . ”

Listening to the person beside him, Boss Yang laughed, “Such a golden doll, only a fool would provoke him! That would be crazy!”

(金娃娃 [jīn wá wɑ] Golden Doll = pufferfish species, valuable and pretty cute but poisonous . Very dangerous . ) 

The two were talking and laughing when the man suddenly looked at the handsome man who just came in at the door, with bright eyes he patted the person beside him on the shoulder . “Look, that’s him!”

“Come on, take this opportunity to make a social connection . ”

Boss Yang stood up straight, bowed his head and b.u.t.toned up his b.u.t.tons . In his ear was the respectful voice of the other man, it even had some flattery in it, “Chief Wei, h.e.l.lo . ”

The bald man coughed, cleared his throat, looked up and followed, “Chief Wei, goo…”

The word ‘good’ got stuck in his throat .

Boss Yang stared at the handsome man in front of him like a ghost, while Wei Mingyan was not surprised by his reaction .

He raised his gla.s.s and gave Boss Yang a kind smile .

Looking at the familiar chilling smile on the man’s face in front of him, Boss Yang saw black at the moment and really fainted .

He remembered what he just said…

‘Such a golden doll, only a fool would provoke him! that would be crazy!’

He just wants to know if it’s too late to pour out the water in his head…

(water in the head = stupid idiot . )

Scum Male's Whitewashing Manual Chapter 30.2

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