Please Sign: Your Runaway Wife Has Been Captured Chapter 22 Never Let Her Off

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"Be careful, Bluegreen-Clad. You spend so much money for your wife. Don't you worry about being cheated on?"

  This rumor from a hidden ID was actually sent out by Venus Will Cry. The moment she sent it out, she felt that her heart was racing. Nevertheless, Bluegreen-Clad did not react the way she had expected. He just said, "I'm happy to give all these things to my wife."

  She fixed her eyes on the Public Chat message and remembered what Son of Heaven had told her. According to him, the Yellow Spring Spirit used to forge this Yellow Spring Sword had been unlocked by Bluegreen-Clad and Flowing Light.

  Venus held her mouse with a trembling hand as she thought, "I was the one who was supposed to become Bluegreen-Clad's wife. I've put in a lot of effort into gaining the gang members' recognition.

  "Every time a gang member needed my help, I would just rise to the occasion. Every time I lent gold ingots to them, I would not urge them to repay the debts. When most of the gang members didn't care much their equipment, I managed to collect a complete set of seven-star equipment just in order to become a strong doctor, who could team up with Bluegreen-Clad.

  "When I became the doctor who had the best equipment and the highest level in the gang, Bluegreen-Clad finally noticed me. He would team up with me every time he needed a doctor.

  "I believed that we were close enough and all I had to do was to wait for him to propose to me. Suddenly, he married Flowing Light from the Matchless! He even chooses her instead of me to team up with himself to play the game now.

  "On that day, when I saw Flowing Light propose to Bluegreen-Clad on the Public Chat channel, I believed that he would turn her down just as he had done to the other girls who had proposed to him. However, he said yes to her. They even got married and held a wedding ceremony on that very night."

  Venus Will Cry had stood quietly in front of the temple of the matchmaking G.o.d and watched Bluegreen-Clad getting married to Flowing Light. Back then, he had been dressed in red clothes and surrounded by joyful music and numerous gift flowers. That scene had broken her heart. "It should've been me. Bluegreen-Clad is mine. Why did this Flowing Light suddenly pop out from nowhere and s.n.a.t.c.h him away from me? I'll never let her off," thought Venus Will Cry.

  Although she failed to win Bluegreen-Clad's favor in the game, members of the League of Strong Families still remembered her good deeds and thought highly of her. Given this, she deliberately pretended to be the victim to make the other gang members pity her. As a result, when Flowing Light joined the gang, she was not received warmly by the gang members.

  After that, Venus incited her best friend Baby520 to kill Flowing Light. Baby520 was an impetuous person and had once received lots of help from Venus. As such, it was easy for Venus to manipulate Baby520, and everything went smoothly for her in the beginning.

  She hoped to incite a war between the League of Strong Families and the Matchless to embarra.s.s Flowing Light, but she never expected Bluegreen-Clad to resolve the conflict so efficiently. After this incident, the alliance with the two gangs was actually further enhanced.

  After that failed attempt, Venus still refused to give up and used the simple-minded Little Girl to set up Flowing Light again. When Little Girl accused Flowing Light of s.n.a.t.c.hing monsters from her team and showed the evidence to everyone, Flowing Light was clearly at a disadvantage. However, just when Venus was about to succeed, Bluegreen-Clad spoke up and proved that Flowing Light was innocent.

  Afterwards when Bluegreen-Clad's team unlocked a purple necklace, Venus managed to get Son of Heaven to give the necklace to her instead of Flowing Light. She could have bought it from someone else, but she insisted on getting this one since it was unlocked by her gang boss Bluegreen-Clad.

  To her surprise, Flowing Light did not get upset or have a fight with Bluegreen-Clad because of this incident. Not long after that, she knew the reason. Bluegreen-Clad gave Flowing Light a better necklace.

  Today, he even gave her a Yellow Spring Sword!

  Venus was driven mad with jealousy. "Why does that Flowing Light get all these things? They should belong to me! If it was not for her, I would be the one that everyone felt envious of now."

  [Private Chat] Son of Heaven: Team up with me. Let's go to unlock some purple equipment.

  "Huh, just purple equipment," Venus thought dejectedly upon seeing Son of Heaven's message. She opened her friend list to find him and join his team.

  The moment she entered the team, she was surprised to find out that there was only Son of Heaven in the team. She asked tentatively, "Son of Heaven, why are you alone here? Didn't you always team up with gang boss and his friends?"

  [Team Captain] Son of Heaven: Boss went to play with his wife.

  "So, Flowing Light, again." Venus tried her best to suppress her anger and said, "Our gang boss really adores his wife. I somehow feel that I'm made redundant in the gang now. Do you think so, Son of Heaven?"

  [Team Captain] Son of Heaven: You joined the gang long before Flowing Light. Who can make you redundant?

  [Team] Venus Will Cry: But everyone in the gang knows that gang boss and I used to... If I continue to stay inside the gang, I'm afraid that Flowing Light won't feel happy.

  [Team Captain] Son of Heaven: If she's such a mean girl, I think she doesn't deserve our gang boss. Don't be afraid. If she bullies you, I'll help you out.

  [Team] Venus Will Cry: Thank you, Son of Heaven. You're such a nice person.

  Venus knew that Son of Heaven liked her. She had first discovered this when Son of Heaven had decided to give that purple necklace to her instead of Flowing Light.

  Baby520 had discovered this too, as Son of Heaven had helped Venus and her team out many times to complete different missions. He never refused Venus. As one of Venus' regular teammates, Baby520 felt grateful for Son of Heaven.

  She had once persuaded Venus to accept Son of Heaven's love. "We've tried quite a few times, but Bluegreen-Clad still remains unmoved. I think you can change your mind and marry Son of Heaven. He always treats you very well. Why can't you just forget about Bluegreen-Clad?"

  Venus perfectly understood what Baby520 meant. Now there were only three big gangs in Watery South, and the other small gangs had all allied themselves with different big gangs. The Sacred Temple was an enemy of the League of Strong Families. Blooming Pear Tree, gang boss of the Matchless and even his entire gang disdained her very much because of Flowing Light. If she refused to accept Son of Heaven after her failure to marry Bluegreen-Clad, she did not know where else she could find a good husband.

  Despite that, she still did not want to admit defeat and give up.

Please Sign: Your Runaway Wife Has Been Captured Chapter 22 Never Let Her Off

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