Please Sign: Your Runaway Wife Has Been Captured Chapter 23 Han Meimei And Her

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Because of Bluegreen-Clad, Zheng Xiaoguang quickly got familiar with Han Meimei and her "husband" Li Lei. Sometimes when Bluegreen-Clad was not around, they would gain levels together.

  Han Meimei and Li Lei had first met on the Internet, and s.h.i.+ny Sky was the second online game that they had played together. As they lived far apart in the real world, they often dated online by playing the online game together. Li Lei and Han Meimei spent a lot of time in the game, but they were not eager to gain levels. As such, when Bluegreen-Clad was not online, Li Lei often handled affairs in the gang as the deputy boss of the League of Strong Families.

  As Li Lei and Han Meimei were names often seen on the Enlish textbooks, every time Zheng Xiaoguang saw their names, she would have the illusion of seeing them chatting with each other in Enligsh.

  "A: h.e.l.lo! My name is Han Meimei. What is your name?

  "B: h.e.l.lo! My name is Li Lei.

  "A: How are you?

  "B: Fine, thank you."

  "Well, that's all I can remember. Sigh, I was never good at English back in school," Zheng Xiaoguang sighed secretly and covered her face with her hands in great embarra.s.sment.

  [Private Chat] Flowing Light: Meimei, is there anything between that Venus and Bluegreen-Clad?

  Days ago, Zheng Xiaoguang had received a message from a hidden ID after receiving that Yellow Spring Sword from Bluegreen-Clad. The message told her that Bluegreen-Clad liked Venus. As she was new to the gang at that time, she did not know who to ask about this. Now Han Meimei and she were friends, she wanted this "insider" to tell her the truth.

  [Private Chat] Han Meimei: [Laugh Out Loud] I swear on my eight-star suit that there's nothing between them!

  Han Meimei was a very straightforward girl. She was happy to tell Flowing Light everything to make her feel a.s.sured. According to Han Meimei, Bluegreen-Clad was always a well-principled man and never flirted with any girl in the game. "He's highly skillful, well-equipped and always ready to help low-level players. He's indeed a gold-like player," said Han Meimei.

  "There are quite a lot of rich guys in the game, but not all of them are "G.o.d-like" players. Our G.o.d-like Bluegreen-Clad is of course very attractive to girls. Many girls like to send out marriage-seeking messages on the Public Chat channel. Bluegreen-Clad would see girls propose to him almost every day.

  "There were times when Bluegreen-Clad got fed up with it and even refused to team up with girls. Gradually, he got a regular team and all his regular teammates are men except for me, a married girl.

  "When we reached high levels, we could not unlock anything by slaying monsters by ourselves. As such, we had to team up with some low-level players. Son of Heaven went to the gang and found Venus Will Cry. That's why we usually teamed up with her before.

  "Bluegreen-Clad never said that he liked Venus. He even seldom talked to her. He would just ask her to slay a monster at the end of a fight. I don't know who started this rumor about their relations.h.i.+p. It's not true."

  Upon hearing that, Zheng Xiaoguang put her palms together and exclaimed secretly, "My big brother Blooming Pear Tree, what did you do to get the G.o.d-like Bluegreen-Clad to agree to marry me? Anyway, thank you very much, big brother."

  Han Meimei did not seem to like Venus very much, as she said, "Many gang members think highly of this Venus. They even felt that it was unfair for her when Bluegreen-Clad married you. But in my opinion, this idea is quite ridiculous.

  "It's said that Venus is a rich and generous girl. Those gang members who want to derive benefits from her will naturally speak for her and even extol her to the skies. They often say that she and Bluegreen-Clad are just meant for each other. "But I don't think that they're so well-matched. Does Bluegreen-Clad has to like a rich girl like her? That's nonsense."

  Han Meimei hated Venus as this Venus always regarded herself as the "future wife of the gang boss". There were times when she nearly quarrelled with Venus. At such times, Li Lei would stop her and ask her to let the gang boss take care of it. Han Meimei disliked Venus' friends either, such as Baby520. "Bluegreen-Clad never promised to marry Venus. Why do she and her friends always act as if she is betrayed by the gang boss?" thought Han Meimei.

  [Private Chat] Flowing Light: It seems to me that you don't like that Venus very much.

  [Private Chat] Han Meimei: Come on, you know what a kind of person she is. She always pretends to be a nice person. Do you remember what she said to Little Girl? She's such a hypocrite. She can only delude some over-compa.s.sionate guys and simple-minded girls into pitying her. Her tricks can never work on me. Be careful when dealing with her. Don't get cheated by her. I think Bluegreen-Clad is a very reliable guy.

  [Private Chat] Flowing Light: Uhm, I think Bluegreen-Clad is a great guy too.

  Sometimes, the friends.h.i.+p between girls is very strange. Once they hate the same person, they will become friends. When Zheng Xiaoguang and Han Meimei found out that they both hated Venus Will Cry, their friends.h.i.+p was further enhanced.

  According to Han Meimei, Bluegreen-Clad's regular teammates were Son of Heaven, Li Lei and herself. She said that Bluegreen-Clad had often played the game together with an a long time ago, but that had disappeared for a long time. As Son of Heaven often went to play tomb instance nowadays, only Bluegreen-Clad, Flowing Light, Li Lei and Han Meimei would usually team up to gain levels at some level 95 regions on the map.

  For a couple, they would gain more "relations.h.i.+p points" by gaining levels and slaying monsters together. Once their "relations.h.i.+p points" were high enough, they would gain some very special and practical "couple skills", such as resurrecting and adding blood for each other.

  When a couple's relations.h.i.+p points reached 100,000, they would be able to get another special couple skill, which was to have a baby.

  Han Meimai and Li Lei were working hard toward that goal and often talked about their plan to have a baby.

  [Team] Han Meimei: Hah-hah, honey, we'll be able to have a baby after getting 10,000 more relations.h.i.+p points!

  [Team] Li Lei: Uhm, when you give birth to a child, we can ask Bluegreen-Clad and the other friends for red money.

  [Team Captain] Bluegreen-Clad: Do you guys forget that I'm also married now?

  [Team] Flowing Light: What? Do you plan to ask me to give birth to a baby...

  [Team] Han Meimei: Yeah, that's a great idea. We can have babies together and let our children get engaged.

  Similar to pregnancy and childbirth experiences in real life, pregnancy and childbirth in the game were very troublesome things for a girl. Once a female player was pregnant, both her offensive and defensive capabilities would be drastically decreased by the system. Pregnant female players might even suffer miscarriages when fighting monsters. As such, pregnant girls could only sit on the floor and watch her teammates play in the game.

  When a pregnant player was about to give birth, she would become extremely fragile, and once she got killed, she would lose her baby. She had to be extra careful during this period of time.

  s.h.i.+ny Sky players often said that if you wanted to make sure if your wife love you enough, you should ask her whether she was willing to have a baby with you.

  Bluegreen-Clad: Honey, do you want to have a baby with me?

  Flowing Light: ... You'd better buy a house first.

  s.h.i.+ny Sky had put a lot of efforts into setting up rules to make money. If a couple in the game wanted to have a baby, they had to not only acc.u.mulate 100,000 relations.h.i.+p points but also buy a house.

  Bluegreen-Clad: Rest a.s.sured, honey. I'll prepare a nice home for you and our baby.

Please Sign: Your Runaway Wife Has Been Captured Chapter 23 Han Meimei And Her

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