The Legend Of The Witch Girl Chapter 10

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After a month, Bai Yao’s witchcraft skills were honed and elevated by the book, and her knowledge of insects was better.

One day, when she was studying witchcraft with Zi Qin, a carrier pigeon flew to Zi Qin’s shoulder, breaking their practice.

The carrier pigeon was scared by their fights during practice, so its heart was beating feebly. Zi Qin comforted the bird with his hand and took the message from its leg.

He opened the paper to read it, with his lips closed and his eyes squinted. An expression of fierceness flashed in his eyes.

He sneered and wadded the paper up into a crumpled ball.

Bai Yao never saw this side of Zi Qin before. He was always proud and isolated, but the current he gave her a sense of complication. She thought this message must be related to his real ident.i.ty.

Who had made him so angry?

Zi Qin stood there to meditate for a while and then calmed down, as if he had made some decision.

He stepped forward toward Bai Yao to say, “I have some urgent issues to handle, thus I need to go down the mountain. About half a month. You should diligently practice your witchcraft and study the insects.”

She didn’t need his reminder, for the purpose of her coming to the mountains was to make herself stronger. It was the only purpose left for her now.

Zi Qin took out a jade from his waist and gave it her, saying, “This is my jade, a memento of me. Taking it, you will find some goodness when walking through the mountains among all the disciples here.”

Bai Yao took it. She understood; though she was already a witch girl, she was not as authoritative as Zi Qin.

Zi Qin was different. On Mt. Wushan, even the Wushan Elder respected him. With this piece of jade, n.o.body dared bring her troubles.

Zi Qin left and Bai Yao continued her practice. Though the days were pa.s.sing as usual, without Zi Qin, she felt some emptiness.

On the other side, Shui Linger knew he had gone down the mountain, and it was a good opportunity for her. She went to the back of the mountain, where Bai Yao practiced witchcraft.

Shui Linger found Bai Yao was practicing the craft of controlling winds, but she failed again and again. A moment later, she got a new idea.

She hid behind a big tree.

Now Bai Yao was speaking some words, with her fingers touching in a special shape, to release a spell of controlling winds. But suddenly, a strong wind blew to her and her dresses were blown up, and hair swirled into a mess as her body was almost blown away.

She tried to keep her balance, adding more energy to the spell. But the huge wind still railed against her.

Bai Yao was confused; her craft of controlling winds was not that powerful. Was there someone else nearby?

She looked around and saw the edge of a red dress. She squinted and yelled angrily at her, “Shui Linger, come out!”

Shui Linger stopped hiding when she realized Bai Yao already knew she was there. She walked out in a s.e.xy, sashaying way.

The wind ended, but the air between them was taut.

Shui Linger proud asked her, “Bai Yao, did you see my power?”

Bai Yao didn’t deny it, but she believed that, in the future, she could surpa.s.s her. “Shui Linger, don’t show your little skills everywhere. Many people are better than you.” Bai Yao was a little angry because the girl disturbed her practice.

“What? Little skills? You call this little skills?” Shui Linger couldn’t believe her ears. Then she returned her scorn. “As for you, you didn’t even learn the easiest craft of controlling winds. This is the gap between you and me. And you don’t deserve the position as a witch girl, or of staying with Zi Qin.”

Bai Yao didn’t care about her scoffs.

They would know in the future.

Bai Yao didn’t want to talk more with her, so she tried to send her away. “Shui Linger, it’s nothing about tongues. Why not leave me now? We will know in the future.”

Shui Linger was surprised that Bai Yao didn’t care, and she felt that she had lost face, so she pointed at her. “Bai Yao, let me tell you," she said sternly, "you never be stronger than me in your whole life. I am the most powerful witch girl.”

Bai Yao became angrier because the girl was so stubborn and wasting her time for practicing.

They were in a deadlock.

Bai Yao hid her right hand at her back and forged a spell. In seconds, a tree behind Shui Linger fell toward her.

Shui Linger was not prepared for Bai Yao planning secret attack. She moved swiftly to another side to avoid being crushed by the tree. But she entered another trap Bai Yao prepared for her. Water poured over her under Bai Yao's direction. Her mouth opened wide. With her whole body now soaking wet, her dresses became transparent. Shui Linger was irritated and yelled at her. “Bai Yao, you dare treat me like this? I won’t let you go easily!” With those words, she used her arms to cover her body and left.

Bai Yao finally got back her world of peace.

But after several hours, Bai Yao was called by the Elder to the Hall of Elders.

Shui Linger was standing there, now with her dresses changed and dry.

The Elder asked, “Bai Yao, Shui Linger said you used witchcraft to bully her. Is this true?”

Bai Yao didn’t want to say anything about this. She had used witchcraft to punish Shui Linger, but she had no words on this issue. What should she say? Your granddaughter was jealous with me and she intentionally disturbed my practice?

Seeing her reaction, the Elder guessed what had happened between them.

With a concerned heart, the Elder said slowly, “Bai Yao, we live in the s.p.a.ce between heavens and earth. Supporting each other to create balance on earth is the true meaning of witchcraft. We who learn this should not stimulate any evil thoughts.”

“Bai Yao thanks you for the teaching!” Bai Yao bowed to him.

The Elder saw her att.i.tude was flawless, so he turned to Shui Linger. “Linger, the same rule goes for you. Don’t make any more trouble. Try to practice with your whole heart.”

The Elder knew his granddaughter well. Knowing that without her challenges first, Bai Yao wouldn’t have the need to beat her.

Shui Linger heard this persuasion, but she still wanted to argue. Seeing the sharp look in the eyes of the Elder, however, she closed her lips and nodded.

She didn’t think that her grandpa would also help Bai Yao and soon her hatred toward Bai Yao became deeper.

They left the hall together, without anything to say. When they stood on the cross, Shui Linger spoke to her. “Bai Yao, you just wait on me. I will drive you away from Wushan.”

“I will.” Bai Yao answered her in an indifferent tone. Then she left directly, leaving Shui Linger a farther back.

Shui Linger clenched her fists, staring at her back.

Bai Yao, I won’t let you live a peaceful life.

The Legend Of The Witch Girl Chapter 10

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