The Legend Of The Witch Girl Chapter 23

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Bai Yu, standing behind Bai Yao, threw a malicious look toward Bai Yao. Bai Yao, you’d better wait!

Bai Yao left, with a cold smile on her lips. She had overestimated Bai Yu; she was still so naive to even do this. So Bai Yu was a decorated sc.u.m! For this life, I won't let you be so arrogant and act on your will.

After one night’s rest, Bai Yao slowly walked in the mansion. When she saw the servants and maids, she said h.e.l.lo to them one by one, pretending to be an innocent, simple one. But when she pa.s.sed a winding corridor, she heard two maids secretly talking about her.

“The Elder Lady looks like she has changed into another person since coming back this time.”

“You also feel it? When I pa.s.s her, I always feel cold.”

Though their voices were low, the message was heard by Bai Yao. She lifted one eyebrow and sighed for the foolishness of the maids. Then she remembered what the two girls looked like. She’d give them some rules now.

Bai Yao snorted, realizing she had already arrived in her garden. She pointed at the door to let the maids open it for her. Then she walked in with a nod of satisfaction.

The room was so quiet. The incense burner was releasing some smoke and smelled of jasmine flower. She remembered that this incense was the scent she most loved, but now she thought it too thin and too pure. She knocked on the table with her fingers and a maid came in to ask her what she wanted.

She pointed at the burner and said with an indifferent sense, “From now on, burn styrax only.”

The styrax had a strong smell and could heal headaches. She would need it in the future to smooth her nerves after fighting with her sister. Besides, she was not the simple girl anymore.

The maid said yes and then prepared to leave. But she was called back by Bai Yao again.

“Bring me some fish food and go to the pool with me.”

“Yes, my lady!” the maid answered.

The wind was warm and the sky was blue and clear. Taking a small white bowl with fish food in it, Bai Yao went to the pool to feed the koi.

The sunlight in the afternoon was comfortable, and the wind blew softly on her face.

Bai Yao spread the food on the water. Seeing the fish scrambling for the food, she thought about their situation again. Their fights were only begging for the royal family’s alms.

“Whew, Bai Yao?”

The voice of Bai Yu came from behind her. Bai Yao stopped her movements and turned her head to say h.e.l.lo. Bai Yu was being accompanied by numerous maids, and looked quite different from the manner she had when having the dinner with their parents. Bai Yao was not afraid of her, and she pa.s.sed the fish food to the maid and waved to dismiss the maid. Bai Yu also sent back her maids.

“So you really have become brave. Before you went to the Mt. Wushan, you never dared to face me as this.” Bai Yu sneered and came closer. Bai Yao didn’t want to pay attention to her, so she turned to another side to look at the pool.

“So, you are going to be the queen, right? This makes you grow mature,” Bai Yu said into her ear.

Bai Yao, however, pushed her sister away. “I don’t understand you.” She arranging her dresses as she asked this. “What queen? Who wants to be the queen?”

“Hmph!” Bai Yu was irritated by her push and she held her shoulders to rebuke her. “You have plotted poorly before our parents to ask them to marry you to Mo Xi, haven’t you?” Bai Yu still thought this was not enough, so she added in a malicious tone, “You? Want to be the queen of Brother Mo Xi? Forget your daydreaming! I beg you to stop trying this. Don’t tell anybody this joke.”

Bai Yao saw the humor in this. Bai Yu was as foolish as a child. She suddenly felt the game was silly. But she had no other business now, so . . . why not have some fun with her? Bai Yao kept calm and pretending to appreciate her beautiful fingernails. “I don’t understand this again. Yes, I want to marry Brother Mo Xi. But, why are you so sure that he will be the emperor?”

Bai Yu soon found her mistake. “You! You are...” She didn’t want to quit this quarrel. She still wanted to keep her advantage of a commanding position, but her muddle showed on her face, betraying her.

“Forgive me, sister. I said some wrong words.” Bai Yao pretended to be the innocent girl again, taking her sleeves to cover her face, laughing prettily. “Anyway, we are sisters, Bai Yu. No need to hide our thoughts, right?” The wind came again, and she quietly enjoyed the bt.e.e.ze and lifted up her head.

Bai Yu was so angry with her and she took a few steps away, but did not leave. She firmly planted her shoes, decorated with gold and silver, in a resistant stance. The wind also blew her hair into disarray. What an annoying wind.

Bai Yao lifted her eyebrows—she was clearly the winner.

“Bai Yao, you!” Bai Yu was so furious, but she could not think of a good return to her sister.

Bai Yao continued to pretend to be the innocent girl. She blinked at her, as if she was asking, Why? What’s wrong with you, sister?

The sea glinted in the sun. Bai Yao didn’t want to miss the beautiful scene, so she turned back to walk away and looked at the pool and the fish.

But suddenly, her skirt’s angle touched the moss on the ground, then she lost balance, and began to fall.

“Ah. . .!” Bai Yao screamed.

Bai Yu was also shocked by her voice. She saw Bai Yao fall into the pool like a colorful koi, splas.h.i.+ng into the water. Bai Yu was so surprised, then she used her sleeves to cover her mouth.

Bai Yu hurried to the place where Bai Yao had fallen. She watched her sister struggle for a while and then disappear under the water. She was so scared. But she soon understood that if the water killed Bai Yao today, it was help from above.

Bai Yao lost her power under the water. She knew very clearly that Bai Yu would not save her, nor would she go to find someone else to help. So, got up to teach her a lesson later.

Not knowing how long she stayed under the water, Bai Yao found her reason missing.  

The Legend Of The Witch Girl Chapter 23

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