The Legend Of The Witch Girl Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 To Kill Zi Qin She sat painstakingly in bed, looking around at the decorations, and she was astonished: How could she be in his room?  She opened the door and caught Tinyu trying to enter the door. Bai Yao then voiced her own doubts of the heart. "Tinyu, how can I be in the master's room; has he been taking care of me?" Tinyu hurriedly shook her head and said, "No, that was me. I’m the one who’s been taking care of you, my lady." Zi Qin warned her not to tell Bai Yao what he had done when Bai Yao woke up. Tinyu had doubts, but she obeyed the orders. Bai Yao saw that the response from Tinyu was unnatural, and so she didn't believe it one bit. She was about to open her mouth when Tinyu said, "My lady, Master is busy today, and he is not close to people, so he hasn't been to Lingxuan. It was I who was worrying about you, so I brought you here. " When she heard this, Bai Yao felt a little disappointed. Did she really get it wrong? Was that gentle voice really just her own illusion? Bai Yao vaguely remembered that she had a dream—a terrible dream. In the dream, her whole body was bound with shackles. Although she struggled so hard, she could not escape. In front of her, Mo Xi was carrying a big knife, his eyes fierce. His body exhaled an evil breath, and behind him stood Bai Yu. Together, they came for her. The footsteps clattered, and Bai Yao’s heart rattled. Seeing all this, she was frightened. She was afraid that the cold sword would kill her. She was afraid that Mo Xi would kill her without mercy. She wanted to question him as to why he did this to her, and she tried desperately to shout, but no sound would come from her mouth. Just as she was getting desperate, the gentle voice of Zi Qin sounded beside her ear. It was such a warm voice that the nightmare disappeared before her eyes, and everything became calm again. Bai Yao thought about it; maybe it was just her own illusion. How could Zi Qin be so gentle? But at this moment, what attracted Bai Yao more was her own dream. She hated Mo Xi and Bai Yu so much, but there was fear in her heart. No, Bai Yao, you can't be scared of them! How could you be afraid of your enemies?  Bai Yao secretly swore in her heart: one day, the blood would be paid for. So, she made a decision—a cruel decision in her heart. So she waited in the Jascha for Zi Qin to come back. When Zi Qin saw her he was in a slight daze, but once he saw her face had restored a bit of ruddiness, he was relieved. "Since you have made up your mind, come to the back of the mountain to find me at three o'clock tomorrow morning, and remember to bring a sword," Zi Qin said lightly; it seemed that he wasn’t worried about facing death himself. When Bai Yao left, Zi Qin opened the dark door of the room. A purple shadow was hidden behind the door.   At three o’clock, Bai Yao came to the back of the mountain with a sword. She saw Zi Qin waiting there since long ago, and the meeting between them was the same as the first time. They looked at each other from a few steps apart, with the wind blowing over them causing their dresses and skirts to flutter in the air. Her white clothes beat the snow, and his purple clothes were in stark contrast. "Do it!" Zi Qin spat out the words coldly. But there was a curl on his lips, and deep encouragement, and an unperceived indulgence in his eyes.  "Yes!" This was also a cold word, and it directly chilled Bai Yao’s own heart. Bai Yao went to Zi Qin. His hands clenched the hilt of the sword. She raised her sword, but she did not p.r.i.c.k the sword into Zi Qin’s chest. I still cannot do it? she asked herself. Two voices were quarreling in her mind. One said to her, "Do it, kill him." Another one said, "No, no; how can you kill someone? How can you be so hardhearted?" Seeing her struggle and pain, Zi Qin said indifferently, "Bai Yao, this man in front of you is the one you hate the most. If you want revenge, you must kill him!" Bai Yao instantly fell into the pain of her previous life. Her whole body grew hostile, and Zi Qin felt her hatred deeply. Bai Yao gazed bitterly at Zi Qin. No, it was Mo Xi. She thought the person in front of her was Mo Xi, and she hated him! "Kill him!" The voice of Zi Qin got colder and colder, and he knew that Bai Yao had fallen into some painful memory, and all he could do was let her kill him! Stimulated by the words, Bai Yao pierced Mo Xi's chest with a direct stab and his blood spilled on her face. The warm blood irritated her eyes, and she gradually woke up. Bai Yao looked at Zi Qin, who had a sword buried in his chest. Her eyes were l.u.s.terless. She stepped back, holding her head in both hands, and repeating, "I killed someone, I killed someone." There was a crying voice in her words. She couldn’t believe that she actually killed him. She saw the master teetering, staggering a few steps. There was blood dripping from his mouth, but his face bore a satisfied smile. When she saw that Zi Qin was about to fall to the ground, she hurried forward to catch him. She knelt, holding Zi Qin. Her tears were falling quickly like broken beads, and then she wailed over him, and let his blood dye her face. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" She sobbed and watched Zi Qin close his eyes; her heart was suffocating like a thousand arrows had shot into it. Bai Yao cried until she had no strength. She laid straight on Zi Qin’s chest. Her eyes were void of any focus. She could not accept the fact that she had just killed Zi Qin. The cold wind blew down the blossom of a peach tree. The petals fell on the pair under the tree, so beautiful. But facing this beautiful scene, at this moment, Bai Yao only felt herself chilling. All of a sudden, a little red light at the waist of Zi Qin started to flash from time to time. The light came from an object shaped like an hourgla.s.s, which flew directly into the air, and the red light became even more pervasive. Bai Yao slowly propped herself up, and with her hands she blocked the dazzling light. Her eyes half-opened, she stared at the strange thing. The red light grew more and more dazzling, as if it were about to cover the whole world. The light was so intense that she could only close her eyes. In that instant, her mind was blank. When the red light darkened and everything became ordinary, she slowly opened her eyes. To her surprise, she found herself holding a sword against Zi Qin's chest, and the tip of the sword was but an inch away from piercing him. She was astonished, and her eyes were wide with wonder. She threw away her sword and looked up in surprise at Zi Qin, who was standing in the wind. His posture was upright, and his eyes were full of smiles, with his lips seeming brighter than the moonlight. Was this an illusion or not? He was still alive? Bai Yao came near to touch the mask of the man, and murmured, "Master, is that you?" Her voice was as soft as possible. Zi Qin clasped her cold hands tightly. His warm, big hands let Bai Yao feel that her master was really alive! Bai Yao wept with joy, and immediately hugged Zi Qin's waist. She hugged him so tightly, that she was afraid that the next moment her master would disappear again. She leaned on his chest, her voice choked, and said in a grateful tone, "Master, you're still alive!" Zi Qin gently touched her hair, and patted her on the back, comforting her by saying, "Yes, I'm still alive!"

The Legend Of The Witch Girl Chapter 4

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