Transmigrating With A Cleaver Chapter 13.2

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His teammates were laughing as well. Only the white mage remained quietly standing.

“It's one white mage and two swordsman!” said Qin Luo with a smile of disdain. “Oh, so you think your big lump o' steel team is all that? All I saw were a few giant trash cans!”

“What are ‘trash cans'?” Lancelot was a bit baffled but judging by Qin Luo's look, he could infer that it wasn't exactly a compliment.

It was almost time, so Lancelot didn't have time to continue bickering with Qin Luo. He snickered at him and said, “If that's the case, you want to bet?”

Qin Luo smiled, “Oh? What are you suggesting?”

“Let's bet which team will kill more zombies tonight!” said Lancelot loudly. “The loser will kneel n front of the winner and call him ‘Daddy'!”

Before Qin Luo could even respond, Chen Yun already tucked on his sleeve and said in a low voice, “We don't need to take these kind of bets. Just let it go, okay?”

Not wanting him to chicken out, Lancelot immediately added, “Oh? Chicken out already? How about I give you a 50-zombie advantage? If you are still going to chicken out, don't even be a mercenary anymore, you should become a turtle!1 Hahahaha….”

All the bystanders who were watching the scene unfolded joined in and laughed.

“Who said I was chickening out?” Qin Luo rolled his eyes, “I don't think the bet was quite enough. Go big or go home!”

Lancelot was amused now, “Oh yeah? What do you say?”

“The loser will run around the city of Ning Zhou b.u.t.t naked while addressing the winner as his ‘daddy', how about that, huh?”

“I am no chicken, I am in!”

Lancelot lifted his right arm and high-fived Qin Lin. A bet has been agreed upon.

Close to 12 midnight, the creepy old church loomed over everyone like a giant beast that wanted to swallow up everybody. One by one, the mercenaries lit up their torches and walked up to the military's barricade.

A lieutenant in front of the barricade announced, “Listen carefully, all of you. The secret pa.s.sageway will open up automatically at exactly midnight and close at 5 AM. If you miss that time, you will have to stay underground till the following night!

“The entire mission will go on for three days. If you still can't discover the source of the zombies by the end of the third day, the pa.s.sageway of the abandoned church will be sealed off and the mission cancelled!”

The relics represented danger, but also treasures and wealth. That was the reason why the military was willing to spend so much money to attract mercenaries to get rid of the source of the zombies.

But the location of the relics was a bit awkward, plus the timing couldn't be worse. The military, not wanting to deal with two problems at the same time as winter was close, had no choice but to solicit the help of mercenaries.

It was finally midnight. The solders moved aside the barricades and the hundred plus mercenaries rushed into the old church like a giant wave.

The golden Lancelot was among the first to enter. His heroic, mighty, and hegemony look was, indeed, quite impressive.

Qin Lin entered with two beauties at a normal place behind the troop. He looked at the back of Lancelot, smiled and said to himself, “I hope you can keep this fervor when you run around naked calling me ‘daddy' tomorrow…”


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1. Calling someone a “turtle” is like calling them a coward, as turtles tend to hide in their in face of danger.

Transmigrating With A Cleaver Chapter 13.2

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