Top Furious Doctor Soldier Chapter 76 Long Jianfei, The Judge

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After Liu Feng stepped out of the main entrance of Sakura Club House, he looked back at the stone tablet carved in j.a.panese.

Bang... crack!

Liu Feng's right fist punched so heavily that he smashed the five-centimeter-thick stone tablet into pieces, and the large pieces scattered quite far. This mere punch shocked Sun Chengfeng, who was clamped by Liu Feng, once again.

The tablet smashed by a punch was made of real granite. But it was no harder than gla.s.s to Liu Feng's fist.!

Afterwards, Liu Feng loosened his arm and dropped Sun Chengfengon the roadside. The latter's limbs were all broken.

The fall brought Sun Chengfeng greater pain. More annoyingly, he fell on his face and got a mouthful of mud. He was unable to utter a sound.

Then, Liu Feng kicked Sun Chengfeng on the neck with a force proper enough to make him pa.s.s out.

"Ok! The cleaning work is left for you."

Liu Feng lifted his hand and covered his right ear to convey a message via the neurosensing communicator. "Leave the good ones safe. Kill all the killers and swordsmen from j.a.pan. Sakura Club House belongs to me now. You take over this place. It will be our official foothold in Donghai City."

After talking, Liu Feng left at leisure.

Two minutes after Liu Feng had gone, Sun Jianye's extended Rolls-Royce came out. He personally got off and helped his son into the car.

When in the car, the mafia head of Donghai City said disgruntledly. "Liu Feng is so unreliable. I knew he wouldn't send my son to hospital. d.a.m.n him!"

"Don't be angry, Boss. Let's send young Master to hospital." A bodyguard sitting on the pa.s.senger seat turned back and said.


Sun Jianye nodded and said, "Go to the best hospital, the First People's Hospital."

After saying this, Sun Jianye seemed to think of something. "Have our men all retreated, Lil Five?"

"Yes, they have."

After blurting out the three words, the bodyguard called Lil Five quickly added, "Well... It seems that Qi Tian hasn't retreated. I seem...seem to have forgotten to inform him."


Sun Jianye was so angry that he punched the front seat. "How could you forget that amnesiac fool, alas!"

"Sorry, Boss. Shall I call him now?"

"Don't bother. He hasn't learnt how to use phones since he lost his memory. It's more important to save my son's life..."

How would Qi Tian have felt if he had heard what his big boss had said? He was almost abandoned!

The Rolls-Royce dashed out like an arrow. Its departure was like a signal for attack.

Immediately, a group of ten strong men who were fully armed like Special Forces rushed into Sakura Club House.

These men were so well-disciplined that the last two who came in directly closed the main door while the others scattered in all directions.

Then, gunshots rang again in Sakura Club House, mixed with noisy sounds of screaming and running.

Not far from Sakura Club House was a separate building. On the rooftop of the building stood two men and a woman.

The woman looked s.e.xy and grim wearing a tight leather suit. She stared down below without blinking, her hair fluttering in the wind.

Among the two men, one was about two meters tall and as strong as a polar bear. Obviously it was Ghost King and Ai Lin'er.

The other man was a very strong eastern man, with firmness and wisdom in his eyes. His figure was tall and straight, full of a commander's temperament.

"You were here in time, Long Jianfei. Hadn't you arrived here with your judge team, we would have had to do the dirty work." Ai Lin'er looked back at the eastern man and slightly blinkd her big eyes.

Ghost King said in a low m.u.f.fled voice. "Judge, I really admire you that you can always do the timeliest job when we need helpers."

Praised so highly, Long Jianfei didn't show excitement but said seriously. "Petroleum is the most needed energy all over the world and fought for by the richest businessmen globally." The Dingsheng Group bought a piece of land in Arabia and found a large oil field. This could be trouble. Unfortunately, Big Boss was involved in this, and I have no choice but come for help."

"That makes sense!"

"You won't leave this time, will you?"

Ai Lin'er and Ghost King asked at the same time.

Long Jianfei shook his head. "I can't stay in China. Boss' arrangement in the West is so big that things will go wrong if no one is in charge. But it's working well now. Since he has taken Sakura Club House, we have our own industry. You can have my judge team, and it will make work more convenient."

Ai Lin'er said, "Ok, let's have dinner tonight. Let's have a big meal."

"Yeah, on Boss' treat." Ghost King got particularly excited once it came to eating.

However, Long Jianfei shook his head again. "I've booked the ticket for the flight to Europe. It leaves in two hours. Mengpo, Ghost King, and I can't make it. By the way, take a message to Big Boss that we can buy the land of Dingsheng Group. Thus, Big Boss will be a petrol magnate and solve the problem of the Yang family by then."


Hearing Long Jianfei's words, both Ai Lin'er and Ghost King showed a light with metal rattles through their eyes.

At this moment, Ai Lin'er's cell phone suddenly rang.

"It's Big Boss." After Ai Lin'er picked up the cell phone, a hearty smile suddenly appeared on her cold pretty face.

"How's the cleaning going, Lil Mengpo?" Through the phone came Liu Feng's voice.

Ai Lin'er laughed and said, "It will soon be finished. Don't worry, Boss. The closed down their business in order to fight you. Thus, there are no customers here, making it easy for us to do anything. It will take no more than half an hour for us to formally take over Sakura Club House."

"You've done a good job. It's going to be our own private club house from now on. Pay more attention to the Sun family in Donghai City, Lil Mengpo. Their existence has made me a little upset."

"Ok! I can make them disappear from Donghai City anytime if you want me to."

At the moment, Liu Feng had walked on foot quite far away. But there was only him and little traffic on the road, as he was still near Teng County.

As he was talking on the phone while walking, four cars rushed towards him from the opposite side of the road.

It was obvious that the four cars intended to kill Liu Feng.

"Interesting, looks like somebody hasn't give up." Liu Feng hung up and immediately dodged aside, and the first car pa.s.sed by less than ten centimeters from him.

The car raised a strong wind, making Liu Feng's clothes snap.

Then the second car arrived. The driver didn't care whether the car would be broken by them. In order to hit Liu Feng, half of the car had already been running on the roadside. The driver was still stepping on the gas pedal with full strength.

"How dare you attack me like this? I promise you're doomed." Liu Feng sneered, pushed with his feet and hopped over two meters high.

The car rushed past his feet and the wind it lifted up made Liu Feng's body stagnate for a while in mid-air.

When Liu Feng had fallen halfway, the third car ran to him fiercely.

Liu Feng's feet heavily slammed onto the car roof, leaving a large dent more than 20 centimetres deep. His body also bounced high by reacting force.

By this jump, Liu Feng's had reached as high as four meters.

When the fourth car rushed nearby, the driver suddenly stepped on the brake, and the car stamped out two black tire tracks.

The men in the car all got confused as to where the man to hit was.


At this moment, Liu Feng descended from the sky, with his feet steadily stepped on the car bonnet, and a large dent was made on the engine hood.

The two men on the front seats both trembled with fear and they were almost ready to jump out of the car.

Leaving them little time to react, Liu Feng lifted his right foot on the car bonnet.


The front winds.h.i.+eld of this car was smashed by Liu Feng's kick. By right, the car window shouldn't have blasted. It should be broken at most rather than scatter apart even when hit so severely. But Liu Feng's kick was so heavy that the large pieces of gla.s.s splashed out.

Both the driver and the man on the pa.s.senger seat were b.u.mped to bleed in the face while screaming.

"Ha ha! Sun Jianye, they are your men, right? You're helping me to make up my mind to completely wipe out your Sun family from Donghai City."

Liu Feng muttered with a smile, turned over and jumped off the car.

Meanwhile, the three cars pa.s.sing away all turned back and trapped both Liu Feng and the fourth car in the middle.

The doors of three cars all opened and twelve men came out to besiege Liu Feng.

The backdoors of the fourth car smashed by Liu Feng were also pushed open and two strong men popped their heads out to get out of the car.


At this moment, Liu Feng kicked the right door that had just been pushed open and the man, whose head and one leg had just popped out, was clamped by the car door.

"Ah... b.a.s.t.a.r.d, let me go." The man screamed so loudly that his face turned purple."

"As you wish, you are free."

Liu Feng withdrew his foot, and the door was pushed open again. Whlie the man inside was struggling to get out, a huge fist had already descended on his face.


The thuds of punches deep in the flesh shook the man. He suddenly lay backward, falling back into the car.

Yes, he was free. Since he had been knocked out by Liu Feng's punch, he wouldn't feel any pain, even when stabbed by the others.

"f.u.c.k! How arrogant you are, a.s.shole! How dare you fight against so many of us?"

"Liu Feng, it was strong of you to have escaped from Sakura Club House. But you have no chance when facing us now!"

"Kill him. Cut the c.r.a.p."

The men followed up were approaching so as to narrow the circle. They looked at Liu Feng like they were looking at a dead man, with their eyes full of teasing.

Top Furious Doctor Soldier Chapter 76 Long Jianfei, The Judge

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