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"Kill me? All right. How dare you people from the Sun family, from Donghai City?"

Liu Feng didn't give a d.a.m.n about these approaching men. He even acted very relaxed and waved his hand defiantly. "Make it quick. Then I can go home for dinner after getting rid of you."


At that moment, a strong man jumped out of the crowd. "Liu Feng, we meet again! We'll surely kill you today, but I have to ask you one thing first. How did you find out that we are from the Sun family of Donghai City?"

It was Qi Tian, who was made amnesiac by Liu Feng with a silver needle, who was speaking. He muttered, "Why did I say 'again'?"

Liu Feng laughed and said, "How dare a fool without an intact memory like you commit crimes? Honestly, I would take this chance to whitewash myself if I were you. Why do you keep involving yourself in the mafia business?"

"f.u.c.k! Stop it."

Qi Tian got mad. "Go, everybody. Kill him."

While talking, Qi Tian first took out a machete from his waist and slashed it at Liu Feng.

However, he felt something wrong when he slashed his machete halfway. "Why is my machete so light?"


"d.a.m.n, where is my machete?"

All the men almost covered their faces at the same time, feeling ridiculous that the leader of Battle Hall didn't know where his machete was. "Boss, your machete is in Liu Feng's hand. How could you feel something when your machete has been taken away?"

That's right, Qi Tian's machete was presently in Liu Feng's hand.

Liu Feng shook the machete with a smile. "Are you looking for it, Qi Tian?"

"Ah, yes, that machete. When did you steal it? Give it back to me!"

"Ha ha!"

Men behind Qi Tian burst out into laughter. "It's so suffering to work for that hall leader. How can Liu Feng return it to you?"


Meanwhile, Liu Feng sw.a.n.g his wrist and slapped the machete's side onto Qi Tian's left face, making him lean to his left. He fell into the crowd and knocked down two people on his side.

"d.a.m.n, I asked you to return my machete rather than beat me. Don't you understand? I'm going to kill you!"

Qi Tian was both in pain and angry. He quickly got up and stretched out his hands towards Liu Feng like a housewife who wanted to fight. It seemed that he was trying to grab his machete from Liu Feng.

However, once he rushed up, he saw a size-9.5 foot, or a huge shoe sole precisely, totally block his view.


All of Qi Tian's men covered their faces simultaneously once again, in sympathy with their boss.

Liu Feng's kick from the front directly knocked out Qi Tian, making him almost unconscious. Although he could hear sounds without pa.s.sing out, he almost lost the ability to control himself.

"Stupid. It doesn't bring me any sense of accomplishment to fight a man like you, who wouldn't survive beyond two episodes in a TV show."

Liu Feng made another sarcastic move and glanced at the people surrounding him.

Run down by Liu Feng's glance, all of them stepped back involuntarily. Surprisingly, it made them panic to fight ten on one.

"Fight or not?"

Liu Feng said scornfully. "If you don't come to fight against me, I'm going to beat you. Since you drove to hit me, I won't let off you."

"d.a.m.n! Go, kill him."

"Won't let us off? Slash him to death."

"Slas.h.!.+ We were meant to slash him dead. Let's go together."

As loudly as they shouted slogans, no one had the guts to attack first.

Bang! Bang!

They dared not stretch out, but Liu Feng rushed forward. His starting speed was definitely faster than a 100-meter sprinter. He rushed in front of the crowd in an instant.

Two huge fists. .h.i.t two people in the belly with no fancy tricks.

The strike was so splendid that the two men hit arched backwards with their feet off the ground and flew a dozen meters backwards away. Thus, two machetes fell off their hands on the ground.

The others all recoiled out of fear at the same time, rather than attack Liu Feng.

What's more, two of them turned around and ran away.

"Want to run away? Do you have the chance?"

Two machetes flew out via Liu Feng's spinning kick and traced the two men like two guided missiles.

Puff puff... ah!

The two machetes stabbed into the two escaping men's b.u.t.ts in the middle.

Many men saw the two men being stabbed and some even exclaimed.

"f.u.c.k, machete in the a.s.s!"

"That must hurt a lot. I would rather undergo ten cuts than be stabbed in the a.s.s."

"Shall we run away? We are no match for him!"

Yes, at that moment everyone came up with the will to run away. They all lost the will to fight when faced with Liu Feng.

However, Liu Feng abruptly spoke up. One mere sentence made everyone too scared to move a step.

"If you dare to run away, I promise I'll stab every one of you in the a.s.s. You can take a risk."


Shortly, everyone fell into silence.

"You can have a chance to avoid being hit or bleeding."

Liu Feng raised his hand and pointed at the roadside, beckoning the men to stand in a line. "Kneel down in a line and sing "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf". You must sing well and affectionately, and you can't leave until I'm satisfied."

Consequently, there appeared a spectacular scene on the road.

A dozen of strong men were singing "Pleasant Sheep" loudly on their knees, facing the road.

"Sing louder. Haven't you eaten?

"No cracking voice. Mind your tone.

"d.a.m.n, I told you to sing affectionately. Do you know how to be affectionate?"

Liu Feng was sitting on the car nearby, giving orders and finding faults. This almost drove the guys to tears.

However, they were quickly relieved, because three SUVs quickly came from the direction of Donghai City.

The three cars were well oriented. They stopped before Liu Feng. Seven to eight men with a grim look ran from the cars after the doors were opened.

Wait, there was also a woman. She was about 1.75 metres tall. Her bobbed hair with her delicate features made her look bright and brave. More importantly, she was the only one wearing police uniform.

"Cop!" Liu Feng was also momentarily stunned.

The three cars weren't equipped with sirens, so Liu Feng thought they were just pa.s.sing by. It never occurred to him that they were police cars.

"What's going on?" The policewoman turned more disgruntled when she saw the four cars on the middle of the road and the dozen of men singing "Pleasant Sheep" on their knees.

"Don't be angry, beautiful. I've subdued these bad guys."

Liu Feng stood up and walked to the policewoman with a smile, then he turned back and yell at the men kneeling. "Don't stop. Keep kneeling. Go on singing!"


At that moment, Liu Feng was really arrogant towards the policewoman.

"Are you ignoring the police by keep forcing the people to sing after seeing the police?"


The policewoman stared at Liu Feng in the eyes and said, "You are suspected to have committed affray. Come to the Criminal Brigade with me."


Liu Feng was shocked for a while. "You are the criminal police. How could a good college student like me have provoked the criminal police?"

"Cut the c.r.a.p. You are Liu Feng, aren't you?" The policewoman asked coldly.

Liu Feng squinted his eyes and answered calmly. "Yes."

"Did force them to kneel?"


"And were the injured ones over there beaten by you?


"That's right. We're arresting you." While talking, the policewoman stretched her right hand and revealed a s.h.i.+ny pair of handcuffs.

Liu Feng put his hands behind his back and evaded the policewoman's move. "I will go to the police station if you want me to. But handcuffs aren't necessary! If you're after me this time, you ought to know who these kneeling men are. I'm actually rewarding virtue and punis.h.i.+ng vice."

The policewoman's eyes were so cold as to be really aggressive. But Liu Feng didn't stop smiling even when looking at her eye to eye.

After they looked at each other, the policewoman slightly leaned her head. "Get in the car."


Top Furious Doctor Soldier Chapter 77 Kneel And Sing

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