Top Furious Doctor Soldier Chapter 78 Sounds Of Screaming

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One and a half hours later, Liu Feng was dragged over to the police station of Donghai city and he was thrown immediately into the Criminal Police Brigade's Interrogation Room.

Behind the interrogation table, there were seated three policemen, including the beautiful policewoman.

"Criminal suspect, what's your surname?" The young policeman who was seated on the left glanced at Liu Feng and asked loudly.

Liu Feng said, "Heh..."

"Your full name?" the young policeman shouted again.

Liu Feng, "..."

"Hey, Liu Feng, can you don't be so arrogant? I'm asking you something!" The young policeman was now angered and he slammed the table. He had almost thrown the record book that he held in his hand at Liu Feng.

"Hey! You do know I am called Liu Feng. Why are you asking me despite knowing my name?" Seeing the young policeman was angered, Liu Feng however, smiled. "Also, what full name of a criminal suspect are you asking? I am not a criminal suspect, so why should I answer what you asked?"

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, how dare you to act so arrogant at our criminal police brigade? Do you think I'll not accost you?" The young policeman walked around the investigation table and towards Liu Feng.

"If you dare lay a finger on me, I a.s.sure you that you will regret it." Liu Feng sat on the chair and crossed his legs, a surge of murderous feeling emanating from his body.

The policeman had only met Liu Feng's glance once before he had immediately felt a chill arising from the depths of the soul, as if he had been facing a mountain of corpses and sea of blood.

At this very moment, the young policeman stopped immediately in his tracks. The dread coming out from within his heart was almost even indescribable in words.

"Young fella, you're too young."

But after that moment, Liu Feng's face revealed a smile. "You seemed to have been shocked badly. Don't fear, relax. What's your name? How old are you this year?"

"I-I'm Ye Zhiqiu. I'm 26 years old this year," the young policeman answered a little haltingly.

A smile harmless to one and all appeared on Liu Feng's face and this time, it appeared very affable. "Ah Ye Zhiqiu, how much had the Sun Family from the East China Sea paid you to deal with me, Liu Feng?"

Ye Zhiqiu seemed to have been possessed by the devil and he answered very simply, "The Sun Family did not pay me. But we the police has contacts in the Sun Family. Today, we have long known about the brawl that happened between you and the Sun Family. No matter if you had been hacked to death by someone, or if you had hacked someone to death, we will be getting the police to catch you."

At this moment, the beautiful policewoman who was sitting behind the interrogation table lifted her eyebrows gently. Her gaze appeared exceptionally shocked. There was also some anger in it too, as if she was not in the know about the police's lead in the Sun Family.

Sitting at the right side of the policewoman, the old policeman's eyebrows were pinched with gooseb.u.mps at this moment.

Liu Feng continued asking, "After catching me, what do you intend to do?"

Ye Zhiqiu said, "We will act according to plan to lock you up in the Yueming Moutain Jail. As long as we have locked you in, we will have finished our mission."

"Oh! Do you have compatriots in the police team?" Liu Feng asked an exceptionally critical question.

Ye Zhiqiu asked: "No, no, why do I have to say no? I am a policeman, so whatever accomplice comes..."


At this moment, the beautiful policewoman had also slammed the table. "Ye Zhiqiu, what on earth are you talking about? Do you know that you are a policeman for the people?"


Ye Zhiqiu was dumbfounded and following which, he suddenly flared up in anger. "Liu Feng, what had happened to me just now?"

"You were very well."

Liu Feng laughed, saying, "I had hypnotized you for a little just now. I had suspected that you had been colluding with the Sun Family. As for whether you, this policeman, has any problems or not, it will be a question for your people to judge."

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I am going to beat you to death." Ye Zhiqiu was so angry that his whole body s.h.i.+vered and he raised his leg as if he was going to kick Liu Feng.

But that beautiful policewoman, seemed to appear behind him all of a sudden and held him back with one grab. She chastised loudly, "Stop it right there."

"Duanmu Tong, why are you pulling me back? I am going to beat him to death." This time, Ye Zhiqiu was too angry and he had actually called out the name of that pretty policewoman.


Not only did Duanmu Tong have a cold charisma, her personality was also equally stiff. She had actually flipped her hand and slapped Ye Zhiqiu.

"You, you slap me?" Ye Zhiqiu held his face and looked at Duanmu Tong with a look filled with rage. "Do you even know who my father is?"


Duanmu Tong harrumphed coldly. "I know your father is Director Ye. But let me tell you that I am your superior. Even if your dad was the Governor, there is no place for you to monkey around at my territory. You mentioned that the police has a lead in the Sun Family, but how can I, this police team leader, not know about that?"

As she spoke, Duanmu Tong took out a pair of handcuffs and with a click, handcuffed Ye Zhiqiu's hands.

"Duanmu Tong, how dare you handcuff me? You..."


Ye Zhiqiu had still dared to throw in a few words of insult but Duanmu Tong gave him another slap and forced him to swallow the rest of his words.


Duanmu Tong cried towards the outside of the Interrogation room and immediately, two policemen had pushed the door and entered.

But when these two policemen had seen Duanmu Tong handcuffing Ye Zhiqiu, they were both dumbfounded.

"Team Tong, this... was there a mistake?"

"How had you handcuffed Xiao Ye? He's..."

But Duanmu Tong had not completely cared about what these two policemen were talking about. She waved her hand at whim. "Bring him out. First, send him to another interrogation room and lock him up there. I will handle things in a while."

The two policemen looked at each other and could only walk up to her and bring Ye Zhiqiu away.

But only, when Ye Zhiqiu was brought out, he had actually shouted as the door was closed. "Duanmu Tong, I'm not afraid of you, unlike the others. How dare you handcuff me! Just you watch."

"Imbecile!" Duanmu Tong gently pouted, spitting out syllables that were polar opposites of her beauty.

"Agreed!" Closely following that, Liu Feng gave her a thumbs up.

At the same time, Duanmu Tong's gaze fell on Liu Feng. "What did you do to him just now?"

Liu Feng said, "A very simple hypnotizing. I'm not only a university student, I'm also a divine-doctor. I had studied abroad for four to five years and have come across a very terrific Master of Hypnosis in the Western world. I have learnt some techniques of hypnosis from him a little. These techniques have come into effect at the right time."

"Hypnosis!" Duanmu Tong, on hearing these syllables, almost glared at Liu Feng with a death-stare.

Liu Feng said, "Don't look at me like that. I will never use such techniques on you. Plus, I can never hypnotize you successfully. For a technique like hypnosis, it will never be effective unless the person who is targeted for hypnosis cooperates or has a very weak will. Of course, this will be an exception for a master of hypnosis whom I know of. If I were him, and you were the target and if I were to ask you to strip for me now and to perform a naked dance for me, you will never ever be able to refuse."


Duanmu Tong said coldly, "Liu Feng, even if Ye Zhiqiu had been slightly misled at the outstart before arresting you, according to my years of experience as a policeman, you're not a good person either."

"The instincts of a woman are usually pretty accurate." Liu Feng did not rebut Duanmu Tong's words. Instead, he seemed to be in great approval.

Duanmu Tong said, "So, you're admitting to it?"

"What do I have to admit to?" Liu Feng asked in a playful tone, "I'm just saying, are you solving cases using your instincts? I heard them calling you Captain Tong, so you must be the team leader, aren't you? Being able to become the team leader by using your instincts to crack cases, it looks like your family background must be very powerful too!"

"Shut up!"

Duanmu Tong's pair of beautiful and icy eyes had already revealed a tinge of anger. A small fist was clenched tightly. "Stop spouting nonsense, or I'll beat you up."

"Hey, you have such great anger. Are you ill?" Liu Feng crossed his legs still, and asked, laughing merrily.


A powerful wind suddenly whistled and Duanmu Tong's small fist had already smashed into Liu Feng's face.

This woman may be pretty, and had even been labeled the G.o.ddess of beauty. But she had such an explosive temper. She had actually beaten him up at the drop of a hat.

But this little fist had stopped abruptly right in front of Liu Feng as it was flying towards him.

A big hand had comfortably locked Duanmu Tong's wrist, which immobilized her and she was unable to move forwards nor backwards.

"You let go." Duanmu Tong was so angry that her left fist had started to fire into action.

In the end, her other fist was caught by Liu Feng's other hand.

"Cough, cough!"

"Captain Tong, calm down, please calm down." The old policeman from behind the interrogation table hurriedly stood up. "If you are to use violence, you will be punished. There's a monitor in the Interrogation Room."

Liu Feng seemed to have discerned that this old policeman seemed to be the most scheming here. He was not persuading Duanmu Tong to stop hitting him, but reminding her to switch off the monitor first.

Indeed, Duanmu Tong shouted loudly, "Old Tong, you get out. I will interrogate him on my own. Please switch off the monitor as you are leaving."

"Cough! I can go out but I will not turn off the monitor, I will not do such a thing."

The old policeman turned around and walked towards outside, even saying as he walked out. "Captain Tong, you had spoken this as you were lecturing Ye Zhiqiu just now. You must have principles as a policeman. You'd better not... sigh, I'm not going to continue."

"Be rest a.s.sured Old Tong, I know my limits." The ends of Duanmu Tong's lips curled into a provocative cold sneer.

Liu Feng's face had similarly surfaced a laughter that carried a tinge of playfulness.


When the old policeman had closed the door of the room from the outside, Duanmu Tong swerved into a hidden knee-lifting action. Her left leg suddenly sprang into a kick forwards to hit Liu Feng's lower chin.

Liu Feng's head was c.o.c.ked slightly to the right, which allowed Duanmu Tong's left leg to slide across from his shoulder. Moreover, Liu Feng had stood up suddenly. Not giving Duanmu Tong a chance to keep her leg, he had put her leg to rest on his shoulder.

And all this happened while Liu Feng was grabbing onto Duanmu Tong's both hands. Now, he had shouldered her ankle, which gave her no s.p.a.ce to retreat her movements at all. It was just like that day when he wall-bammed An An. Now, the only thing that was different was that there was no wall behind Duanmu Tong.


And at this moment, the sound of fabric tearing came from somewhere in Duanmu Tong's pant.

"d.a.m.n it!"

Duanmu Tong was so angry that she kept rolling her eyes. At the same time, red clouded up her face and she bent downwards, trying to cover the place at where the tear was occuring. Bt Liu Feng was clutching on to her tightly and she could not move.

"Ah! Sister Duanmu, you are ill indeed."

And just at this moment, Liu Feng said with a face filled with shock. "I had been keeping a finger on your pulse. From the looks of your pulse, your health condition does not look very optimistic!"

"Rubbish. Don't bully me just because I'm not well-versed in medicine. I've been to the hospital for a check-up many times. I'm not ill," Duanmu Tong said, her face blus.h.i.+ng.

"If you're not ill, then why did you go to the hospital for a check-up?"

Liu Feng laughed, saying, "Do you usually experience pain in the Camphorwood Gate point of your right abdomen?"

"No!" Duanmu Tong answered without hesitation. However, her eyes had actually contracted with a start.

"That's not possible. I could not have seen it wrongly. No way, I'll have to give you a check-up."

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, let go of me. How, how do you want to do a check-up?"

This time, Duanmu Tong had realized that she had done something that was utterly confusing. Sending Old Tong away, she had never thought that she would not be able to defeat Liu Feng by herself.

And at this time, Old Tong had feared that Duanmu Tong might actually do something violent and silly with her violent temper. So, he had brought two young policemen to listen to what was going on from the outside.

"Old Tong, can Captain Tong alone handle things inside?"

"That goes without asking. Of course it is alright. With those martial arts skills of Catain Tong, even if it were ten to eight strong men, they would never be able to get near her."

"Heh, heh! Be rest a.s.sured. Before I had come out, on the surface, Captain Tong seemed to have been taken advantage of since that Liu Feng had grabbed her both hands. But I do know that it's only her showing the enemy that she is weak. Once I've left, Captain Tong will definitely teach that crazy fella a lesson. To speak the truth, that fella is too arrogant. How dare he had actually hurt someone? Let the Captain Tong teach him how to be a good person, and it'll be a good thing."

Ah... ouch!

Old Tong was merrily praising Duanmu Tong. Soon enough, a scream rang out from inside the interrogation room.

But only, this time, that scream was not of a man's, but a woman's. And it was Duanmu Tong's.

"d.a.m.n it, Captain Tong is crying out. Don't tell me something bad has happened?"

"Open the door. Get in there to have a look, hurry."

The two young policemen were in panic for a short moment. But Old Tong had actually put up his hand to stop them.

"What are you panicking for? When Captain Tong was practising martial arts, and beating people up, she had liked to shout to motivate herself. It's not as if you had not seen that before right, so stop kicking a fuss over such a small issue." And as Old Tong spoke, he had lit up a cigarette, looking as though he knew much more than them.


Two young policemen nodded their heads in succession and then they all relaxed.

However, in reality, inside the interrogation room, Liu Feng had already pinned Duanmu Tong down on the interrogation table. One of her legs was still propped up on Liu Feng's shoulder and her both hands were pressed to her chest by Liu Feng. This posture made her so embarra.s.sed that she did not dare to look at him in the eye.

Top Furious Doctor Soldier Chapter 78 Sounds Of Screaming

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