Amazing Doctor With Super Vision Chapter 7 I Cannot Cure It

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Seeing Han Fei walk inside, Li Yong glances at her hips and then goes in after her.

It seems that Han Fei often goes to places like here. Jostling through the crowd, she orders some wine at the counter first and then takes Li Yong to a nearby booth.

The wine comes when they two just sit down. Han Fei takes the wine and smiles joyfully. She raises her eyebrows and says, "Now we can have a celebration. Let's drink a toast to our cooperation."

Li Yong notices that Han Fei looks particularly beautiful under the colorful lights. Several men at the nearby booths already move their eyes to her.

"Cheers to our cooperation."

Li Yong and Han Fei clink the He sees her drink it all up before he takes a sip. She also licks her s.e.xy lips and smacks them, saying, "Neat!"

Then she notices Li Yong still holding his gla.s.s without tasting at all, she urges him impatiently, "Do you have b.a.l.l.s or not? Just drink it up."

Li Yong smiles and drinks it all. And he cannot help thinking of what she just looks like.

He just puts down the gla.s.s while Han Fei holds the wine bottle and fills his gla.s.s again. The gla.s.s is fully filled. The foam standing above the wine just looks like a hill and the wine flows out.

"Come on, take another gla.s.s." Han Fei raises the gla.s.s again.

Li Yong doesn't want to get drunk. He has to find a place to sleep over the night. However, since Han Fei is in such high spirits, he doesn't want to lose his face in front of her anyway.

Since this gla.s.s of wine is a bit much, Li Yong takes a deep breath before he lifts the gla.s.s. They clink the and then drink up at the same time.

This time Li Yong takes the bottle first and pours only half a gla.s.s of wine himself.

It is not he cannot drink but he doesn't want to drink too fast.

A gla.s.s of wine is about 2 liang. Having drunk two, he already drinks half a jin of wine. He touches his face and feels it burning a bit. He looks up at Han Fei only to find her watching him too. Their eyes meet. Before he is about to say something, Han Fei asks him first.

"Do you come here to pick up girls?"

Li Yong coughs a little as reply. There is not a man in the world who doesn't want to hit on girls. No need to ask him at all. And of course, men don't admit it directly.

They always say that they come to such a place to relax themselves, relieve stress from work, get rid of loneliness or just kill the time.

Stared by Han Fei, Li Yong answers honestly though, "Yes."

"What kind of girls you are targeting?" Han Fei keeps asking with a sly look.

"Those with big" Li Yong glances at Han Fei's and grins.

Han Fei also notices his wild looks. Yet, she is not angry at all. Instead, she lifts her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and asks him with a smile, "Are these big enough for you?"

Li Yong is an honest man. He doesn't want to lie to her or offend her, so he changes the subject, asking, "What are you coming here for?"

Han Fei laughs then. Patting her chests, she says, "After preliminary test, your prescription works quite well. I am so happy. I was pa.s.sing by when I saw you coming over, so I think I might as well have a drink here. By the way, I will go over your place to sign the contract with you. Cheers!"

They have another drink together. It is the third gla.s.s. Han Fei looks completely fine with it while Li Yong already feels a bit dizzy.

Then Han Fei continues to talk about the company they are about to open. It turns out that Han Fei is always dreaming to start a business on her own. She wants to become Han Lu, a good granddaughter, a nice daughter and an enterprising young woman.

And, she even wants to excel her sister.

Now, with the prescription from Li Yong, she sees the silver linings.

"Our products will be well received by the consumers for sure. It won't take long for our brand to go out of Zhonghai City toward the nation, and even the whole world. We will make a big fortune…"

While she is outlining the prospect of the company, Han Fei becomes rather excited, as if she already had enormous wealth, got into the global rich list and harvested numerous glories.

Li Yong is happy too. After all, he takes 70% of the shares. If Han Fei gets into the rich list, he will definitely be ranked above her.

People always drink more when they get happier.

Li Yong doesn't know how many drinks he has had with Han Fei. Afterwards, a bodyguard of Han Fei's comes over and speaks softly to her, "Miss, it's time to go home."

Han Fei's face is already hot and red. She raises her and wants to drink more with Li Yong, but the two bodyguards of hers just drag her away.

Han Fei doesn't resist and just leaves without saying goodbye.

It is until then that Li Yong realizes why those men just watch her from the distance and dare not ask Han Fei to dance or have a drink. She has bodyguards with her.

It is getting late. Li Yong is about to leave. He intends to find a hotel to spend the night and then moves in his clinic after having it furnished.

However, when he just stands up, he is stopped by a man.

The man, neither fat nor thin of medium height, is wearing a suit of famous brand with an innocent smile.

"Hey bro, my name is Wu Dan (which sounds exactly like "no b.a.l.l.s" in Chinese)." He reaches out his hand to show kindness.

"No b.a.l.l.s? Sorry, I cannot cure it." Li Yong has drunk a lot of wine and feels dizzy right now. All he wants is to leave. Now that he is stopped from some guy, he feels annoyed.

He looks up at the guy and senses that he is ill-intentioned.

It's because those who wear clothes of famous brand and have bodyguards with them must be some big potatoes. And these people normally will not talk to men like Li Yong. If they come to say hi first, there must be a reason behind, just like what Han Lu and Han Fei did.

If they are beautiful ladies, Li Yong could give them the face. But a man comes to make friends with him? Does he look attractive to men?

"Get out of my way. I am going home." Noticing "No b.a.l.l.s" impaling him, Li Yong is not frightened at all. Instead, he reaches out his hand, trying to push him away.

However, Wu Dan suppresses his anger and grabs Li Yong's hand, shaking it nicely and smiling, "Please give me a face. I have a business to talk with you."

As a saying goes, we don't get angry with those who smile. Seeing "No b.a.l.l.s" smiling merrily, Li Yong sits down and asks, "What's the matter?"

"What are you and Han Fei?" Wu Dan sits down too, facing Li Yong. He pours a gla.s.s of wine for himself and asks with fake indifference.

"Nothing." Li Yong grows vigilant and feels a little unhappy. He didn't know he would meet Han Fei by accident. Besides that, he even meets her boyfriend. Obviously, this guy is jealous now.

"Great. Hey, man, do you want to make some money?" Wu Dan drinks up his gla.s.s of wine and looks so thrilled. He asks with a big smile.

Who doesn't want to make money? Yet, Li Yong doesn't answer him.

Wu Dan goes on talking, "Bro, as long as you ask Han Fei out for me to a designated place. I will give you 100 thousand."

When mentioning the amount of money, Wu Dan reaches out his fingers and shows him, "Be careful, it is 100 thousand. Judging from your outlook, I know you are not rich. If you have the 100 thousand…"

Oh, he is not her boyfriend.

Li Yong stands up all of a sudden and is ready to leave. Now he and Han Fei are partners, and he is counting on her to open the company and make money. He will not betray his partner. Moreover, he will not care about only100 thousand now.

"Bro, calm down. Come on, please sit down."

Li Yong sits down again, because the two bodyguards just stand in front of him. He doesn't know what they can do and dare not take the risk.

"Do you think it is not enough?" Wu Dan asks grinning.

Looking at Wu Dan's face, Li Yong somehow feels manipulated. He knows the man in front of him must have special background and a big plan ahead.

Han Fei was right here just now, but he didn't show up. He comes to Li Yong after she is gone, and is willing to pay him for asking her out. Cannot he do it himself?

What's wrong with this guy?

Take her to a designated place? What does he want to do?

Thinking of this, Li Yong is eager to know what he is up to then.

Hence, Li Yong says, "No, it is not enough."

"200 thousand."

Wu Dan adds 100 thousand easily. He does look like a rich man.

Yet, Li Yong is not satisfied and says, "One million."

"Deal." Wu Dan agrees immediately without any hesitation. Man, he is RICH! If his father finds out he spends money like this, will he be beaten to death by his father?

Then Wu Dan tells Li Yong an address, saying that if Li Yong takes Han Fei to that place within three days, he will transfer the money to Li Yong.

After making the commitment to Li Yong, Wu Dan left arrogantly with his bodyguards. While he is leaving, all the people step aside and dare not stand in his way.

Li Yong finds it really interesting and is about to leave again after pondering it over. However, he is stopped again. This time, it is a beautiful lady.

The lady is wearing a skirt and silk stockings, who looks quite s.e.xy. Her brown curly hair is falling over her ample bosoms, rendering her refres.h.i.+ng and fas.h.i.+onable.

"Handsome, are you alone?" The lady sits down simply and leans against the sofa, with her legs crossing over. "Are you interested in having a drink with me?"

Facing such a beautiful girl, he definitely has no problem with a drink.

Li Yong has dreamt about picking up such a gorgeous girl and got luck before. Is his dream about to come true today?

Li Yong sits down hastily and pours two of wine. Luckily, Han Fei ordered much wine before she left.

"What's your relation with Mr. Wu?" The lady raises the gla.s.s and asks him with a smile before drinking.

Li Yong knows she is talking about Mr. No b.a.l.l.s.

It puts Li Yong into a fury. It turns out that the girl doesn't like him at all. She comes to him only because she wants something from him, just like Mr. No b.a.l.l.s.

Li Yong is aware that people always use others as a tool to get what they want. He knows it well, but when he is used by others, he feels really angry.

"We are friends." Li Yong answers indifferently, losing interest in the girl.

The beauty rejoices in her heart, because in her eyes, those who can become friends of Wu Dan must be somebody. She noticed Wu Dan and Li Yong sit together and have a long talk just now. She believes that Li Yong must be a friend of Wu Dan. Now, her thought has been testified and she is even more confident.

"My name is Hu Yuexue. Here, handsome, cheers." She gives a big smile and flips back her brown curly hair. She does look gorgeous.

However, Li Yong doesn't want to waste his time here. He gets up, saying, "I have to go now."

Hu Yuexue is always confident with her looks and thought she can have a chat with Li Yong so as to ask about something. She cannot believe that Li Yong should leave so soon.

He doesn't care about her feelings at all! Never has she met someone like him before. Though she has some stuff to ask him, Hu Yuexue doesn't request him to stay.

Seeing Li Yong staggering towards the door, Hu Yuexue grits her teeth and then hurries to catch up.

Amazing Doctor With Super Vision Chapter 7 I Cannot Cure It

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