Amazing Doctor With Super Vision Chapter 8 What Do You Taste Like?

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"Were you blind? You just hit me." A woman with heavy make-up b.u.mps into Li Yong and starts to scream.

"s.h.i.+t! How dare you offend my girl! You are dead meat." A tall and strong man pushed Li Yong immediately. Actually, he does see the woman into Li Yong and still takes her side.

"Sorry. We are so sorry. He is drunk. Please forgive him." Right when Li Yong is about to fix the arrogant couple, Hu Yuexue gets him and apologizes on behalf of him.

The tall and strong man stares at Hu Yuexue with a disgusting look. The woman feels a sense of threat and drags the man walking inside.

"Forget about it. I am in good mood today." The woman with heavy make-up says generously.

"You are sick." Li Yong glances over her and says. He will not haggle over with sick people.

"Screw you. Who did you say is sick?" The tall and strong man returns immediately, pointing at Li Yong and cursing, "Do you really want to die?"

"I said she was sick." Li Yong points his finger to the woman with heavy make-up.

The woman goes ballistic immediately and says furiously, "Hu, beat him."

"You are hopeless." Li Yong sighs and says. When Hu's fist is about to beat him, he gives Hu a good kick suddenly. He knocks Hu down before the punch reaches him.

It is also at the moment he knocks Hu down that he turns back to run away. There are a group of henchmen standing around Hu and he will not get into trouble here. If they get into a fight and then break things, he has to pay for the damage, which is not worthwhile.

While running away, he grabs Hu Yuexue's hand too and takes her away.

Her hand feels so smooth and tender.

"Let go of me. Let me go!" Hu Yuexue doesn't want to escape. Moreover, she is wearing high heels and cannot run fast. If she sprains her ankle, she will definitely regret it.

"Are you sure?" After running out of the bar, Li Yong stops and says with a smile, "If you don't leave, they will not let you go."

At the time, Hu is about to catch up with several guys.

Hu Yuexue is stunned and scared instantly. With no need for Li Yong to urge her, she already flees away to stop a taxi and jumped in.

Li Yong wants to leave with her actually, but when Hu Yuexue gets in the taxi, she closes the door right away, leaving no chance for him to get in.

The taxi driver glances at Li Yong with a sinister smile and drives off.

Detained for a while, Li Yong finds Hu is already here with three guys. They appear very savage with constant cursing, holding pipes and daggers in hand as well.

Li Yong sees them rus.h.i.+ng toward him and doesn't leave anymore. He smiles and clenches his fists, deciding to fix these gangsters.

Since he practices the internal skills and cultivation methods of Bianque, his physique has been improved and strength has been greatly enhanced. He can test his abilities on these gangsters.

Thinking of this, Li Yong strides towards Hu and his fellows. With no specific movements, he just gives some kicks and beats on the people before him.

It is quite weird that Hu and his fellows are quickly knocked down. But Li Yong is just getting excited and wants to go on fighting. He gives Hu a kick and growls back, "Get up. Don't be such a wuss so soon. Come on."

Hu was so seriously beaten that he lost two teeth, and now he is crying out loud covering his mouth with his hand. How can he get up? The other three fellows are in even worse condition and dare not get up, either.

Discontent as Li Yong is, he has nothing to do but let go. After all, he cannot keep beating them when they give up fighting back. If he beats them to death, he will get into trouble.

In the end, he has to leave, dissatisfied.

It is not until then that he feels a pain in his arm. He looks up only to find his arm is bleeding. It turns out that he is injured in the fight just now.

It is obviously a wound caused by a dragger.

Seeing the bleeding nonstop, Li Yong rushes into his apartment where there is gauze to wrap up the wound and medicine to stop bleeding.

At the time, he cannot care about the unpleasant issue with Zhang Yurong.

Besides, it is so late now. Perhaps Zhang Yurong is already asleep.

He runs back to his apartment, turns on the light, and gets the gauze and medicine. He starts to wrap up his wound on the arm. Right at the moment, a voice comes from outside the door, "I thought you wouldn't come back. Why are you back?"

Li Yong raises his head and catches sight of Zhang Yurong, who is standing at the door in a short black gown and a pair of slippers, with her hair falling over her shoulders. Judging from her resentful face, apparently she is still angry.

This woman just won't let go easily.

Li Yong says with a bitter smile, "Ms. Zhang, are you sleepwalking?"

"You are talking nonsense." Zhang Yurong replies angrily. She lost sleep and doesn't know why. She just cannot fall asleep. When thinking of man, she feels so hot inside but when she recalls the unpleasant things, she feels a chill to her heart.

In such feelings of hotness and chill, she tosses and turns restlessly, unable to fall asleep.

Hearing noises outside, she goes out to have a check. She thought it was Li Yong coming back. And it turns out that she was right. It is Li Yong indeed.

She realizes that she was a bit over when speaking to him this afternoon and wants to remedy the breach with Li Yong in a gentle voice. However, when she sees Li Yong, all the gentleness is gone.

"Ms. Zhang, it is so late now and you still dare come to my room. Aren't you afraid that I will eat you alive?" Watching Zhang Yurong's drowsy and attractive look, Li Yong forgets his pain.

"Eat me alive? Do you have the guts to do that?" Zhang Yurong sneers. It reminds her of the scene when he got on top of her and dared to do nothing. In her eyes, Li Yong is a wuss.

Is he afraid that she will meddle with him? He should know that there is no reason for her to meddle with a man who cannot afford the rent like him.

"I can show whether I have guts or not. I'll have a taste of you in a minute." Li Yong is still joking around but he is not staring at Zhang Yurong now. He opens the medicine bottle and sprays the medicine on the wound.

Zhang Yurong snorts and is leaving. However, when she notices Li Yong's wound in his arm, she is shocked and rushes into the room. Standing in front of Li Yong, she asks anxiously, "Xiaoyong, what's the matter with you? Who did this to you? Do I have to call the police?"

"It's just me falling down by accident. Not a big deal." Li Yong makes up a lie randomly. After he puts the medicine on the wound, he wraps it up with gauze.

"Are you really okay?" Zhang Yurong is very worried. Seeing Li Yong wounded in his arm, she feels pain in her heart.

She grabs the gauze from Li Yong and helps him wrap up the wound, makes a knot and then ties it up. After that, she smells alcohol and frowns, asking, "Do you have any alcohol? How dare you drink with such wound? Aren't you afraid that your wound will become inflamed?"

Li Yong feels her care for him from the eyes of Zhang Yurong, which makes him so warm.

Due to that, he also makes a decision to continue renting the apartment and not move out. He stares at Zhang Yurong's pretty face and explains, "Ms. Zhang, I had alcohol before I get wounded."

Stared by Li Yong, Zhang Yurong blushes. She knows that people may do something crazy when they get drunk.

Although she needs a man to moisturize her heart and believes Li Yong can give her what she wants as well as satisfy her, she knows it is not a right time since Li Yong is injured.

Zhang Yurong tries to resist her l.u.s.t and says. "Xiaoyong, have some rest now. You will get well in a few days."

Li Yong nods, having his eyes still on Zhang Yurong. In his eyes, Zhang Yurong is so s.e.xy, enchanting and gentle.

Yeah, she is gentle.

The gentleness lies in the careful movements of wrapping up his wound, her eyes and her words. It is her gentleness at the moment that warms Li Yong's heart.

Then, he cannot help grabbing Zhang Yurong's hand, "Ms. Zhang, what do you taste like?"

Turning to the other side, Zhang Yurong is stunned and dumbfounded. She feels as if a warm electric shock goes from her hand to her heart. It is comfortable and exciting.

Nevertheless, she dare not turn her head back, afraid to see the yearning eyes of Li Yong.

Li Yong feels that his head is heavy and his mind is influenced by alcohol. He doesn't know what he is doing or saying.

He is naturally attracted by the body of Zhang Yurong. In his eyes, Zhang Yurong is already naked and as beautiful as G.o.ddess.

Zhang Yurong wants to say she tastes like sweet jujube. The very sweet and fresh ones.

However, thinking of what Li Yong did this afternoon, Zhang Yurong is bitterly disappointed. Although she wants to be with a man, she will not be with someone who loathes her.

She feels heartburn and then gets off Li Yong's hand, walking away and saying, "I taste like bitter gourd. It is very bitter. You would rather not have a taste."

Bang! The door is closed after Zhang Yurong.

Upon Zhang Yurong leaving the room, Li Yong is sober quickly. He pats his brain, feeling guilty for almost making mistakes.

Afterwards, he doesn't go to sleep. Instead, he spends the night practicing the internal skills. Gradually, he finds out that the method is able to cast off his own self and cleanse his body, which also creates a flow of air that flows with the blood inside his body.

Throughout a night's practice, when he is about to put medicine on his wound, he surprisingly finds the wound is healed without even a scar.

Touching the smooth skin of his arm, he can hardly believe his eyes.

When Li Yong leaves the apartment, Zhang Yurong is still in bed.

He has some breakfast at the roadside stand and then goes to the supermarket for some necessary stuff. Afterwards, he reaches the clinic and starts to get it decorated.

The clinic is not big so it is easy to have it furnished.

It is not long before Li Yong puts on the white coat left by the previous owner and sits down in front of the cabinets, starting his life as a doctor.

When Li Yong just sits down, someone comes in suddenly. Li Yong thought it was the first client. However, it is Han Fei.

Han Fei looks completely different from last night. She is wearing a pair of denim shorts and white sneakers with a denim jacket, who gives out enchanting vigor and good taste in fas.h.i.+on.

With the cap on her head, she looks even more fas.h.i.+onable and das.h.i.+ng.

"Boss, I bring the contract with me. Please sign on it."

Saying so, Han Fei waves her hand and a middle-aged woman behind her places a contract in front of Li Yong. Han Fei says with a smile, "Boss, please sign here."

It is surprising that Han Fei should call him Boss. Of course, Li Yong is fine with that.

Taking the contract, Li Yong notices that the name of the company is Feifei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Amazing Doctor With Super Vision Chapter 8 What Do You Taste Like?

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