Amazing Doctor With Super Vision Chapter 76 Ask His Wife For Leave

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At this point, Wu Yuting's legs clip when she stretches her slender arms forward. She takes the first move. After holding Li Yong into her soft arms, she kisses him with her wet lips.

"Well, it's your fault."

In a corner of the underground parking lot, a luxury sports car's seats are folded back slowly. The two figures overlapping are slowly swaying, and faint music sounds from the car.

If it weren't in the dead of night, if the car weren't parked in a corner, a crowd of onlookers might have been attracted.

Of course, the gla.s.s of this sports car is not transparent. If they want, they can only lean on the window to see what's inside clearly. Probably no one would be so idle.

When they finish, Li Yong sees a bloodstained ma.s.s on the seat. He quickly hugs Wu Yuting, who is still breathing, and says softly, "I will be responsible."

"How can you be responsible if you already have a wife? Are you getting divorced and marrying me?" Wu Yuting holds Li Yong tightly in her arms and asks softly. Her small mouth is beside Li Yong's ear.

"Well, here's the deal! I don't want that 10% of your profits. I want to compensate you." Li Yong suggests.

"Am I so worthless?" Wu Yuting bites Li Yong's ear and chuckles.

"What do you want?" Li Yong asks seriously.

"I don't know now." Wu Yuting becomes serious, too.

"Put on your clothes first." Li Yong gently pushes her away and quickly looks for his clothes.

When he puts on his clothes, he sees that Wu Yuting is still lying there. He then asks, "Why don't you put on your clothes?"

"You help me with it." Wu Yuting also wants to put her clothes on. But she just crazily made love, she has no strength now.

Li Yong has to help her wear clothes and even her stockings. His service is pretty good, as if he had done many times. Wu Yuting wonders, "You are very skilled."

"The first time, this is my first time." In fact, this is really Li Yong's first time. He can swear to G.o.d.

"Why are you nervous? Anyway, I am not drawn to you." Wu Yuting raises her neck arrogantly.

"Well, I don't want 10 million. I will give it to you, plus 10% of your profits." Li Yong feels that he suffers a great loss. Because of the momentary heartbeat, he has to pay so much money. He believes that this is the most expensive one-off intercourse in the world. Fortunately, he can afford it, or else he will be in trouble.

"Am I so worthless?" Wu Yuting says again.

d.a.m.n, the girl's appet.i.te is too big. Li Yong seems to be unable to satisfy her!

"How much do you want?" Li Yong's heart is thumping nervously and he feels that he has strayed into a trap.

"I don't want a penny." Wu Yuting smiles and leans inside Li Yong's arms. She originally wanted to lure Li Yong, and if she had had the chance, she would have competed with Han Lu.

Even if she can't get him, she won't make Han Lu feel comfortable.

However, after she tasted the ultimate happiness and satisfaction Li Yong gave her, she only wants to make Li Yong happy and satisfied, and she no longer has the idea of setting him up.

She not only falls in love with Li Yong, but also with everything about him, including his wife.

In the past, she and Han Lu had several battles in business, and each of them enjoyed a victory or suffered a defeat. Her greatest wish was to defeat Han Lu so that Han Lu can't match her. At this point, everything seems to be less important.

The most important thing is that the man beside her changed her from a girl to a woman.

Not a penny?

Li Yong hesitates. This is so unexpected.

Instead of having some wicked intentions, she does this out of her affection towards him?

Love makes Li Yong feel burdened. Actually, he would rather pay.

"However..." After a temporary hesitation, Wu Yuting suddenly says.

Her words make Li Yong nervous again, and he knows this thing can't be that simple. Will a woman let you sleep with her for free? Impossible! You don't need to take the responsibility or give out your money. It's f.u.c.king unrealistic.

Li Yong takes a deep breath and waits for Wu Yuting to continue.

"There's no but." Wu Yuting suddenly finds that her heart is very open, like the boundless sky. She really does not have any requests for Li Yong.

The window of her heart is clear and blue. She has no desire and her heart is very calm.

"You are adorable." Li Yong kisses her.

"What is this thing?" While caressing Li Yong's chest, Wu Yuting suddenly feels the Jade of Reincarnation around Li Yong's neck, so she asks with a chuckle.

"A piece of jade has been with me since I was a child." Li Yong says slightly.

"Oh, it is the amulet your mother gave you!" Wu Yuting speculates.

"Who knows? I'm an orphan."

"An orphan?" Wu Yuting is surprised, "Maybe it has something to do with your background."

That's a wake-up call. Li Yong quickly takes it down, and turns on the light inside the car to watch it carefully. However, he doesn't find anything. Then he sighs and says, "What difference can it make?"

Wu Yuting stretches out her head. Looking at the irregular crystal piece of jade, she suddenly opens her eyes wide and says in surprise, "Is this the Dragon Jade that the Li Family in Beijing lost 20 years ago?"

"Do you know it?" Li Yong is also surprised. According to Wu Yuting's expression, she may have recognized this piece of jade.

Wu Yuting nods, then immediately takes out her phone, opens the browser and enters a strange domain name. A few pictures appear. She clicks on one of them and a webpage shows.

On the webpage is the picture of Li Yong' jade. The name of this piece of jade is the Dragon Jade, and it is worth 360 million.

Li Yong's eyes widen at once, and he could not believe what he sees.

The Dragon Jade is worth 360 million. That's a shock to him.

He seriously looks at the Jade of Reincarnation and carefully compares, wanting to find out some differences. However, his jade and the picture of the Dragon Jade are exactly the same, even the lines above.

"How can the jade of the Li Family be with you? Maybe it's fake!" After Wu Yuting calms down, she believes it is impossible. She has seen a lot of fakes, so she comes to this conclusion.

"Yes, it may be fake." Although Li Yong says so, but in his heart, he has already determined that the Jade of Reincarnation is the Dragon Jade, the real Dragon Jade.

Since it belongs to the Li Family, and his surname is Li, does he have anything to do with the Li Family?

Li Yong suddenly gets excited. He seems to find his family although he is not so sure. He wants to investigate this.

Putting the Jade of Reincarnation back around his neck seriously, Li Yong wants to go back.

Wu Yuting starts to drive him home. On their way, she smiles, "Do you know why they call it the Dragon Jade?"

Li Yong does not say anything. Wu Yuting continues, "Because on every full-moon night, if you put the real Dragon Jade in the moonlight, after two hours of illumination, it will appear a swimming dragon inside. To know whether your piece of jade is real or not, just wait until the full-moon night and put it under the moonlight."

"Oh, I'll try." Li Yong says flatly.

"Please do not try! If this piece of jade is real, you'll get yourself killed. I hope it's fake."

Wu Yuting suddenly says in earnest. There is a trace of concern in her bright eyes.

Li Yong understands the fact that the precious stone lands its innocent possessor in jail.

He will surely keep the secret and not say it so easily.

As for the "swimming dragon" Wu Yuting describes, Li Yong is also curious. He decides to wait until the full-moon night. He wants to see if the dragon really exists.

Back at the villa of the Han Family, Li Yong does not go upstairs to have s.e.x with Han Lu. He walks straight to his room and sits cross-legged on the bed and begins to cultivate. After these days of cultivating, the fourth level of the mental cultivation method on reviving is not yet done a half, so he must redouble his efforts.

The next morning, Li Yong can't wait for Han Lu to wake up naturally, so he goes upstairs and walks into Han Lu's room. Looking at Han Lu, who is still asleep, Li Yong calls her a few times to wake her up.

Seeing Li Yong, Han Lu does not panic a bit. She sits up slowly and asks coldly, "You have stayed out all night these days. Where have you been fooling around?"

Li Yong smiles wryly, "Honey, I'm not fooling around. I work at the clinic every day."

"And do you know I'm your wife? Do you know it's your home? As a man, why not go home every day?" Li Yong doesn't know what's going on with Han Lu. Her voice is getting louder.

"Honey, I am afraid you'd be upset to see me." Li Yong smiles wryly again.

"Then why do you come back? You can just die outside." Han Lu says angrily. Although as a young girl, she is already a real shrew.

Li Yong knows it is all his fault. He makes his beautiful, intelligent and elegant wife become a shrew. Li Yong deeply blames himself. He says apologetically, "Honey, I am sorry. Letting you stay home alone these days is my fault. If I knew you cared about me so much, I would come back no matter how late."

"Hmm." Han Lu is still very angry, and her chest is jammed.

"Honey, please lie down and I will treat you, or else your chest will ache again." Li Yong says in a soft voice.

Han Lu is still very cooperative about this. She lies down at once with eyes open wide. She watches Li Yong take out a silver needle and hold it in his hand for a moment. The silver needle seems to change its color, as if it could give out light.

When the light condenses to a point, Li Yong bends over to find the right acupuncture points, then he suddenly thrusts the needle with his internal strength into Han Lu's body and begins to extract the toxins of heavy glucoside.

This time, Han Lu sees very clearly. Li Yong's forehead gradually oozes sweat.

As the sweat slowly converges into a drop and nearly falls down, Li Yong suddenly stops. He straightens up, and puts the silver needle away. With a sigh, he says smilingly, "Honey, after a few more treatments, you'll be all right."

"Thanks for your hard work." Han Lu makes a polite remark for the first time.

Li Yong is so surprised since he is not used to it. In his mind, Han Lu is often quite fierce, and has never been so gentle. He has something in his mind and no time for flirting, so he says, "Honey, I want to ask you for leave."

"What day off?" Han Lu smiles slightly. Li Yong's words sound really special. Husband and wife are equal to each other. No one is the other's leader. Why does he need to ask for a day-off?

Amazing Doctor With Super Vision Chapter 76 Ask His Wife For Leave

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