Amazing Doctor With Super Vision Chapter 77 The Cripple

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"I'm going back to my hometown in the countryside to see my uncle." Li Yong laughs and says, "I'll be back in about two days, at most two days."

"Do you still have an uncle?" Han Lu once heard Li Yong say that he was an orphan.

"Yes! He is my only relative. He brought me up." A figure of a cripple appears in Li Yong's mind. The cripple has been very good to him, but how does he not have much affection for the cripple? If they were on good terms, he would have run back and cured the cripple first after getting the ancient medical skills

"Oh, why don't you bring him over to live in Zhonghai City?" Han Lu says with concern.

"No, he's used to living in the countryside and he's not used to living in the city." Li Yong faintly refuses.

"Well, then you go! Do you want money?" Han Lu takes out a card from somewhere and asks.

Li Yong suddenly finds that Han Lu still cares about him. She is willing to give him money. Li Yong has to say that his wife still has feelings for him in her heart.

"No, I have money." Li Yong has no intention of spending a woman's money.

After leaving the villa of the Han Family, Li Yong comes to the Yong Kang Clinic. He explains to Zhang Yurong for a moment. Then he drives the newly domestic car he bought and leaves Zhonghai City.

Li Yong drives on the highway and it only takes him six hours to get back to his hometown in the countryside without any hindrance.

Since he went to college, Li Yong has never come back. Five years have pa.s.sed and his hometown has also changed a lot.

The road has been repaired and lots of buildings have been built on both sides of the road. There are dirty children running along the road, which reminds Li Yong of his childhood...

Only his home remains unchanged. There are still three old tiled houses in his home. The courtyard walls have collapsed and are overgrown with weeds.

Li Yong parks his car in front of his home and immediately attracts a crowd of children. There are few cars in the countryside. Anyone who drives back in a car can absolutely attract a crowd of people.

Li Yong doesn't know the children. He goes straight into the yard and shouts, "Uncle, I'm back."

The wooden door is opened and then Widow w.a.n.g of this village comes out with the rubbish. Li Yong is angry at the sight of Widow w.a.n.g. He finally understands that the reason why he has no feelings for the cripple is because of Widow w.a.n.g.

When Li Yong was young, there were rumors between the cripple and Widow w.a.n.g in the village, which were very ugly.

Because of these rumors, Li Yong was very angry with the cripple, which made the relations.h.i.+p between them fade.

"Widow w.a.n.g, why are you in my home?" Li Yong asks with a sneer.

"Xiaoyong, you are back at last." Then the cripple comes out with a bright smile. He grabs Widow w.a.n.g's hand and introduces, "Xiaoyong, this is your stepmother. I married her two years ago."

Only then does Li Yong know the situation. He takes a deep breath and no longer expresses his dissatisfaction. Anyway, the purpose of his return is to figure out a thing, and then he will leave. At that time, they will be out of his sight and out of his mind. Why does he care so much about them?

Li Yong walks into the house and finds that the room is still so messy and there is a strange smell. He doesn't even want to sit down, so he stands there and asks, "Uncle, I want to ask you a question."

The cripple asks Widow w.a.n.g to go to the kitchen to cook. Then he looks at Li Yong, smoking and laughing, "You have a conscience and know to come back to see me. Come on, what do you want to ask?"

"Who are my parents?" Li Yong asks word by word.

The cripple stops laughing, smokes fiercely, shakes his head and says, "I don't know."

"How long are you going to conceal this from me?" Li Yong shouts loudly.

"I really don't know." The cripple smokes fiercely again. Seeing that the cigarette has been run out, the cripple takes out another one.

"Okay, then I'll go. You can think that I'm not back." Li Yong turns round and walks out. He doesn't want to stay here for a minute. He doesn't know why he hates the family so much.

"Xiaoyong, you can go after a meal!" The cripple shouts in the back.

When Li Yong looks back, his heart aches when he sees that the cripple's hair has turned gray and the cripple is unconsciously old. If he leaves today, they will probably part forever. Li Yong's heart softens instantly. He hesitates for a moment, returns to the house and says, "Sit down."

"You sit down, sit down." The cripple smiles again.

"Just sit down, don't say nonsense." Li Yong orders impatiently.

The cripple moves his legs sideways and slowly sits down on a black bench. He sighs, "Xiaoyong, you have graduated from college. Where do you work?"

Li Yong doesn't answer. He just takes out the silver needle and stabs the cripple in the leg. Li Yong urges his internal strength and wants to clear the meridians of the cripple's leg and cure the cripple. Li Yong has seen through his clairvoyant vision that the cripple's leg is lame because of the obstruction of the meridians.

"What are you doing? Xiaoyong, stop quickly." The cripple is in a panic and shouts loudly.

Li Yong suddenly takes back the silver needle and stands up. He says faintly, "Stand up and take several steps."

The cripple stands up and walks forward with his legs. Although he still walks sideways, his lame leg is obviously powerful and balanced with his body. He is not lame now.

The cripple quickens his pace and takes a few more steps. His body becomes more and more stable. His leg has really recovered.

However, the cripple is not happy about it. Instead, he grabs Li Yong's hand and says in horror, "Xiaoyong, you make me lame quickly. My leg can't be cured."

"Why can't your leg be cured? I've cured you." Li Yong doesn't know why the cripple reacted like this.

"My leg can't be cured. My leg really can't be cured. If my leg is cured by you, you will be in trouble." The cripple is so anxious that he wishes to take up the bench and smash his leg.

"I'll be in trouble? What trouble will I have?" Li Yong sneers with doubts.

The cripple realizes that he has spilled the beans and says angrily, "You make me lame."

"No." As a doctor, Li Yong can only cure the patients. How can he still make healthy people sick?

"Can you do it? If you can't, I'll do it myself." Then the cripple puts his leg on the table, raises the black bench and smashes it on his leg.

Li Yong is more puzzled by the cripple's reaction. He grabs the bench and says angrily, "What on earth are you hiding from me? Tell me about it."

The cripple sighs heavily and sits down on the table directly. His turbid eyes glisten with tears. He looks at Li Yong and says sadly, "Young Master, you have suffered these years!"

Li Yong's heart aches as if he has been stabbed. He doesn't answer but listens quietly.

But the cripple doesn't say anything. No matter how Li Yong asks, the cripple just smokes and says nothing. Even if Li Yong scolds him, the cripple doesn't respond.

Li Yong is so angry!

Li Yong has no way. He can't force his relative who brought him up. He can't be cruel to use violence to ask the question.

After a sullen meal, Li Yong leaves half a million yuan cash and is about to drive away.

Seeing so much money, Widow w.a.n.g is surprised, but the cripple doesn't even look at it. He just silently sends Li Yong to the car and then suddenly says, "Young Master, you should be careful about everything. You've inherited the medical skills. Don't bring about a fatal disaster accidentally."

"If I were dead, would you tell me my story?" Li Yong asks coldly.

The cripple is silent again. He just smokes fiercely and spits out smoke continuously. His eyes are empty. When Li Yong looks at him, he turns to look at the sky.

Li Yong gives up completely. He gets on the car angrily, looks back at the cripple for the last time and says angrily, "Do you think I can't find out if you don't tell me? I won't depend on you. I will depend on myself."

After saying these words, Li Yong slams on the accelerator and the car drives out of the village.

Some villagers are watching from afar, but no one comes over because everyone knows the bad temper of the cripple. The cripple has contradictions with the whole village, so no one is willing to talk to him.

Normally, the cripple will also not pay attention to other villagers.

But this time, the cripple walks to the villagers with a smile and gives them cigarettes one by one. The villagers are surprised to find that the cripple is not lame and his leg has unexpectedly recovered.

The cripple says, "Mr. w.a.n.g, Mr. Zhou, I want to build a house. Please help me build a three-storey house."

"Why are you going to build such a high house?" Someone asks derisively. They don't believe that the cripple has money to build a house.

"I want to build it for my child. He will stay here when he comes back next time..." The cripple says with a smile.

At this time, Widow w.a.n.g brings a black plastic bag and tips the plastic bag onto the floor. It turns out to be bundles of hundred-yuan bills. The cripple points at the money and laughs, "Just build a house worth 500,000 yuan."

The villagers are in uproar because they had never seen so much money before. Ordinary people can just spend over 100,000 yuan building a two-storey small house but the cripple will build a house worth 500,000 yuan. This is absolutely a big surprise to the village.

"Okay, you can count on us." Mr. w.a.n.g who is smoking fiercely agrees first.

"I'll find some people and we will start work tomorrow." Mr. Zhou is more straightforward.

The cripple returns home and blocks Widow w.a.n.g outside. He walks into the room, lifts his leg on the table, then raises the black bench and smashes it hard on his leg. Instantly there is a screech of the cripple in the room.

Widow w.a.n.g rushes into the room, holds the cripple's bleeding leg and cries, "Why do you torture yourself?"

"My leg can't get back to normal. That person said that if my leg was good, he would do something harmful to Young Master. I can't hurt my young master..."

After driving away from the village, Li Yong doesn't go directly to the highway back to Zhonghai City. He comes to the town and sees that the primary and secondary schools he attended are so run-down that they seem as if they are about to collapse.

Li Yong finds the princ.i.p.als and donates one million yuan each. Before leaving, he states that the money should be used on the construction of the schools.

Li Yong originally wanted to stay at home for one night and have a good chat with the cripple, but now he even can't stay for half a day and is about to leave. Li Yong has little affection for his backward and dilapidated hometown. Even though he has feelings, he doesn't know how to express his feelings.

What Li Yong is thinking about now is how to find his parents. He wants to see what his parents look like and whether they are vicious people. He wants to ask them in person why they threw him away.

It was the first time that the cripple had called him Young Master. Is he the descendant of a big family? But since it's a big family, why did his parents throw him away? Couldn't this big family afford a child?

When Li Yong thinks about it, he gets so angry that he bursts into tears.

Especially when Li Yong hears the melody of "Mom is the best in the world" on the car radio, his tears can't help falling suddenly.

Amazing Doctor With Super Vision Chapter 77 The Cripple

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