Amazing Doctor With Super Vision Chapter 78 God Doesn't Let Me Down

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After driving for more than ten hours, Li Yong reaches the capital of Huaxia.

It is a prosperous metropolis. With the rapid development of Huaxia, the size of the city has been ranking fifth in the world. There are many big families, rich and powerful families, aristocratic families and ancient families in this city with a long history.

The Li Family is an aristocratic family. Li Yong comes here to find out his family background by asking the members of the Li Family. Since he has the family heirloom of the Li Family, he must have some kind of connection with the Li Family.

At this time, Li Yong forgets Wu Yuting's reminder and the ancient maxim "Ability can cause disasters".

Li Yong has many conjectures about his family background, which makes him excited and sad from time to time.

Whatever emotion surrounds him, Li Yong's heart is filled with hope all the way. He feels that as long as he sees the members of the Li Family, his family background will come to light.

Li Yong is eager to know what his parents are like.

But when Li Yong is about to go off the freeway in the capital, he is blocked on the side of the road by two black cars.

Li Yong doesn't know that the two cars have been following him for a long time. He is so preoccupied that he doesn't know why the car stopped him. He thinks that he just meets robbers but he is not afraid of ordinary robbers.

Li Yong keeps honking his horn and is itching to smash the cars away. But instead of driving away, the two strong men in suits and come down from the cars. They knock on Li Yong's car window angrily and signal Li Yong to get out of the car.

Seeing that they really get him in trouble, Li Yong sneers and gets out of the car. Li Yong shouts loudly, "What do you want to do? Why did you stop me?"

"Are you Li Yong?" One of them asks.

"Yes, I'm Li Yong." Li Yong doesn't change his name but immediately admits. However, he is still slightly surprised in his heart that the man can call out his name directly.

It seems that they are not ordinary robbers!

"Don't come here, it's not your place." The strong man waves his hand aggressively to drive Li Yong away.

Li Yong is furious. He doesn't know these people. Why do these people try to drive him away? Is the capital their territory? Or are they instructed by others?

These people are too hateful. Li Yong thinks for a moment and decides to ask the reasons from them.

So Li Yong sneers and says, "Who are you? Why do you drive me away?"

"If you don't go away, we'll smash your car." Instead of answering Li Yong's question, the strong man bends over to pick up a brick from the ground and is about to smash Li Yong's car.

Li Yong can't tolerate them to destroy his own property. The car is not expensive but it's also his private property. Since he is going to fight, he certainly will not wait for these people to make a hole in his car.

When the strong man raises the brick and is about to smash the car, Li Yong jumps forward in front of the strong man and punches him. The strong man screams terribly and falls down in the ditch by the road.

The strong man also covers the face that Li Yong punched. He keeps screaming and can't stand up for a while.

The other strong man reacts. He suddenly has a dagger in his hand and immediately stabs Li Yong.

In Li Yong's eyes, this strong man is like a toddler. Even one hundred such strong men are not enough for Li Yong to fight alone. Li Yong lifts his foot and kicks this strong man. His legs are fast and his feet are faster. Li Yong can even hear the whirring wind.

With a bang, this strong man's chest is marked with a clear striped footprint. With his body shaking backwards, the dust on his body is flying upward. His body also flies up, leaving the dust in front of Li Yong, and then his body falls down under the wheel, splas.h.i.+ng more dust.

Li Yong strides over and asks coldly, "Why did you stop me? Who are you? Who directed you?"

This strong man sneers, spits blood at the corners of his mouth but doesn't answer Li Yong.

At this time, Li Yong's heart tightens and he suddenly realizes the extreme danger. He looks up and sees two black cars in front of him, each with a black muzzle from the open window.

Both muzzles point at Li Yong at the same time, emitting a dangerous atmosphere. It's like a devil finding the food.

Li Yong's hair stands on end in an instant. He knows that they are real guns. Only real guns can give him a feeling of palpitation. He seems to be walking in front of the G.o.d of death, as long as the G.o.d of death moves his finger, he will die.

Li Yong originally wanted to step on the strong man's chest and torture him again to force him to say what Li Yong wanted to know.

However, facing the muzzles, Li Yong straightens up immediately and dares not act rashly.

Seeing through the of the cars, Li Yong can see clearly that there are two strong men sitting in each of the black cars. Their skills are obviously much better than those of the people who were knocked down by him just now.

"Go back, don't come back to the capital again. We will let you go this time, and you won't be so lucky next time." A slow voice comes out from one of the cars. The voice is very low like the stress in a song, as if the cold from the h.e.l.l can freeze the earth.

Li Yong knows that he can't escape bullets with his present abilities unless he has practiced the sixth level of the mental cultivation method on reviving. At this time, facing the master with guns, Li Yong can do nothing.

However, he still calms down and asks, "Who are you...?"

"Get out of here." Li Yong hears a roar, which lets Li Yong know that the people inside have lost their patience. If he continues to stand here, he will wait for bullets to kill him at any time.

Even if he can survive, it's not fun to get shot.

A great man knows when to yield and when not, he should yield now.

Li Yong grits his teeth and returns to his car. He suddenly reverses his car and drives on the freeway again to go back.

"Don't be arrogant. When I get stronger, your guns will be useless..." Li Yong punches the steering wheel to vent his anger.

He didn't expect that the visit to the capital would lead to such a result.

"What exactly is this group of people? Why did they stop me?" Li Yong keeps thinking about it. But he finds that he can't understand even after racking his brains because he had never seen these people and he didn't know that there was such a group of people in the world before.

These people humiliated him, but also gave him fighting spirit.

They gave him endless fighting spirit. He will tread these people under his feet someday.

Now that he has no ability, he doesn't want anything. Li Yong drives his car attentively and rushes back.

Anyway, not all the members of the Li Family live in the capital. They also work hard everywhere to find business opportunities and seize benefits for the family. Presumably, there are members of the Li family in Zhonghai City. Li Yong can also use other methods to achieve his goals.

After two days of driving, Li Yong returns to Zhonghai City with nothing to gain.

Li Yong hands the car to Zhang Yurong and then returns to the villa of the Han Family. He gets into his room and begins to practice hard. He wants to practice to the sixth level as soon as possible so that he will not be so nervous when facing the gun again.

Unfortunately, Li Yong hasn't even finished the fourth level. He finds that the middle three levels of the mental cultivation method are much more difficult than the first three levels. It is impossible for him to practice it overnight. It will take a long time to practice.

Li Yong puts his internal strength into the Jade of Reincarnation again. He finds nothing and the Jade of Reincarnation also makes no response.

A simple ancient messuage in the capital.

A middle-aged man with a goatee walks quickly to the backyard and says respectfully to an old man who keeps his eyes closed, "Master, that person seems to have inherited medical skills from divine doctors. He opens a small clinic in Zhonghai City, not for the purpose of making money, but sometimes for free treatment. His fame is growing now and he has attracted many patients."

The old man opens his eyes immediately and there is a cautious light in his deep pupils. After a moment of meditation, he says faintly, "Send someone over to keep an eye on his changes."

"Our people have entered his clinic to work." The middle-aged man with a goatee smiles lightly.

"You go too." The old man orders faintly.

"Yes." The man with a goatee replies earnestly.

The old man closes his eyes slowly. His palm, which holds his head, waves slightly outward. The man with a goatee bows and backs away. After three steps, he turns around and walks away quickly.

After a moment, the old man suddenly opens his empty eyes again. His deep pupils reflect the clouds and birds on the horizon. He smiles faintly and says, "It seems that I'm right. G.o.d doesn't let me down."

At this time, a gray-haired old lady with a chignon shambles over with a crutch step by step. Her voice is so sharp like an emergency brake, "Hey, your mood seldom fluctuates. Why do you become so uneasy today?"

The old man takes his eyes back from the air and slowly looks at the old lady. He laughs and says, "The thing begins to take shape."

The old lady's big eyes suddenly narrow and she becomes excited. She takes a deep breath and asks, "Is that really possible?"

"It is possible in theory, but it still depends on the boy's fortune." The old man stands up slowly with his hands on his back, sending out a momentum of dominating the world from his old body.

"Will he be in trouble?" The old lady thinks for a moment and asks.

"Yes." The old man says slowly.

"I'll send someone over and I'll kill anyone who dares to cause trouble." The old lady knocks her crutch on the ground. Her old face, which seems to be on the verge of dying, suddenly exudes a sense of majesty. Her unsteady body like a rotten wood seems to have suddenly turned into cast iron with an astonis.h.i.+ng momentum.

"No. Without hards.h.i.+p, there will be no opportunities and achievements. If he can't solve this little trouble, he is not worthy to be our heir." The old man touches his beardless chin and says faintly.

"This is our only hope of living!" The old lady sighs.

"The greater we hope, the greater our disappointment is. Let's take it in stride." The old man consoles.

Amazing Doctor With Super Vision Chapter 78 God Doesn't Let Me Down

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