The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess Chapter 118 At A Close End

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In the cave, it was dim. The screaming and whistling wind were continuous. The b.l.o.o.d.y smell was unpleasant. Those vicious monsters were chasing their preys and would come here soon.

Zhang Yunyan secretly lamented. There was no way to escape and she would become a turtle in a big tank.

The Turtle Demon was very nervous, anxious, and eager to run.

Yunyan knew that she was going to die, but she did not give up the desire to survive. She hoped to survive, because the missions on her shoulders had not been completed. She hoped to find a chance to escape.

At the vital moment of great danger, she had no choice but to struggle with a glimmer of hope. She had no time to care about the consequences and relied everything on her friend.

Needless to say, even if she could not escape out of the horrible cave, she would not like to be caught by those fierce monsters and killed. She hoped to find a peaceful place to die, but she might not reach this goal.

At this time, the Turtle Demon was very nervous and ran while listening to the whistling wind.

Zhang Yunyan could not tell the direction, following the turtle running in the tortuous cave.

She did not know where the Turtle Demon was going to take her. The situation was urgent and she was powerless. She could only follow it closely. It was unpredictable in her life and death. She could only rely on her good friend.

In the cave, the sound of the whistling wind never stopped. The screaming arose from time to time. It was horrible.

The Turtle Demon ran while saying, "I only know that the Sage has captured a man, but I don't know it is you. When did you come in? How can you enter this sealed cave? Do you have the ability to break out the entrance?"

Zhang Yunyan felt painful when hearing its words. "How can I have the ability to open the hole? This hole did not close and I fell down by accident. I have not expected that I am looking for death. Ah, if the Sage closed the hole, I will not meet the disaster. How could I be so unlucky? Why do I meet this bad situation so by accident?"

When she was about to die, she heard that the Sage captured a man. She realized that the man in Buddism was not an accomplice of the immortal, but a victim.

She immediately remembered the little monk s.h.i.+kong. Was the man in Buddism her savor? Was her savor falling into dangers?

Yunyan was very worried and hurriedly asked, "My friend, what's the name of the man you mentioned before? Is he still alive?"

"I don't know his name. I never asked about those miserable things. He has died. No one can be alive here. You will... Ah, I hope you can survive."

The turtle said and felt heartbroken. It shook its head and sighed.

Zhang Yunyan immediately thought of the terrible scene in the field and suddenly realized that there was a fierce killing there. Her savor s.h.i.+kong was fighting against the Sage.

She remembered very clearly that in the battle with Misty Flower, s.h.i.+kong was surrounded by a group of smoke when activating the magical sword methods.

s.h.i.+kong could not match the Sage and the battle ended soon. Then, he was captured into the cave. She could confirm.

The little monk was too young to meet with this danger.

s.h.i.+kong's figure showed up vaguely in Zhang Yunyan's mind. She sighed and felt painful again.

When thinking of her savor, she regained this vague feeling. She could not help thinking about it.

What was that feeling? Why would she feel this when thinking of s.h.i.+kong?

Yunyan still did not know the reason and what kind of feeling it was. She could not explain it.

She shook her head and felt pain for the death of his savor. She sighed for a few times and tore down.

s.h.i.+kong was dead. Perhaps, she could not escape from the monster. This was a necessary result to be trapped in this cave. She could not escape or resist.

Under the torture of the painful desperate and the anger of revenge, Zhang Yunyan had ignored her life. If she could not find a way out, she could only strive to the end until she died.

She snorted and eased her horrible emotion. She had to face the cruel reality. She held the Magical Dragon Sword tightly. She was preparing a fierce battle with those monsters and completed the last page of her life bravely.

Yunyan knew her ending would be miserable but she did not want to give up. She would try her best to fight against to end her life and to be buried under the ground.

Zhang Yunyan had not expected that her savor s.h.i.+kong would die so soon. He was still alive when fighting with Misty Flower. She felt painful and sad for her upcoming ending.

In the cave, it was dark and faint. The road was twisting and she did not know where it would lead to. Monsters were shouting, compared with whistling demon wind, which shocked the terrified souls.

Zhang Yunyan did not know where the Turtle Demon was going to take her, but she could only follow it to run without any purpose.

When they were running, she asked, "Turtle, where will you take me to? Is there any place we can hide?"

The Turtle Demon was full of sorrow and shook its head. He sighed, "Those monsters can reach everywhere and come up at any time. We can find no safe place. I don't know where I should take you to."

Zhang Yunyan was shocked by the words. Was it true? Since it was so, why should she run after the turtle? Was it helpful?

Turtle Demon sighed, "To tell the truth, I have no confidence and can only follow fate. Perhaps, I can help you to live longer. Perhaps, you can't escape from death. Ah, I hope I can help you to escape from their killing temporarily. It's better to avoid them as long as possible."

Zhang Yunyan felt helpless at once when hearing the turtle's words. Her desire for living disappeared at once, leaving the emotions of pain and desperate.

She was discouraged and had no hope. Even if her good friend tried hard, she could only hide for a while but could not escape from the demon hole. She would die soon.

She would die soon or later. Was there any significance for her to run blindly? The result would be the same for the last moment.

She was very depressed. She felt cold and sighed. She felt desperate.

Turtle Demon said, "The hole is sealed and we have no way out. Otherwise, I have escaped out of the hole. You're here now. The result would be hard to say. The result will be not good."

Zhang Yunyan saw that the turtle was running blindly and felt totally desperate. If her good friend was right, she would not have a good result. What was worse, she could not escape from the danger. Her life would end here.

The Turtle Demon looked at Zhang Yunyan and felt somewhat uneasy. It opened its mouth and said, "Yun Feiyan, we're good friends. You saved me before, so I can live now. I will try my best to help you. However, it's too dangerous over there. I dare not say that I can keep your life. Needless to say, if you're captured by them, it's not my fault. Ah, it's their place. No one can defeat them. It's too hard to escape from death."

Zhang Yunyan felt cold all of her body. It seemed that she was poured a basin of cold water. She slowed down.

The Turtle Demon was very pessimistic. "Those guys will not stop until they reach their goals. It will be more difficult to survive than to reach heave. It's really hard and difficult!"

Zhang Yunyan felt cold and desperate. The turtle was familiar with this place, but it still had no way out. She could find out a way to escape. She even could not die in peace.

She lamented in her heart. No matter how she could struggle in this cave, she would die in the end. It was useless to temporarily hide.

The Turtle Demon was anxiously urging her when finding that Zhang Yunyan slowed down. It hoped to fly to her at this emergency.

In the cave, the roaring sound was still there, while the b.l.o.o.d.y wind was blowing. The monsters were searching for them. They would not take back their force until killing those daring outsiders.

Zhang Yunyan was very painful, sorrowful, deeply helpless, and more fearful. She had to hide for this moment. She changed her mind again and followed the Turtle Demon to run blindly.

In the cave, the wind whispered while the b.l.o.o.d.y smell was unpleasant. The shouting was continuous, which made them feel shocked. Those monsters were searching for them nearby. They did not know where the safe place was.

The Turtle Demon led Zhang Yunyan to escape, but had no way to get rid of the horrible sounds. The b.l.o.o.d.y wind was running after them, which was greatly hitting on their crisp heats.

Zhang Yunyan was very nervous and upset. It was only an illusion for her to die in peace, so how could she still have the courage to live.

She was tired and puffing hard. She asked anxiously, "Turtle, where should we run to? It seems that we haven't escaped from the guys."

The Turtle Demon sighed and told her that this was the central area of those monsters. It was hard to get rid of their killing.

It was familiar to the cave and could not tell where was clear. They could only run to escape and it was really hard to hide.

Zhang Yunyan listened to this statement and her body and mind turned cold. She had no hope to survive anymore. She was determined to die here and would die as miserably as s.h.i.+kong.

She accidentally met her friend, Turtle Demon. She gained a glimpse of hope to survive. However, the faint hope would be broken soon. The situation was urgent and the reality was cruel. She had no way to escape from the monsters, so she would die in misery.

Yunyan knew that no matter how hard they strove for and where she went, she would be under the supervision of those fierce monsters. She was in great danger and would be captured by them soon.

It was as hard as going to heaven. She had no hope to survive and must die.

Zhang Yunyan had no hope of living, so her horror had been eased. Still, it was better to hide temporarily. Once being captured by those monsters, she could only accept her fate.

She was running while asking, "Turtle, I forgot to ask your name in Black Tiger Mountain. What should I address you?"

Turtle Demon sighed and said, "I transfer into an elf after a thousand years' cultivation. I gain some achievement. It's difficult! I don't have a name and never think of it. You can call me old turtle or turtle... whatever you want. It's OK."

"It is better to have a name and it will be more convenient."

The Turtle Demon wore a bitter smile. "Well, I can think out of a name when I am free." It sighed. "Future, I don't know whether I still have future..."

Zhang Yunyan felt bitter in her mind and did not answer. She had no future and hoped that her friend would survive and could escape out of this horrible "h.e.l.l".

She no longer cared about the future and had no way to care about. She could only think about the present.

Yunyan sighed silently and thought about it. She said, "Friend, since you are an elf transferred from a turtle, you can name yourself as Turtle Elf. How do you think of it?"

"Turtle Elf? I like this name. My name is Turtle Elf. Hey, I have a name from now on." Turtle Elf was really happy.

"Turtle Elf, I have not expected that I can meet you here. It is our fate. Ah, although this fate is good, it is too miserable, too."

Zhang Yunyan was very grateful to Turtle Elf. It dared to resist the fierce monsters and help her. It was the behavior of a hero. Even if she was caught by the fierce monsters or died, she would be grateful to it.

Yunyan wanted to know more, so she asked, "Turtle Elf, we just apart in Black Tiger Mountain for not long. Why are you caught by the monsters?"

"Ah, it's really hard to say!" The Turtle Elf shook its head and talked about its suffering...

The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess Chapter 118 At A Close End

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