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Turtle Elf turned into an elf after cultivating for a thousand years. This achievement was hard to get and very cherished.

In order to learn and acc.u.mulate experience to get further achievements, it decided to travel rivers and mountains and visit high-ranking people. It hoped to exchange experiences with those experts and explore Taoism for better methods for cultivation. Then, it could get on the way of success.

Turtle Elf was unfortunate to meet Black Killer halfway. It was captured into the Black Tiger Cave and lost his soul. It nearly died.

It was fortunate to be saved by Xiao Tianlong and Zhang Yunyan. After leaving Black Tiger Cave, he still had to visit some experts to seek some spiritual methods.

Perhaps, disasters came one by one. It met the Sage in this cave unexpectedly. It had no ability to resist and was arrested here.

Turtle Elf was desperate and thought he would die soon. All of her cultivation of a thousand years would be in vain. Unexpectedly, Sage kept it and asked it to serve for him, including guarding the cave and doing some

It was angry and painful. It did not know how long it would be imprisoned. Perhaps, it could not escape in this life.

Turtle Elf was in a desperate situation, lonely and helpless. It had no ability to resist and could only be controlled. In order to survive and keep its millennium cultivation, it had to tolerate all the controls and orders to be a servant guarding the cave for them.

In the cave, Turtle Elf saw those guys' vicious behaviors but had no abilities to intervene. It could only witness the lively lives to die one by one.

It was very sorrowful. Its mind was really painful. It prayed that it could escape out of this horrible "h.e.l.l" one day.

It did not forget to cultivate and prayed that someone could kill this harmful monster one day.

Today, Turtle Elf was alarmed by the wind. When it came out to observe, it met the red hair King Ghost and knew that someone broke in. It followed the red hair King Ghost's order to search for a daring person.

It was very nervous and felt worried about the dying person.

Turtle Elf was anxious and looked around. It had never expected to meet its savor Zhang Yunyan. It was unexpected and anxious. It had no good mood for meeting its good friend again.

Zhang Yunyan was not found by the vicious monsters and it could not ignore her life. It decided to help its savor to escape and avoid atrocities.

Needless to say, if it did not reach its goal after trying its best, it would not feel guilty or blame itself for the death of her friend. It had tried its best.

Turtle Elf knew that it had no abilities to help Zhang Yunyan to escape. The best result was temporary. As for the results, it dared not think about it and she would not finally escape from the monsters.

Yunyan was grateful to Turtle Elf and met her good friend at the helpless moment. She was both surprised and happy. She had an accomplice and no longer fought alone. She was no longer desperate. It comforted her mind of fear.

In the cave, the roaring sounds continued and resounded around. The b.l.o.o.d.y devil wind was cold and made her feel terrified.

The cave was dim but could not stop the crazy search of those fierce monsters. It could not help to cover the outsiders in danger.

The search was continuing and the fierce monsters were rampant. Escaping would not stop and living was nearly impossible. In this horrible "h.e.l.l", the upcoming violent storm would destroy those weak creatures.

Although Zhang Yunyan was unable to escape their claws, she still hoped to know those monsters' situation to solve her confusion in mind.

She asked, "Turtle Elf, what kinds of beasts are they transferred from? Who is the Sage? Who is the red-haired King Ghost?"

Turtle Elf wore an angry and said, "When mentioning those guys, I feel both hateful and scared. They are a group of murderous monsters!"

It opened its eyes widely and snorted. It told her the background of those bad monsters while running.

Turtle Elf told Zhang Yunyan that these guys were not transferred by beasts, but a group of evil ghosts. In order to fulfill their desires, they were tempted to kill people and hurt the world. They were extremely vicious.

Turtle Elf told her there were plenty of ghosts in the underworld. Some were arrogant, some hated the world, some were originally vicious, and some were debauchery... They did not want to reincarnate, but traveling in the underworld.

Among them, there were some special ghosts met a once-in-lifetime opportunity at the change of heaven and earth or the mountains and rivers... In short, they might be attacked and honed by supernatural forces and had extraordinary foundations and comprehension.

These ghosts with cultivation finally formed their flesh and different skills after long-term practicing.

After they had achieved something, they left the underworld and came to the human world to do something they were pursuing.

Some of the ghosts with cultivation were still suffering and repairing in order to obtain positive results. They would not harm human beings and would do good deeds.

However, some of them were totally different. In order to satisfy their selfish desires, they would kill people for fun and became devils harming the world.

Those evil ghosts with high-level cultivation despised other people and became more and more arrogant relying on their good martial arts. They were all vicious monsters who were hurting good persons. People hated them and felt fear of them.

These ghosts in the cave were also a group of evil monsters. They committed crimes and did uncountable bad things. It was difficult to get rid of them. Especially the Sage, few people could defeat him. His magical skills made people daunting and try to avoid him.

Turtle Elf told Zhang Yunyan that those elves transferred from beasts might not be vicious monsters, some of whom were good friends of human beings, like it.

It concentrated on cultivation and did so many good things for people. It had never hurt anyone.

After being captured here, it finally knew that there were some horrible ghosts like them and knew better about their details.

The master of this cave was "Sage", t.i.tled Jiuyou Sage. His abilities were daunting and few people could defeat him. He brought so many disasters to the human world and caused great harm to people.

Zhang Yunyan realized that Jiuyou Sage was probably the monster who captured her savor s.h.i.+kong and the one that opened this cave and caused the earthquake.

The devil was fierce and vicious. He was horrible.

She was trapped there and had to dace those vicious monsters. She would die.

The scene of Jiuyou Sage committing his crime showed up in her mind. The black air with the b.l.o.o.d.y smell was tensive and swallowed the colorful clouds soon. Then, her savor s.h.i.+kong was captured and killed by him.

Now, those guys were chasing her and she had no way to escape.

She was deeply desperate, sorrowful, and angry. Facing so many fierce ghosts, she could not live longer and would die soon.

Turtle Elf told her that Jiuyou Sage had four ghost fellows. They were four brothers with high-level cultivations. Their magical skills were significant. It was hard to defeat them.

The big brother of the four was red-haired King Ghost. His hair and face were s.h.i.+ning red glare. He also dressed in a red robe.

The guy mastered some magical skills. The force was powerful. His claws were sharp and horrible, s.h.i.+ning with a red glare. They were as hard and sharp as swords.

The second brother was green-haired King Ghost. His hair and face were s.h.i.+ning green glare. He dressed in a green robe. This guy practiced powerful magic. His claws were s.h.i.+ning green glare, which were all killing tools.

The third brother was yellow-haired King Ghost. He dressed in a yellow robe and had yellow hair and face. His body shone yellow glare. Let alone how horrible his magics were, his claws were s.h.i.+ning yellow lights. It was horrible and could be considered as a killing weapon.

The youngest was black-haired King Ghost. He dressed in a black robe and shone black glare around his body. His claws were sharp and shone white glare. They were as hard and sharp as swords. His magical skills were similar to his three brothers and no one dared to provoke him.

These four brothers were bloodthirsty, fierce, and brutal. Once people encountered those demons, they could not survive.

Jiuyou Sage was even more scaring. His skills and abilities were much better than the red-haired King Ghost's and its three brothers'. He was the master here.

The red-haired King Ghost and its three brothers went to for shelter and called Jiuyou Sage as their Sage. They were willing to be driven and liked to serve him.

Talking about this, the red-haired King Ghost and its three brothers had good relations.h.i.+ps with Jiuyou Sage. Their teacher was Jiuyou Sage's younger brother. It could be said that Jiuyou Sage was their martial uncle.

The red-haired King Ghost and its three brothers came here under the order of their teacher Jiuyou Spirit Saint to help Jiuyou Sage complete a major event.

Zhang Yunyan was trapped in the demon hole and had to face those fierce and brutal monsters. She was shocked and felt that her results would be miserable. She must die.

The monsters were searching for her and Yunyan had no way to escape or hide. She could not keep her life. Those uncompleted vows and ambitions would be lost.

After extreme despair, she was no longer afraid of death and did not want to die so painfully. She prayed that she could escape from the killing of monsters and died in peace. She did not know whether she could realize those dreams.

In the demon hole, the monsters were searching for her. It was a normal wish, but she could not reach. She would not escape their searching and would be really miserable.

Turtle Elf heard the wind around. She was very nervous and scared.

It wiped the sweat on its head and felt worried that it could not find a place to hide.

Suddenly, it remembered this issue and hurriedly asked, "Yun Feiyan, at the moment when you come in, is the hole really opened?"

"Of course, it's opened. Otherwise, I will not fall down. Ah, I hope that the hole is sealed at that moment. If so, I will not look for death here."

"Good, perhaps, we still have hope. Now, it's too dangerous. The result will be horrible. How about going there to have a check. I hope that the hole is still opened. It's the moment of life and death."

Zhang Yunyan heard the words and immediately cheered up, "Turtle Elf, can we escape from there?"

"It's hard to say. We can only have a try. Only if the hole is not sealed, we can escape from this horrible place."

Zhang Yunyan felt happy when hearing those words. She regained the hope of survival and had some urgent requirements. She urged Turtle Elf to have a look. Time pa.s.sed by. She was afraid that the hole had been closed by the monsters.

Yunyan was silently praying, hoping that the hole was still open and giving her and Turtle Elf a glimpse of hope to survive. She hoped to escape from the horrible "h.e.l.l" as soon as possible.

Turtle Elf sighed and did not hold much hope. It was still worried.

It was saying something while running. It seemed to murmur, "Ah, even if the hole is not closed, we may not escape out of there."

Yunyan stunned and turned to look at Turtle Elf. She felt puzzled for its pessimism.

She could not help asking, "Turtle Elf, if the hole is still opened, why can't we escape out?"

Turtle Elf sighed and said, "My cultivation is not good enough and my skills are limited. If I am alone, I can jump out of the high entrance. If I go out with you, it will depend. Perhaps, it will be in vain. Ah, it's hard to tell whether we can escape out."

Zhang Yunyan knew the reason. It was like a basin of cool water. All of her body and mind turned into coldness. She had no ability to climb up to the steep rock wall. If Turtle Elf could not take her up, she could only stay at this demon cave to wait for death.

The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess Chapter 119 He Was A Devil!

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