The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess Chapter 120 Escape From Death

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Zhang Yunyan listened to Turtle Elf's words but the glimpse of hope ignited just now was extinguished again. It seemed that she could not escape.

Although she was very anxious, she did not give up. Perhaps, Turtle Elf had the ability to take her out. They had to have a try over there and hoped to escape out of this horrible "h.e.l.l."

Yunyan listened to the whistling wind and shoutings around. She sighed. The results would be horrible. Let fate decide her life and death. Although she did not believe fate, she had to attribute all of those to fate.

Yunyan looked at the alert and anxious turtle and felt grateful. Thanks for meeting this good friend, she had not been killed by those monsters now.

She was running while saying, "My friend, be at ease. I will not be your burden. If possible, you should escape out alone. You should leave as soon as possible and run away as far as possible, in case you will be captured again."

Turtle Elf was somewhat dissatisfied. "Yun Feiyan, how can you say so? We're a friend and you're my savor. How can I leave you alone? Even if I have no ability to take you to escape, I will not leave you alone and escape."

Zhang Yunyan was very touched. True friends would show out at the dangerous moments. She sighed silently. If she could not escape, she would not be a burden of her good friend.

In danger and crisis, monsters were searching for her. It was hard to escape out of their encirclement. Perhaps, she would be captured before she reached the hole.

However, they had no choice. This was their only hope. She hoped that she would be lucky to avoid the search of the monsters. She hoped to reach the hole successfully and both of them escape out of this horrible "h.e.l.l" soon.

Turtle Elf knew although the yellow-haired King Ghost and green-haired King Ghost did not come back, it was not easy for them to get rid of the search of Jiuyou Sage and the other King Ghosts.

In the demon cave, screamings were everywhere. b.l.o.o.d.y smell covered everywhere. Tense, horror, sinister, b.l.o.o.d.y... all of those horrible atmospheres were everywhere, coving the whole "h.e.l.l".

Devils and ghosts were searching for him everywhere. Their guard was as tight as iron buckets. It was really difficult to escape. It might be a dream.

Under the guidance of Turtle Elf, they rushed everywhere, hiding and running. After rounding for a long time, they finally sneaked out of the crack of "iron bucket" and ran to the entrance.

At this moment, the entrance at a high point was still opened. They took a deep breath when looking at the "complete moon" hanging over.

Perhaps, they should not die. The lucky G.o.d finally saw them. They found a glimpse of hope from despair.

Turtle Elf saw Jiuyou Sage forget to close the hole. It was both surprising and exciting, but nervous and worried.

It had been imprisoned in this cave for a long time and finally find a chance to escape. It could not ease her emotion of happiness. It was not confident. It could escape out if it was alone. It did not know whether it could jump out of the hole if taking with Zhang Yunyan. It was hard.

Turtle Elf felt even more nervous when hearing the whistling wind and dared not delay. It immediately carried Yunyan and activated its skills to jump up, going straight to the entrance.

However, it stopped at a few feet away from the entrance and had no energy to jump up. For a second, it fell down involuntarily with Zhang Yunyan.

Turtle Elf was right about its worry and guessed right. It was nervous and more anxious.

It did not give up and jumped up again with his skills, rus.h.i.+ng towards the entrance straightly. However, it did not reach the entrance but fell down. It wanted to give up and did not have the ability to take its friend to escape. It did not want to waste its efforts anymore.

Turtle Elf was very frustrated and helpless, so as anxious and fearful. What should it do? Would they really die there when the demon arrived?

Zhang Yunyan was nervous and fearful. She knew that Turtle Elf had tried its best, but had no ability to take her to escape.

The whistling demon wind was approaching. They were very anxious and nervous. They could not wait here. Otherwise, the monsters would come for them, so as to death.

Yunyan sighed and urged, "Turtle Elf, the monsters are coming for us. Don't care about me. Just run quickly!"

Turtle Elf frowned and sighed continuously. "No, I can't escape alone. If things go wrong, I can fight against them for a while in the cave. We can hide as long as possible. We can not be captured by them."

Zhang Yunyan shook her head and persuade her friend. "Friends, we will die sooner or later if we can not escape. It is useless to hide for a while. I will accept it if I die. It's all of my faults. You should run. Otherwise, you will be killed by the monsters. It's not worthy."

Turtle Elf knew she was right. Although it was nervous and fearful, it would not be willing to abandon its savor.

Zhang Yunyan felt more worried when hearing that the wind coming closer. "Turtle Elf, I can't be your burden anymore. Just go. It's a rare chance. Don't care about me and just escape. Otherwise, everything will be late!"

The danger was approaching and there was nowhere to escape. Since she would die, why should she still struggle for? She did not want to hide anymore. She would start a fight against the monsters until she died.

However, it was not imperative for her to die, but she could not be a burden of her friend of different species.

Turtle Elf did not move and was still thinking. It was making a decision.

It had tried its best, but still had no ability to take Yunyan out. There was no way to find out. The danger was coming, while the situation was urged. It could not think about it anymore.

Zhang Yunyan heard that the sound of wind became louder, following with the roar of monsters and rus.h.i.+ng towards her. She felt extremely nervous.

She hurriedly urged, "Turtle Elf, what are you waiting for? The monsters are coming for us. It will be too late if you don't go. Just run!"

Turtle Elf sighed and said, "I am still thinking of a way to take you out, but it's difficult..."

Her friend had no ability to take her to escape. Was there any way to think about? It just wasted its time.

Zhang Yunyan put her life and death aside and insisted on persuading her friend to run away. She pushed it while saying, "Turtle Elf, it's too late. Just run. Otherwise, both of us can not live."

Turtle Elf shook its head. "How can I escape alone when seeing that you're in danger? Let me think about it again."

It knew that the monsters were coming soon when hearing the wind and shouts were getting closer and closer. It was too anxious to sweat and all of its body and mind were covered by horror.

The danger was approaching. They could not delay anyway. Yunyan was pus.h.i.+ng Turtle Elf while urging it to run away.

Turtle Elf knew that they would be captured by the group of Jiuyou Sage. Not only Zhang Yunyan would die, but also it would be implicated and lost its life.

It no longer hesitated and had no time to think about it. It needed to make the last effort. Success or not would depend on this action. It could only follow fate. It hurriedly picked up Zhang Yunyan and exserted all of its energy to jump towards the entrance. For a blink, they had reached the hanging "completed moon".

However, it still had just 20 feet far away from the entrance, but it had no more power to jump higher. It stopped and would fall down at once,

It was extremely nervous, knowing that the consequences were horrible. Once they fell down, they would be captured by the monsters.

Turtle Elf had no time to think more. At the moment when they might fall down, it kicked on the wall and exerted all of its strength to throw Zhang Yunyan up. At the same time, it fell down to the hole.

When it was falling, it did not care about its own safety. It stared at Zhang Yunyan and hoped that its friend could escape from the entrance.

At the moment when Turtle Elf was hanging over, Zhang Yunyan knew that her friend had no ability to lift them up anymore. Suddenly, she felt cold and had no hope.

She was not only for herself, but also for Turtle Elf. Her friend had been dragged down by her and might not survive. It should not be. It was her fault.

At the moment when Turtle Elf stopped at the sky, Zhang Yunyan suddenly found that she was going up. In the suspicion, she understood that Turtle Elf used all her energy to throw her up.

She had no time to think about it and to grat.i.tude it. She stared at the entrance without a blink. She had got very closed to there.

Zhang Yunyan stopped at two feet far from the entrance. She knew that she had no energy to lift higher. She hurriedly grabbed the edge of the rock and tried her best to reach the entrance. She finally escaped out.

Zhang Yunyan accidentally escaped from death. She was overjoyed and sweated. She was soaked in sweat and had no strength. She rolled a few rounds and left this horrible cave. She lay on the ground and could not move.

Soon, she realized that Turtle Elf did not follow her and finally felt nervous.

She got up. She heard a huge sound before she could call for her friend. The crack on the ground disappeared.

She screamed and felt too scared to tear down. She lay on the ground.

In order to save Yunyan, Turtle Elf might have been captured by the monsters. It was too pitful and miserable, so as painful.

Zhang Yunyan was very grateful for the life-saving grace of the Turtle Elf but felt pain for the death of her good friend. Without Turtle Elf's chivalrous action, she would die and be miserable.

However, in order to save her, her friend lost its life. Yunyan could not stop crying and felt pain.

She knew at the moment when she escaped out, the monsters arrived. Otherwise, Turtle Elf could escape out easily.

At this time, Jiuyou Sage had closed the entrance. Her friend had no chance to escape out. Besides, Turtle Elf had been dragged down by her. Those monsters would not let go of the betrayer. It must die and was miserable.

Turtle Elf gave her a chance to reborn with its life. She would not forget its life-saving grace and would be grateful for it for the whole life.

Zhang Yunyan wanted to repay the kindness of Turtle Elf, but she had no ability to rescue it. She could only tear down with misery and paid homage to her friend.

In the night sky, the crescent moon was clear and the stars were twinkling, looking down the living creatures on the earth.

In the fields, it was dark and quiet with a peaceful atmosphere and a touch of restlessness.

On the Qinglong Mountain, the gra.s.s and leaves were motionless. There was no insect sound and all the creatures had fallen into their dreams.

In the silence, there was a solitary figure, sitting there and crying. An endless pain pa.s.sed by her body...

Tonight, Zhang Yunyan wanted to wors.h.i.+p the immortal and find treasures to help her. However, she met a group of devils. Without all the help of Turtle Elf, she had died in the demon cave.

Yunyan had no one to blame for suffering this disaster.

Of course, she could only blame herself. It was all of her fault.

Yunyan felt sorry for her encounters and blamed her stupid behavior. She considered the demon as an immortal and was trying to wors.h.i.+p him. It was ridiculous, miserable, and hateful.

She accidentally escaped out of death, but Turtle Elf lost its life. It was caused by her stupid behavior. It was all of her faults. She felt regret, painful, and self-blamed when thinking of it.

Zhang Yunyan thought of her savor s.h.i.+kong and felt greatly painful in her mind. The little monk was such a good person. He was young and capable, but killed by the monster Jiuyou Sage. He was too pathetic and sad.

Her two friends and also her savors were not alive. Yunyan had no ability to avenge them, but could only feel hateful and painful in her mind.

The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess Chapter 120 Escape From Death

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