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Both Tian Bocheng and Lang Hongyue know this person and they are very familiar with him. He is Jin Yuan, the famous businessman in the Internet Industry. However, they did not see him to be so angry like this. He looks at Lang Hongyue fiercely as if she is an enemy.

"You give me my son!" Jin Yuan points at her, s.h.i.+vering all the time. "You are the murderer. The murderer!"

Lang Hongyue thinks of Tian Bocheng's words and couldn't help saying, "Is... Is that woman yours?"

"Of course." Jin Yuan sneers, "Luo Xi is my mistress. I have so many lovers but none of them is pregnant. It's so difficult that she gives me a son. But you dare to kill him. Lang Hongyue, tell me, how should I handle it?"

"I... I..." Lang Hongyue stammers. She really doesn't know what to say.

She really does not know that Luo Xi is not Tian Bocheng's mistress. All those plans in her mind cannot be used at once. And she also makes another man lose his son, which is so terrible. Besides, her father is angry with her now. Even if her father helps her, she can't explain it to him.

"President Jin, please calm down. Let's talk nicely." Tian Bocheng finally knows what happened. Did the mystery man find Jin Yuan to be responsible for that? How did they persuade Jin Yuan?

But this is not the time for curiosity. Tian Bocheng says quickly, "Look, Present Jin, Hongyue has just given birth to a child. Shall we go out and talk about it?"

"I can't calm down!" Jin Yuan pushes Tian Bocheng aside. "If your wife hadn't just given birth to a child, I would have already hit her."

Lang Hongyue wants to sit up. Tian Bocheng stops her, "Don't move!"

Lang Hongyue asks, "President Jin, is Luo Xi really your mistress?"

"Do I need to deceive you this?" Jin Yuan sneers.

Lang Hongyue calms down this time. She doesn't believe that Jin Yuan can deceive her. But... what an odd coincidence it is!

"Husband?" The door of the ward opens and a woman comes in.

She's also an acquaintance... Everyone in this circle knows that Jin Yuan's wife is very obedient and always listens to him. She is clear that her husband has women outside. But she never makes trouble. That's why she can be Mrs. Jin all the time.

The couple also have two sons and a daughter. Many people in the circle not only look down upon them but also admire them.

"You'd better go to see that b**ch at first!" Mrs. Jin can't hide her joy on her face. "She cries all the time after knowing she lost the baby!"

Tian Bocheng says quickly, "President Jin, let me send you out!"

Jin Yuan glares at his wife angrily and looks at Lang Hongyue fiercely. He warns Lang Hongyue, "I won't let you off!"

"Ouch! I really want to thank you!" As soon as the two men go out, Mrs. Jin grins and holds Lang Hongyue's hand. "You solved a big problem for me! Tell me, how can I thank you?"

Lang Hongyue awkwardly draws back her hand. "Mrs. Jin, that Luo Xi..."

"Ha, that b**ch is really smart!" Mrs. Jin can't stop saying, "You know my husband's character. He used to have women outside, but he never let these women give birth to a child."

Obviously, Luo Xi took the initiative and secretly broke the condom. She wants to stay with Jin Yuan for a lifetime with the help of her child.

"That b**ch just cried to me that she didn't want to be Mrs. Jin. She said it was enough if we gave money to her because of the child." Mrs. Jin looks at Lang Hongyue with a smile. "You make her lose her kid. Now she can't get what she wanted."

Lang Hongyue is in a complicated mood, and now she has no doubt at all.

"I... I really don't know. I thought she was Tian Bocheng's mistress when I saw him going to see her."

"She suffers from her own actions." Mrs. Jin sighs, "That day, my husband couldn't leave because he had something to do. But she was crying and said that her belly was painful. At that time, Mr. Tian was there. So he asked Mr. Tian to buy some food for that b**ch."

Mrs. Jin snorts, "Mr. Tian also knows her. She has had dinner with them for several times."

"Don't feel guilty!" Mrs. Jin says loudly. "It's all that b**ch who deserves it. You don't have to sympathize with her. She just asked money for me in the ward!"

At this time, Tian Bocheng comes back. He wanted to ask what happens to Jin Yuan, but Jin Yuan just gave him a sentence directly.

"Don't ask me anything. I won't say it. It'll be good if we are okay." Then he left.

Tian Bocheng takes the opportunity to visit Luo Xi. Long before the baby was carried to Lang Hongyue, Luo Xi had known about the plan and was even more active than Tian Bocheng. After all, she has planned to be a mistress all her life before. Now she has the chance to improve her position. Of course, she should cooperate with him.

As for her son, she is not worried at all, but she is happy in secret. Because she knows that Lang Hongyue will love and take care of her son, the mistress' kid. Luo Xi looks forward to the day when the truth is revealed. She must tell Lang Hongyue the truth by herself.

Lang Consortium.

"Young Master, Lang Li is so cruel!" Xiaokai sighs, "If Lang Hongyue knows the truth, she will be mad due to anger."

Shu Sheng says lightly, "Compared with what she did to Young Master, what Lang Li does today is not so cruel."

"I know. Evil will be rewarded with evil!" Xiaokai takes a sip of coffee. "Now it's nothing for us to do. Just wait and see what's going on."

Lang Ruoxian's eyes are gloomy. He says, "This is just the beginning."

If she didn't hurt Yan Hua, he would not have started to revenge so soon. Although there are some discrepancies with the original plan, the result is the same.

"Young Master, Lang Li has checked the information of Qiang Di."

Xiaokai sneers, "That old man still doesn't believe Young Master!"

"Lang Li is to suspicion. I would be surprised if he hadn't thought of checking Qiang Di."

"We've already handle it. As long as Qiang Di doesn't confess to him, Lang Li can't find anything." Shu Sheng says. Then he has a look at Lang Ruoxian and continues to say, "Qiang Di is hostile to Miss Yan."

Lang Ruoxian moves his eyebrows and says, "We can only trust her..."

"Lang Li has not dared to contact Qiang Di directly, so I don't think he will check it again if he can't find anything." Xiaokai blinks and says, "Young Master, instead of thinking about that, would you like to see the May Day's schedule?"

Yan Hua now has a clear line with Fei Shan. The company is not busy. Lang Li and Lang Hongyue are fighting with each other. Lang Ruoxian thinks that he and Yan Hua should develop their relations. So he wants to go out with her for a long holiday on May Day.

"No!" Surprisingly, Yan Hua refuses at once when he tells it to her. She says, "Gungun's kindergarten organizes a spring outing on May Day. I and Fei Ying have told the kindergarten that we would take part in."

Lang Ruoxian narrows his eyes. He asks, "Kindergarten? How many parents does it allow to go with?"

"Of course it needs two parents of their kid." Yan Hua says. She is looking up the information of the spring outing's destination on the Internet without paying attention to Lang Ruoxian's eyes. "But you know that the most parents are businessmen. So it is estimated that many of their fathers won't go."

After all, the fathers are presidents. Few presidents will fly kites by themselves.

"Don't you plan to let me go with you?" The man takes her IPad away.

Yan Hua stares at him. "Are you free?"

"No..." Lang Ruoxian says. But his expression means, "Just invite me. Quickly!"

"Really?" Yan Hua laughs. "Gungun has asked me to ask you if you want to go with us."

Lang Ruoxian says, "Well, do you want me to go with you?"

"Of course..." Yan Hua decides to forgive the man's little arrogance. "You see, they say that it's better that a family of three all go there."

Yan Hua hands him the spring outing form sent out by the kindergarten. Lang Ruoxian takes it over and looks down at it. But he doesn't read a word for a long time. All his ears are filled with the sentences of Yan Hua, "a family of three."

"Will you go with us?" Yan Hua pushes the man.

Lang Ruoxian hugs her quickly and says, "Yes!" Then he kisses her.

The kindergarten finds a seaside farmhouse which is more than 100 kilometers away from G City. It's still a bit cold to go to the sea this season, but it's the time when the meat of crabs and shrimps is delicious. Kindergarten prepares the bus, but almost all families are self-driving. According to the schedule, they all arrive there before noon.

Lang Ruoxian drives a big business car and picks Fei Yi and his family up. Xiaojiu and Gungun are so excited all the way. When they arrive, they get their room cards from the teacher. They will play in the farmhouse for three days.

"Good room!" The two families are separated into the same courtyard, which is really exquisite. The two large suites are separated by the courtyard, which keeps the private. They can also come out to have tea and chat in the courtyard or the hall.

Yan Hua checks it and finds that the house doesn't only look delicate, but all the furniture is of good quality.

"I've checked it on the Internet. Here is a n.o.ble farmhouse. After all, there are so many rich people. They can't live too badly when they occasionally come here to play."

The Kindergarten also knows the parents well. So they are not stingy. And the whole trip is top-hole.

"Puff..." Fei Ying She sits beside Yan Hua and eats sunflower seeds.

Yan Hua finishes her luggage and turns her head. Then she sees the strange expression of Fei Ying. Yan Hua asks, "What's wrong with you?"

"Didn't you find there's only one big bed here?" Fei Ying runs to open the door of the room. "Look."

Yan Hua has seen it long ago. She is amused and asks her, "Well, so what?"

"Children have a special room with a bunk bed." Fei Ying points to the next room and says. "That bunk bed is for children. Mr. Lang is more than 1.8 meters and he can't sleep on it at all!"

Yan Hua turns a white eye, "What do you really want to say?"

"I want to say..." Fei Ying runs up to her and lowers her voice. "Do you and Lang Ruoxian have any... Huh? That?"

"What is it?" Yan Hua asks intentionally.

Fei Ying gives her a push, "Oh, that's..." She claps her hands a few times to imitate the sound of making love. "The claps of love!"

"No." Yan Hua turns to pour water for the children.

"I knew it!" Fei Ying chatters behind her, "What a good chance these two days and a night are! Didn't you think about it when you invited him to come here?"

Yan Hua turns to look at her and says, "I haven't really thought about it yet. But after listening to you, I'm beginning to think about it now."

Lang Ruoxian plays the role of father today. He goes to find the teacher with Fei Yi to get vegetables and meat. Later, everyone will go to the beach to have a barbecue together. As soon as he comes in, Yan Hua stares at him.

"What's wrong?" After putting things down and was.h.i.+ng hands, Lang Ruoxian asks her. Yan Hua is still staring at him, and her eyes are quite strange.

He goes over and hugs her in his arms. He says, "Say what you want."

"Well..." Yan Hua pushes him. "Where are you going to sleep tonight?"

Lang Ruoxian is shocked.

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