Destined Wife: The Apple Of My Eye Chapter 49 You Saved My Daughter

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Yan Hua gets the answer to the question instantly when she sees a little baby.

"This is..."

"This is my daughter." Fei Ying hugs Yan Hua with tears in her eyes. "Thank you, thank you, Yan Hua. You saved Xiaojiu, which means you saved my life and saved the lives of our family!"

The little baby in a pink princess dress sits on a European-style sofa, looking white and delicate, and she looks at Yan Hua with watery eyes.

"This is... the baby I saved from the trafficker?" As babies change from day to day, Yan Hua can't recognize her at once.

But this baby is so lovely and beautiful! Yan Hua glances at Fei Ying and understands that after all, the baby inherits beauty from her mother!

"Xiaojiu!" Fei Ying holds the baby up. "This is your Auntie, and she is the one who saved you!"

Yan Hua carefully reaches out. Xiaojiu grabs her hand, and sweetly smiles at her and calls her, "Auntie!"

"She starts calling people!" Yan Hua is a little surprised.

"She is nearly one and a half years old." Fei Ying is afraid that Xiaojiu will pull Yan Hua's hair, so she puts Xiaojiu back onto the sofa and greets Yan Hua, "Please be seated."

Yan Hua looks at Xiaojiu who is as pretty as a doll and says, "My son is ten months old. He has just called people recently, but he can only call Mommy and calls anyone Mommy."

"Xiaojiu can only speak a few simple words, and I specially teach her to call Auntie." Fei Ying puts a molar rod in Xiaojiu's hand, and Xiaojiu holds it and exerts all her strength to suck it.

"Mrs. Fei, you are welcome. Last time I just happened to catch up." Yan Hua is somewhat embarra.s.sed. "Whoever encounters such a thing will do his duty."

Fei Ying shakes her head and pours a gla.s.s of juice for her. "It is a piece of cake for you, but how many people will notice it? Even if they notice it, how many of them can make a judgment instantly?"

She touches her daughter's small head and says, "I wanted to find you when I picked up Xiaojiu to go home, but my husband persuaded me not to do so. If not, I could have invited you to partic.i.p.ate in my daughter's first birthday."

"I understand..." Yan Hua thinks that Fei Ying is concerned about her ident.i.ty. After all, Lang Family and Fei Family might be business rivals.

Fei Ying widens her eyes and then suddenly smiles. "You misunderstand what I said. We were afraid that the traffickers would notice you, and they might have other accomplices. We didn't want to put you in danger for they might retaliate against you."

"I am narrow-minded." Yan Hua apologizes. "Anyway, Mrs. Fei, please don't say that I saved Xiaojiu, because I didn't help much at that time."

"Then please stop calling me Mrs. Fei. I am 25. What about you?"

"I am 23." Yan Hua can't help asking her again, "Are you really 25?"

Fei Ying has a pet.i.te figure and looks sweet. Especially when she smiles, her eyes are like the crescent moon, which makes her look like a teenage girl.

"Of course." Fei Ying blinks. "We are about the same age. I shall call you Hua and you will call me Xiaoying later. We are going to be good friends, not strangers anymore."

Yan Hua doesn't know that Fei Ying is such a person. Maybe she will have her first bestie?





"Ha ha ha ha!" The two women rock with laughter. When Fei Yi and Lang Ruoxian come in, they see this scene.

Fei Ying reaches out with sparkling eyes. Fei Yi quickly walks a few steps to her side. He firstly touches his daughter's head, then bows his head to kiss the corner of Fei Ying's mouth, and finally sits down beside Fei Ying.

"Like I said before, Yan Hua is a good girl! She and I hit it off from the start." Fei Ying leans in the arms of Fei Yi and looks happy.

Watching the two people, Yan Hua can't help laughing happily.

At the sight of them, you will think that Till Death Do Us Part. There is no gap between the two people, so there is no room for a third party.

"My wife has few friends in China. Miss Yan can visit her often when you are free." When Fei Yi speaks to Yan Hua, his poker face comes back.

Yan Hua thinks that maybe n.o.body can see this man's gentleness except his wife. Sure enough, a few minutes later, she finds that he can behave worse to others.

"Mrs. Fei is an orphan who was adopted by Fei Family from an early age." Because Xiaojiu is sleepy, Fei Ying takes her to have a rest. Before Fei Ying leaves, she makes an appointment with Yan Hua to go shopping in a few days. Lang Ruoxian and Yan Hua return to the banquet hall. On the way, Yan Hua is curious why the Fei couple share the same surname.

"Do Fei Family allow these two people to be together?" Yan Hua is surprised. "They are actually foster brother and sister."

"Of course Fei Family do not allow them." Lang Ruoxian thinks of the information he got from investigation. "Fei Yi has some underworld background, which has nothing to do with Fei Family. Those who disapproved of their marriage were kicked out of Fei Family by him, and the rest... are all smart people."

Yan Hua is dazed for a moment. Lang Ruoxian glances at her and asks, "What are you thinking about?"

"I am thinking, if you want to follow your heart, you have to stand at the height that allows you follow your heart. Otherwise, there will always be people who press you and dominate your life." Yan Hua lowers her head and smiles. "No wonder so many people are eager for power."

"You are right." Lang Ruoxian refrains himself from fiddling with her flyaway hair falling on her forehead, and turns to walk a few steps quickly, so Yan Hua does not hear what the man adds afterwards.

He says.

"So, I shall do my best to let you live as you like..."

Lang Ruoxian has to socialize after all, but he always stands near Yan Hua. Yan Hua does not know anyone else, so she takes a cup of juice to sit there and drink. Soon she sees a young woman who dresses up s.e.xily approaching Fei Yi. The woman pretends to almost slip and spills wine on Fei Yi.

Oh My G.o.d! What a cliché!

"I am sorry! Sorry, Mr. Fei, I didn't mean it." The woman is very pretty, and Yan Hua feels her a little familiar, as if the woman has been seen in advertis.e.m.e.nts.

Fei Yi hasn't changed his facial expression, and Yan Hua thinks that he will ignore the existence of the woman at most.


"Since you can't wear high-heeled shoes well, just don't wear them." He winks, and two hiding bodyguards quickly appear. They grab the woman, take off her ten-inch high-heeled shoes and throw them away in front of the guests.

Fei Yi has long turned away, only leaving the woman embarra.s.sedly facing the ridicule of the people around.

"Don't you think that it has been overdone by him?" A voice suddenly whispers in Yan Hua's ear.

Yan Hua looks sideways and sees a man sitting next to her without knowing when he comes.

"Why do you think that it has been overdone by him? Mr. Fei does this out of the goodness."

The man and says, "I have heard such evaluation for the first time. Miss Yan, you are very special."

"You are also very... unique." Yan Hua raises her hand.

He is dressed up in fas.h.i.+on. There is a diamond ear stud on his left ear, and his hair has been specially trimmed. He is exquisite from head to toe.

"Don't you know me?" The man is rather surprised.

Yan Hua looks at him again and is sure that she doesn't know him.

"Ha ha!" The man rubs the bridge of his nose. Yan Hua has to admit that this is another good-looking man.

She thinks that she hasn't seen much of the world. If not, how to explain that she meets handsome man wherever she goes?

"Don't you usually watch movies?" The man asks again.

Yan Hua shakes her head. "Rarely." Then she realizes what he is talking about. "Are you a star?"

"Yes, and I am very popular." The man is not modest at all.

"Sorry, housewives are too busy to watch movies."

The man laughs in a low voice, "Miss Yan, you are really... interesting."

Yan Hua doesn't say anything, and doesn't leave, either. Because Lang Ruoxian clearly sees the situation here, but he doesn't come over, which means that this man should be harmless, at least for now.

"Then let me introduce myself! My name is Fei Shan." The man winks at her and says, "Maybe you should have a little impression."

Yes, Yan Hua really has some memory of the man.

"You are the one who was reported to have an affair with the screen queen a few days ago!"

Fei Shan's mouth twitches, and he says, "That was fake, and we just happened to stay in the same hotel."


"Forget it. Don't you have any other impression about me besides this?" Fei Shan doubts that he is not so popular.

Yan Hua smiles and answers, "I really seldom read the entertainment section. I used to watch TV series occasionally, but now I don't have much time to watch them."

"I don't blame you." Fei Shan shows a smile that can make the world mad and says, "It's too late for me to become famous."

A man with runs over and says, "Oh My G.o.d! Why do you always wake a sleeping dog if I haven't seen you for a while?"

"What sleeping dog do I wake? I just have a chat." Fei Shan looks leisurely.

The man pulls Fei Shan up and says, "You don't know who you are? Even if you are not afraid, you shouldn't affect others."

Fei Shan walks a few steps and turns back to shout, "Let's have a meal together when we are free!"

"Ok." Yan Hua waves her hand to him.

She turns around and sees Lang Ruoxian coming back.

"You are not afraid of being sold? You dare to eat with strangers." Says Lang Ruoxian jokingly.

Yan Hua looks up at him and asks, "What is the relations.h.i.+p between Fei Shan and the Fei couple?"

"Younger brother, he is the younger brother of Fei Yi." Lang Ruoxian answers her question and sits down. Yan Hua is about to ask if Fei Shan is really popular. A woman wearing a black dress walks towards them.

She walks very gracefully.

"Mr. Lang, could I sit here?" When the woman approaches, Yan Hua glances at her.

The woman is pretty and s.e.xy, but the way she looks at Yan Hua is not very friendly.

"Sorry, there is no room." Lang Ruoxian says carelessly and points to the back, "Miss Jin, you can sit there."

Yan Hua bows her head and silently drinks the juice, ignoring the aggressive gaze of Miss Jin.

"Mrs. Lang," Jin Xiaoxi is annoyed to see her remaining immobile. "Can you change your seat? I have something to talk to Mr. Lang."

"Oh, that's fine." Yan Hua stands up and goes to the sofa behind to sit down.

Jin Xiaoxi giggles and is about to sit next to Lang Ruoxian, but the man has already stood up.

" Mr. Lang." She is anxious and asks, "Where are you going?"

"Sorry, Miss Jin, I am going to the restroom." Lang Ruoxian still stays calm and collected, but Yan Hua sees the impatience and ridicule from his eyes.

Obviously this young lady can't see it and follows him.

"Mr. Lang, this time I have partic.i.p.ated in the cooperation project between you and my father. When you are free we can...?"

"I'm busy." Lang Ruoxian turns into the corridor, where is no one else. He glances at the direction of the camera and leans sideways.

Jin Xiaoxi quickly leans over to Lang Ruoxian, almost cheek to cheek. Suddenly, a gla.s.s of wine is propped up in the middle of the two. Then she hears the cold voice of the man.

"Stay away from me. The smell of s.e.m.e.n all over you is disgusting."

Destined Wife: The Apple Of My Eye Chapter 49 You Saved My Daughter

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