The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 4362

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A sword attack!

The sword split the air and swept towards them.

Pah pah pah pah pah pah pah!

Countless Star Demon G.o.d of Boundary s were directly killed by Hong Qiuye's sword.

In the middle of the air.

At this instant, the people from the Ten Thousand Worlds also reacted:


"It's not an, it should be his accomplice. Seeing us humiliating them like this, he couldn't take it anymore and jumped out on his own accord."

"You dare be so arrogant just by yourself?"

The crowd looked at Hong Qiuye in the air with unfriendly eyes.

"Hahaha, as expected, you guys are hiding in my Star Demon Realm. Do you think I can't feel anything? "

"If you hadn't treated them like this, would you have shown up?"

"Unfortunately, only one came." The Star Demon G.o.d of Boundary said.

It was as if everything was under his control.

Below the stage, the people from the Ten Thousand Worlds Star Demon were suddenly enlightened.

"So that's the case. So Lord already knew that they had this sort of arrangement. Kneeling."

"This should be that traitor's woman. Her looks are indeed extraordinary." "I don't know."

"Hahaha, then we'll have to let you go first, milord." However, this is indeed the first time it has happened since ancient times in front of tens of thousands of people. "

Countless l.u.s.tful voices appeared, reflecting the light in their eyes. They looked at Hong and Autumn Leaf, all of them ready to make a move.

At this time, the Star Demon, G.o.d of Boundary, had a face full of desire. It looked at Hong Qiuye and its tip drew across its lips, appearing extremely l.u.s.tful.

"Hahaha, you're right. If I were to come here in front of so many people, I don't believe that Long Fei would be able to endure it. "

"Moreover, this woman is so beautiful, much stronger than the women of my Star Demon World. How can a trash like Long Fei be worthy of such a perfect woman? "

"Only I have the right to have it."

The Star Demon, G.o.d of Boundary, looked at Hong Qiu Ye greedily.

Evil and the King of Desire.

However, Hong Qiuye's face was ice-cold, and he was standing straight with his sword raised.

He paid no heed to their gazes and words.

There was only one word in her heart, "Kill!"

At this moment, she was completely filled with killing intent.

He no longer cared about his own life or death.

She only knew that if Long Fei was here, even if he had to fight with his life on the line, he definitely wouldn't let Little Unrivaled be injured and his own brothers be humiliated.

And she, was Long Fei's woman, that was enough.

And this time, Li Yuanba and the rest were even more crazy.

The moment Hong and Autumn Leaf appeared, they truly went crazy.

He desperately wanted to break free.

"Eldest Sis, let's go!"

"This is their plot."

"Don't be fooled, let's go!"

The few of them roared in madness.

His eyes were filled with blood and tears. He was going crazy.

At this moment, they hated themselves.

If it wasn't for them looking down on others too much, this situation wouldn't have happened.

Little Unrivaled had been framed, and they had been trapped deep within the prison. Now that even Hong and Autumn Leaf had appeared, trapped under the watchful eyes of everyone, the result would definitely not be any good.

This was a fatal blow to them.

What was even more painful was that they could only watch helplessly as it happened.

"Eldest Sister-in-Law. Let's go, let's go! "

"Don't worry about us. Let's go!"

The cries were like blood. They were weak, mixed with grief and indignation, and painful, yet imploring.

However, at this time, the Star Demon G.o.d of Boundary snorted coldly.

"Go?" Now that it has come to this, you still want to leave? "


"Moreover, I don't believe that only one person would come."

"Come on, whoever captures this woman will become the second person after me to possess her." The Star Demon G.o.d of Boundary said.

However, this sentence immediately aroused the desire of these people.

All of them looked at Hong Qiuye with guarded gazes.

"Hahaha, Master G.o.d of Boundary has already spoken, what are we waiting for. Such a perfect woman, we haven't even enjoyed ourselves before."

"Capture him, everyone will have a share."

"Hahaha, I am getting a bit impatient now. "Go!"

Instantly, the sky was filled with flying figures.

In the blink of an eye, all the G.o.d of Boundary from the ten thousand realms below the Star Demon took action.

This was because they knew very well in their hearts that this was the sign of achievement.

Moreover, Hong Ye was too beautiful, and it was even a G.o.d of Boundary.

Shua shua shua!

In that instant, countless strands of energy burst forth.

A wave of energy swept through the void in the direction of Hong Ye.

At this moment, Hong Ye raised the longsword in his hand.

His eyes were filled with determination.

"Yang G.o.d's Sword, Light of Destiny, chop!"

A sword slashed through the air. Hong Qiuye brandished the sword brazenly.

She had no way out.

Even if it was ten thousand people, she could only act.


Sword light wreaked havoc, and under this sword, Hong Qiuye's strength directly reached its limit.

However, this power, was not aimed at the people from the Myriad Realms, but at the Star Demon G.o.d of Boundary.

This was the only target she had.

As long as he killed the culprit, everything would be settled.

The power that was binding Li Yuanba and the rest would disappear.

Little Unrivaled will return to normal.

It will all be over.

Rumble …

Rumble …

It was also at this time that the power of the G.o.d of Boundary of the Star Demon Myriad Realm erupted, sweeping across the sky. In the blink of an eye, the entire s.p.a.ce was drowned within.

Hong and Autumn Leaf's figures also instantly disappeared into the void.

It was directly swallowed up by the surging waves of power.


"Eldest Sister-in-Law!"

"You bunch of dog creatures, if you have the guts then let me go, I'll fight you!"

Anger, madness, hysteria.

This scene immediately made Li Yuanba and the others feel as if they had gone mad.

However, it was completely useless. Countless star chains stubbornly pierced through their defenses, locking them in place.

Even if he struggled, it was all in vain.


The Star Demon transformed by Little Unrivaled also roared.

His whole body seemed to be twitching, as blood flowed unceasingly from his eyes.

Although he was controlled by the Star Demon G.o.d of Boundary, his consciousness still belonged to him. At this moment, seeing Hong Qiu Ye being flooded by the power of the Ten Thousand World G.o.d of Boundary, his heart ached.

It was also at this time that the Star Demon G.o.d of Boundary began to laugh loudly.

"Kill me? You want to kill me with just this little bit of cultivation? "

"You overestimate yourself."

"I don't need to do anything, these people can take you down!" The Star Demon G.o.d of Boundary said indifferently, its tone incomparably cold.

His eyes were filled with endless contempt.

The Ten Thousand World G.o.d of Boundary also burst into laughter:

"Haha, what can a woman do?"

"However, Milord, rest a.s.sured. When we attack, we will be able to suppress him and at most, heavily injure him. We will absolutely not kill him."

"After all, it would be too much of a loss to kill such a beautiful woman."


In the void above, a wild, arrogant, lascivious laughter rang out.

However, amidst their laughter, an ice-cold voice came out from the void:

"A group of perverts. Even if I were to die in battle today, I will not allow your scheme to succeed."

"Yang G.o.d's Sword, the skill of karmic luck."

"Sun G.o.d Slas.h.!.+" Kill! "

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 4362

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