The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 4363

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Hong Qiuye's voice sounded out coldly.

He was incomparably resolute, as if he had the will to die.


As Hong Ye's voice rang out, a sword light suddenly appeared.

Shua shua shua!

This sword contained boundless light and surged with unparalleled power.

There was also the boundless power of destiny, surging between the heavens and earth.


The power of destiny was incomparably violent as it swept towards him, and in the blink of an eye, the power of the Ten Thousand Worlds G.o.d of Boundary was directly impacted.

To form a posture of rivalry.

At the same time, Hong Qiuye also drew himself out, throwing out a sword and stabbing towards the void.


Hong Qiuye's figure soared into the sky, flames shooting out explosively, and sword intent soaring into the heavens.

The sharp will of slaughter rubbed against the void, burning the void.

It was as though at this moment, Hong Qiuye was the longsword, and she was the longsword.

One with the sword.

If Oya were here, she would be amazed.

This was because the current Hong Qiu Ye was truly exerting the sword's strength to the extreme. Even she was somewhat inferior.

On the other side, the expression in the Star Demon G.o.d of Boundary changed slightly as well.

"The power of a world?"

"I didn't expect the Sun G.o.d World to have such a method. To use the body of the G.o.d of Boundary to refine a realm into a sword? "


The Star Demon G.o.d of Boundary said indifferently, pointing towards the sky.

Immediately, tens of thousands of stars appeared in the sky.

Shua shua shua!

Countless stars shone brightly in the sky.

"However, that's all. "Even if that old thing is locked in the Star Cage, with your strength, what do you think he's worth?"


The Star Demon, G.o.d of Boundary, had a disdainful look in its eyes as its lips slightly parted.


Suddenly, from the ten thousand stars in the sky, a star suddenly fell.

It shattered the void, and then descended.

Boom! *

The falling stars crashed into the sword-light around Hong Qiuye's body.

Rumble …

Then, a thunderous sound echoed.

Sou sou sou sou!

Countless sword lights wreaked havoc at this moment, spinning through the void as if they wanted to cut this star into pieces.

But the stars were so vast that even Hong Qiuye, who was now one with the sword, and who had used the Yang G.o.d World's experience to combine himself into a single sword, seemed insignificant in the face of this kind of power.

In just a short period of time, his sword strength had become somewhat insufficient.

However, the energy of this star was still incomparably surging.


"Power of karmic luck!" Freeze! "

Hong Qiuye was extremely indignant. A battle soaked in blood.

At this moment, her blue gown was already stained with blood, but her eyes were still filled with unwillingness.

He wanted to use his strength to condense another sword strike.

However, it was not enough.

And at this time, the Star Demon G.o.d of Boundary moved. In a single step, it crossed the starry sky and arrived beside Hong Qiu Ye.

"You are quite stubborn? But without power, no matter how stubborn he is, he's still just an ant. "

"Let me suppress it!" The Star Demon, G.o.d of Boundary, roared and struck out with its palm.

The entire falling star began to be annihilated.

However, when he absorbed that surge of power, he ignored it completely.

An extremely powerful aura also gradually burst forth from his palm.

Apparently, one of his palms was a planet.

It was incomparably terrifying.

Following that, the Star Demon G.o.d of Boundary suddenly made its move. A palm descended, directly annihilating the remnants of the sword intent in the air.

"Come on, struggle? Didn't you want to kill me? "

"This reputed one is waiting for you here. Do you still dare to draw your sword?"

"Can I still use my sword?"

"Tsk tsk, my meridians are about to break, and you still want to kill me? Do you have the qualifications to do so? " The Star Demon G.o.d of Boundary said.

Hong Qiuye looked angrily at the Star Demon, his hands trembling, as he once again raised his sword.

At this time, she was powerless to unleash her sword, just as the Star Demon G.o.d of Boundary had said.

All the meridians in her body were on the verge of collapse after slas.h.i.+ng out that sword. She had no strength left at all.

However, Hong Qiuye continued to insist on raising his longsword.

He turned to his heart.

She … He had already decided to end his own life.

In the next moment, Hong Autumn Leaf's eyes looked towards the void, as if she was waiting for something to happen.

Finally, with a sad smile, he said, "I'm sorry, husband."

"I didn't protect them."

"However, I will absolutely not allow them to tarnish me in the slightest."

As Hong Qiuye spoke in his heart, he suddenly brandished his sword.

However, right at this moment.

On the other hand, the Star Demon G.o.d of Boundary moved. It waved both of its hands and a star light flashed, directly turning into a chain and sweeping away the long sword in Hong Qiu Ye's hands.

"You want to die?" For the woman I like, even if you want to die, you have to ask me if I agree. "

The Star Demon G.o.d of Boundary said.

As he spoke, his body moved forward step by step. He reached out his hands and was about to pull Hong Qiu Ye into his embrace.

Hong Qiuye's eyes were filled with incomparable rage. One despair after another, tears also flowed down from the corners of his eyes.

However, he was completely powerless.

"No, Long Fei, where are you?"

"Help me!"

"Help me!"

In an instant, Hong Qiuye's heart collapsed.

She was not afraid of death, but what she was most afraid of was being humiliated by others, making Long Fei feel ashamed.

"Haha, Long Fei? "I wonder where that little beast is hiding now."

"You still expect him to come here?"

"Don't even think about it, he doesn't dare."

"Besides, no one can save you."

The Star Demon, G.o.d of Boundary, had a sinister smile.

With a sudden movement, he grabbed at Hong Qiuye once more.

However, suddenly, the expression on the face of the Star Demon, G.o.d of Boundary, changed.

"Hmm? There's still someone else? " The expression on the Star Demon G.o.d of Boundary turned cold.


It was as if the duck he had obtained had flown away.

And at this time, the s.p.a.ce in front of Hong Qiuye fluctuated, and countless ripples vibrated as if it were distorted.

"Hubby, is that you?" Hong Ye looked over with hope in his eyes.

"Autumn Leaf, hurry up and leave!"

Hong Qiu Ye brought her along quietly, his heart fantasizing about whether Long Fei had come. However, he was interrupted by a tender shout.

Immediately after, a figure walked out from the s.p.a.ce in front of him, grabbed Hong Qiu Ye and disappeared into the distortion again.

It was none other than You Rou!

Not only him, but also Ao Ya and Liu Luoxi.

The three of them had long since guessed what Hong Qiuye was planning, so they left it to Yurou to continue speculating.

Originally, he wanted to make use of this opportunity to give the Star Demon, the G.o.d of Boundary, a fatal blow.

However, the Star Demon G.o.d of Boundary was too strong, it was not something they could handle.

He could only abandon his plan and save Hong Qiu Ye.

However, the Star Demon G.o.d of Boundary did not move, as if it did not care at all.

When the distorted s.p.a.ce in front of them disappeared, there was no longer any trace of Hong Qiu Ye and the others.

Only then did the Star Demon G.o.d of Boundary raise its head as the corners of its mouth curled into a cold smile:

"Do you think you can leave just like that?"

"Originally, if you didn't move, it would have been difficult for me to discover you."

"But, it just isn't right."

"It's too late to run now!"

"Astral formation, appear!"

Swis.h.!.+ In the blink of an eye, tens of thousands of stars began to s.h.i.+ne, and the void started to collapse.

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 4363

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