The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1379

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Chapter 1379 - Magic Baby, New Demon Body

In such a situation, the chances of Long Fei surviving were close to zero.

Everyone in the city looked at Long Fei.

At this moment.

Outside the Secret World, the trembling of the punish evil secret territory weakened and eventually disappeared. The elder Chang Dao immediately ordered some people to come here, but they did not open the exit.

that scene in the Secret World.

elder Chang Dao laughed, "Hehe."

"With so many evils in your body, even if you don't die, your life will be over, hahaha … Long Fei, do you feel good going against me? " The elder Chang Dao laughed coldly.

He muttered in his heart: "I never thought that Demons Gathering Pill would actually have such great power."

Many of the surrounding oracle s sneered in disdain, "Serves you right!"

One of the oracle said: "Elder, do you want to go out now?"

The elder Chang Dao said: "No rush, let's properly enjoy the temporary scene before him. This must be extremely fun."


At this moment.

elder Chang Dao frowned and immediately closed his eyes.

A few seconds later.

The Yi Seng descended and asked, "How was the a.s.sessment?"

elder Chang Dao regained his composure and replied: "Reporting to the elders, everything is normal."

Yi Seng nodded, and said: "En, report to me immediately if anything happens."

elder Chang Dao replied: "Yes, disciple."

After that, the Yi Seng left. He lowered his voice and said, "No one is allowed to say a single word about what happened today. Understood?"

The oracle disciples all nodded.

The disciples of the exam all had a huge background. In order to deal with Long Fei, they were treated as cannon fodder. If this matter were to spread, he would be severely tortured by the tower question of G.o.d.

It would be hard to turn things around in his life.

Disregarding the safety of this disciple was a serious crime!

elder Chang Dao smirked and said: "Prepare to die inside."

… ….

In the Secret World.

The Evil Qi started to crazily rush into Long Fei's body, and at the end, started to crazily absorb the Evil Qi from the Secret World.


The power in the Great Perfection Heavenly Tribulation controlled the initiative, and crazily devoured the ancient evil energy of the Secret World.

The ancient evil energy that had entered Long Fei's body started to revolve crazily, forming a huge vortex. The center of the vortex was the power of the Heavenly Tribulation at the Perfection Stage.

Long Fei felt a power about to erupt.

There was a force to be awakened.

That very familiar feeling.

Half an hour later.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

The entire punish evil secret territory's ancient Evil Qi was completely absorbed, and with a sudden retraction, Long Fei floated in midair.

The eyes were black.

His entire body was covered in an evil black aura, making him look like an evil demon.

"He has become an evil spirit."

"Stop controlling the demons."

"Everyone, be careful!"

The disciples outside the city became cautious.

Nangong Yan and Ye Jingyun also slowly retreated. If Long Fei was really controlled by the Evil Demon, then they would be in danger.

They were all on guard.

However …

However, all the citizens of Evil City kneeled down, "Thank you for saving us, thank you Lord, thank you Lord …"

Long Fei had absorbed all the evil in their bodies and they had now become normal people. They would forever remember this favor, no matter how Long Fei turned into.

Without Long Fei, they would still be controlled by the demons.

At this moment.

As the citizens of the city kneeled down to thank Long Fei, the things on their bodies slowly flew up, gathering around Long Fei bit by bit.

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The power in Long Fei's body moved suddenly, and completely absorbed the crystal clear light into his body.

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Another rumble.

The energy on Long Fei's body began to wreak havoc as the whirlpool of Ancient Evil Qi swirled even more fiercely. It did not spin outwards, but turned inward, and started to absorb the energy into the Great Perfection Stage Heavenly Tribulation.

"What are you trying to do?"

"Don't tell me he devoured all of the ancient demonic energy?"

"F * ck!"

"What is that power inside your father's body?" Long Fei himself was a little dazed. The last time he felt Xuanyuan Great Emperor's aura being devoured, it was just too strange.

The Asura King once said that there was an even greater power hidden within his body.

Long Fei did not know what that power was.

After devouring the essence energy of Great Emperor Xuanyuan, and now he's come to devour such a ma.s.sive amount of ancient evil energy … just what the h.e.l.l is this power?

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Long Fei's body was like a spiral galaxy, gathering the spirit energy that was being absorbed by the commoners, and followed the ancient Evil Qi into the energy.

A deafening explosion.

Long Fei did not feel any discomfort. On the contrary … He felt incomparably comfortable, just like the spring breeze blowing against his face.


A loud sound echoed out.

All of the ancient evil aura was drawn into that power.

At this moment.

The energy expanded and suddenly surged as it began to frantically condense.

The energy in his body was like that of a pregnant child.

This feeling was similar to the one he had when he was at the ninth level of the G.o.d's bone taboo, and it felt like he was about to be born.

Three minutes later.


A loud explosion resounded from his body.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'Magic Baby'!"


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining a special reward from the system. The reward is the Demon G.o.d of the Nine Tribulations Sword."


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'Magic Baby' with a special reward of 'Level + 1'."


"Congratulations to the player 'Long Fei' for levelling up! Current level: 3 level!"

He had just gained 1 billion experience from killing the shadow of evil G.o.d, and his level rose from Star level 7 to Chen-level 2. Now, he was level up again.


"Congratulations to the player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'Magic Body'. Would you like to convert it?"

Demonic Body!

He was back.


It was not only the devil body, Long Fei could clearly feel the energy coming from the 'G.o.d's stelestone' and the G.o.d's bone taboo that were suppressing Han Ba from within the Magic Baby.

The Magic Baby had fused with them.

"F * ck me!"

Long Fei slowly descended to the ground, his entire body was extremely excited, "My devil body has returned, hahaha … Become stronger. "

"Magic Body!"


"Hahaha …"

Not only that, Long Fei's body did not have any Evil Qi, and he did not have any demonic powers, he was as pure as an angel.

Because …

All of the demonic energy had been absorbed by the Magic Baby.

It was the embodiment of evil in the ancient times, and was also the result of refinement by a perfect G.o.d's suffering force.

His strength …


However …

Right now, he was only in the Nascent Soul stage!

Just like a baby in its infancy, he needed to grow!

Long Fei silently thought in his heart: "Just what is that power in my body? could actually produce Magic Body? Isn't this too unbelievable? "

The key point was that that force had only been able to reveal two tiny sprouts.

Just like a bean sprout, having such powerful strength at this stage, what would happen when he grew up?

It was also at this time.

The elder Chang Dao smiled and said, "You can open the Secret World's exit now!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1379

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