The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1388

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Chapter 1388 - Land Flower

The next day, early in the morning.

Nangong Yan arrived at Long Fei's courtyard wearing a set of tight clothes.

She left late last night.

Long Fei looked at the incomparably hot Nangong Yan, thinking that she had become more attractive, and even prettier, than before. She said slightly: "Women really need nourishment."

He filled a basin with cold water and poured it on himself.

After changing into a clean set of clothes, he said, "Let's go!"

"Yong Master Long."

"Bring me along!" Ye Jingyun stood at the courtyard entrance.

Long Fei asked: Where are you going?

Ye Jingyun said: Yong Master Long, I will go wherever you go.

Right now, he admired Long Fei from the bottom of his heart.

Respect and admiration were like the unending, unending river waters.

Long Fei took a glance at Nangong Yan, and thought to himself: "I was still thinking of coming out for a few wild battles, looks like …"

Nangong Yan said: "One more person and one more helper, let's go together."

Long Fei said: "Then let's go together."

Ye Jingyun immediately laughed and said: "Many thanks Yong Master Long."


"On the way here just now, many groups of people went down the mountain. The third test is on Alchemy, they should have gone down the mountain to look for Spirit Gra.s.s."

"Are we also going to look for Spirit Gra.s.s?"

Long Fei said: "How do you all know what the third stage's exam is? How come I don't know anything? "

Ye Jingyun said: "Yong Master Long, I also heard some news from those oracle s. I also heard that yesterday's incident was a bit serious, after Elder Yi Seng left yesterday, he hasn't returned yet. I'm afraid something bad is about to happen."


Long Fei glanced at the sky, and couldn't help but feel a little worried in his heart, "Big sister fairy, are you alright?"

What happened to the tower question of G.o.d?

Long Fei didn't know.

However, he was now certain that the tower question of G.o.d was just like an ordinary sect, full of schemes and scheming.

Right now, even if something happened to the tower question of G.o.d, Long Fei had no choice. He didn't even know where the entrance to the tower question of G.o.d was.

Long Fei muttered, and said: "Let's go."

The three of them went down the mountain, with Nangong Yan leading the way, with Long Fei and Ye Jingyun following behind.

… ….

"Young Master Kuang, they are coming down the mountain!"

song kuang's gaze turned sinister as he said coldly, "Alright!"

"How's it going?"

That disciple said, "The news has already spread. Last night, h.e.l.l Gate's powerhouse should have arrived. This is a great opportunity for h.e.l.l Gate."

song kuang laughed coldly, and said: "n.o.body would dare to touch you in the tower question of G.o.d a.s.sessment grounds, but after leaving this place … Long Fei, you are just a dead dog. "

"I don't believe that you won't die this time!"

"Hahaha …"

song kuang laughed out loud, the pain in his fingers made him suck in a few breaths of cold air, "Long Fei, just you wait!"

This was also song kuang's first time here, how did he know that there were Land Flower at the Profound Peak Cliff?

Because he was also told to go for a walk!

… ….

Four hours later.

"Huff …"

Nangong Yan exhaled a breath of air, looked at a dark, cold and dangerous peak, and said: "There's a Land Flower on this Profound Peak Cliff."

"Then let's go up." Ye Jingyun immediately said.

Long Fei pulled him back in one go and said, "With such an easy-to-pluck Spirit Gra.s.s, it's no longer an ultimate Spirit Gra.s.s. These kinds of Spirit Gra.s.s are all nurtured in the world, and with the ferocious beasts protecting them, it's still extremely difficult to harvest them."

Nangong Yan said: "You are right, this kind of Land Flower has absorbed the essence of the earth for ten years. It will take root for ten years, sprout for ten years, scatter for ten years, blossom for ten years, and mature for ten years."

"It will take fifty years to harvest."

"Moreover, it's not easy for this Land Flower to guess the peak of Profound Mountain Cliff."

Ye Jingyun secretly clicked his tongue and said, "A Spirit Gra.s.s formed in fifty years?"

"This is the first time I've heard of it."

"However, since he's on the peak, I'll just fly up."

As soon as he finished.

Ye Jingyun took a step forward as his entire body fell to the ground. His entire body was covered in a layer of frost and he was trembling from head to toe, his face pale.

Long Fei said: "This is called Earth Protection."

"No matter where you are, the strongest power is not the human being, but the power of nature." Long Fei looked at the dusky patch of land above his head. It looked like it was nothing, but there was an Earth Guardian's power on top of it, forming a powerful obstruction. It was impossible to fly up, even with Fire Unicorn s.

Ye Jingyun said: "Then what do we do?"

Long Fei said: "Climb up."

Nangong Yan said: "That's right, only by climbing the mountain peak will we have a chance to pick Land Flower."

At this moment.

A cry came from the thick clouds, and the lightning and thunder from the clouds continued to wreak havoc.

Nangong Yan trembled slightly, and said: "The Land Flower is about to mature, let's hurry up, it only has a minute of time to mature, if we miss it then it's useless."

And then …

Nangong Yan quickly teleported out.

Long Fei looked at the thick layer of clouds, where lightning was raging, and muttered: "Are demon beast still hiding within these clouds?"

"My devil body needs to level up as well."

Along the way, he did not encounter any demon beast, which made Long Fei very unhappy.

The demonic figure was only at level 20 and was still at the 'child' stage. This level was too low, and the demonic G.o.d was only a child. This way of appearing on the scene would make them feel uncomfortable, not oppressed at all.

He had to grow up.

… ….

"The Land Flower is about to mature."

"Everyone, hurry up!"

Not only Long Fei and the others knew that the Land Flower s were about to mature, many people in the forest also knew. They were all rus.h.i.+ng towards the Profound Peak Cliff where the Land Flower s were.

… ….

In the dark corner of Mysterious Peak Cliff.

"Will he really come?"

"This place is extremely cold. If he doesn't come, then it would be too much of a disaster."

"The news can't be wrong."

"Moreover, this is a desperate ambush point, as long as we can knock him down the cliff."

"Elder, what exactly is at the bottom of this cliff?"

"I don't know what it is, but I know that when I fall, I instantly turn into ice and the moment I land, my body will shatter into pieces. Even the Great Firmament Deity wouldn't be able to save me."

Mysterious Peak Cliff.

It rose into the clouds.

The snow covered for ten thousand years, never melting.

At the bottom of its peak, there was an extremely cold place. Even the super powerhouse would not dare to approach this place because its temperature could freeze the blood essence in their veins.


It was called the zone of death!

It was also known as Absolute Zero!

The news about the Land Flower was spread by song kuang, but she did not investigate it thoroughly. She also did not expect that all of this was a trap meant for Long Fei.

As long as he could kill Long Fei, song kuang would not hesitate.

… ….

"It's so cold!"

"This is too cold!"

"I feel like my blood vessels are about to freeze." Ye Jingyun rubbed his hands together, ice crystals were hanging from his nose and his brows were also covered in ice.

Not just cold.

Most importantly, Long Fei felt that his cultivation was going to be frozen.

It was very strange.

Even with their cultivations, they would not be so cold.

Long Fei looked at the dusky mountain peak as he thought to himself, "There must be something strange up there!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1388

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