The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1389

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Chapter 1389 - Ice Thunder Bird

Whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

The cold wind was like a blade, blowing in all directions.

Every step forward was extremely difficult, and his entire body was frozen stiff. His body was unable to withstand it.

"This won't do."

Nangong Yan glanced at Long Fei, and said: "We are simply too slow. If we continue to be this slow, we will all die here."

Ye Jingyun started to retreat, and said: "Yong Master Long, I think we should forget about it, we can't go any further, it's too cold."

His body trembled nonstop.

His superior cultivation base was completely useless here!

Long Fei was also aware of this, but... Since the both of you are here, and also on a mission, it must be completed. "Both of you, leave."

"I'm going to pick the Land Flower."

Nangong Yan said: "It's too dangerous, I don't know how long it will take to reach the top, but I don't know what will happen on top of the mountain, let's go?"

She didn't want to go up any more.

Not only her, even the people who came for the Land Flower all retreated. This Profound Peak Cliff was simply not a place for humans to stay, it was too dangerous.

Ye Jingyun said: "Yong Master Long, let's go down first."

"People will really die!"

Long Fei did not want to give up, and there must be something strange about it, maybe there was some kind of rare spirit treasure, with Long Fei's personality, he definitely could not miss it, "You guys can leave!"

"I'll be fine."

"Hurry up, don't waste time." Long Fei saw that Ye Jingyun was almost at his limit and his lips were split open. If he did not continue, he was really going to die here.

Ye Jingyun did not try to dissuade him anymore. He really could not take it anymore and said: "Yong Master Long, be careful!"

Nangong Yan reminded him, "Be careful!"

The two of them quickly walked down the mountain.

"Huff …"

Long Fei let out a deep breath, his heart sank, and shouted loudly, "Demon fruit, magma, open!"

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Burning with the Holy Source, Long Fei forcefully activated the magmatic fruit's power. There was no lava on his body, only a ball of white gas.

"The temperature here is too low. Even the demon fruit has been frozen. This is just too low of a temperature." Long Fei muttered, he turned and moved, "Charge!"

Although the magmatic fruit could not fully unleash its power, Long Fei could still maintain the temperature of his body, so he did not feel as cold as before.

However …

Long Fei had to quickly go get the Land Flower, otherwise the temperature of the magmatic fruit would not be able to keep up.

He used all his strength to rush to the top of the mountain.

Amidst the thick snow, a pair of eyes was faintly discernible as it said, "It's finally here!"

"Huff, huff …"

The air here seemed to have frozen over. Long Fei looked at the Land Flower that was in full bloom at the edge of the cliff, but it had not fully matured yet. The flower petals continued to bloom, and it still needed a little more time before it would mature.

It was incomparably white.

Furthermore, a thin stream the color of Xuna Bai lingered around him, it was obvious that it was not ordinary.

Long Fei did not immediately go to pick them, but carefully approached them. The closer he got to the Land Flower, the colder it became.

"F * ck!"

"I can't care so much anymore!"

"If this goes on, I'm really going to freeze to death." Right now, Long Fei felt that if he urinated, his urine would instantly freeze on his little brother.

Not to mention peeing, s.h.i.+tting would cause the chrysanthemums to freeze to the point that they wouldn't even be able to get their shxt out.

At this moment, he only needed one word. Fast!

Long Fei did not care about the dangers around the Land Flower, and rushed forward to grab it.

At this moment.

Suddenly, a group of people rushed out from the thick snow ground around them. Long Fei was extremely familiar with their clothes, it was h.e.l.l Gate's clothes.

"Long Fei!"


"Hahaha …"

Although their cultivation was restricted, they did not completely freeze or lose it. This was because they all had G.o.d's mountain gate's unique protective Profound Spirit Qi.

This was also the reason why they were able to stay hidden here for such a long period of time.

Long Fei's expression tightened, and said solemnly: "It's all your lingering ghost of a h.e.l.l Gate again, the lesson you've received shouldn't be enough right?"

"Come on!"

Long Fei roared fiercely.

His heart was filled with anxiety, because … Right now, even his Holy Source value had been frozen, unable to release any of his techniques.

He was extremely anxious.

"I'm done for!"

Just as they made their move, the Land Flower had matured!

A delicate fragrance wafted in the air.

The surrounding aura suddenly moved, and from that thick thundercloud came a cry, "Gua …"

In that instant.

An ice bird, which had always been large, flew out from the clouds. Without giving Long Fei time to react, it flapped its wings at Long Fei.

A long series of lightning bolts was released.

The thunder element was extremely dense.


There was also the incomparably cold ice elemental essence, and the two elemental energies merged into one.

"It's the Ice Thunder Bird!"

"Land Flower s."

"Hahaha... Long Fei, this time, even if you don't die, you will still die! "


The old man from the h.e.l.l Gate became excited, they did not need the Land Flower, they wanted Long Fei's life!

This was Zhan Wushuang's order!

Zhan Wushuang who was creating a barrier in the tower question of G.o.d did not seem to be related to the outside world, but he had a lot of things under his control. Long Fei was still alive.

This made him extremely unhappy.


This news must not be made known to Xuanyuan Li Er, otherwise she would give up and run out to find Long Fei.

Long Fei looked at the gigantic Ice Thunder Bird and was immediately startled, "d.a.m.n, ice birds?"

Its appearance was basically the same, except that this reminder was thousands of times bigger than in the game.

The attack he had released was also accompanied by the power of the destructive thunder and lightning as well as the frozen ice elemental energy. At this time, Long Fei had no way of dodging it at all.

The road ahead was blocked by the h.e.l.l Gate.

The sky was sealed by the Ice Thunder Bird and their attacks immediately fell.

At this moment.

Long Fei didn't have any time to think, he grabbed the Land Flower and jumped off the cliff.



"Jump off the cliff?"

"Hahaha... "Then he's dead for sure!"

The h.e.l.l Gate Elder laughed proudly. It was also at this moment.

The Ice Thunder Bird's attack fell.



Those h.e.l.l Gate disciples were also smashed flying in a split second. Just now, laughing at Long Fei for falling off the cliff meant his death, now they...

He also fell off the cliff!

The Ice Thunder Bird's eyes moved and let out a cry. Its body swooped down and it continuously spat out sharp ice pillars.

"Fire Unicorn..."

Long Fei roared.

The Fire Unicorn braced herself and rushed out, but … The moment he appeared in midair, all the flames on his body went out, and his body frantically fell down.

The Yuan Yang bigbeast immediately reminded: "Boss, you're about to enter the death zone!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1389

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