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Chapter 2010 - White Robe oracle

The world was too big, there was no place for it.

The night king valley was the only path they could take.

Long Fei had just arrived at the Primordial Divine War, so his city of martial arts w.a.n.g Family no longer existed. As for Li Yuanba … It was the same.

Amongst the four of them, only the violet-robed maiden had anywhere to go.

However …

Although the purple-clothed girl said that she was going to the night king valley, she couldn't help but become worried.

This time when she came out, she was met with opposition from many clan elders. The death of the nether slave, as well as the death of the night king valley's elites, it was unknown whether or not she could enter the valley!

Right now, there was no other way. Long Fei needed a place to rest and even more so, the antidote.

… ….

One day later.

Inside legend palace.

A man with white robes embroidered with white clouds was standing on a high seat.

sky G.o.d envoy.

All of the powerhouse s kneeled on the ground, not even daring to breathe loudly.

The death of the Crown Prince continued to ferment, and the sky G.o.d was furious.

main temple.

There were quite a few ripples on the battleground.

Many people knew of this person, or rather, there was a madman called Long Fei.

"My lord has said that we can't just let the crown prince die like this. No matter who he is, he must pay for the crown prince's death with his own life." The white robed oracle spoke slowly.


"Master has been busy with cultivation recently and didn't have the time to come down, so he had to rely on you to kill Long Fei. This is also your chance to redeem yourself."

"Do not disappoint my lord. Otherwise, not only will you all suffer, I will suffer as well. Understood?" The eyes of the white-robed figure trembled, a hint of cold disdain in his words.

The elder of the legend palace immediately said, "Understood, understood. We will definitely do our best to not let you down. We will not let you down."

"I don't want all of you to give it your all. I want all of you to take Long Fei down!" The white robed oracle's gaze sank.

The legend palace Elder immediately said, "Definitely, definitely, definitely!"

"Very good!"

The white robed envoy smiled, "Do you have any plans?"

The elder was silent for a moment, then said: "I have already issued the legend palace's pursuit order, the moment we discover them, it would be hard for them to escape death."

"legend palace Chasing Order?"


The white robed receiver sneered, expressing his disdain, "That's it?"

The elder's gaze tightened and his body trembled uncontrollably.

In the Primordial Divine War, the legend palace possessed supreme power, but in front of the main temple, they were nothing more than ants, incomparably insignificant.

Even a oracle would be able to easily crush them.

At this time.

Another young elder said: "Master, there is only one place they can go, and that is the night king valley. As long as we block their way, they will definitely be cut off."

The white robed receiver said: "Continue."

The young elder said, "According to what I know, Long Fei has already been infected by a mind-lostinig poison and is in a coma.

If it's too long, he'll never wake up, so they need to find a place to rest and then search for the antidote. The antidote for this poison … "

The white robed receiver spoke out: "The mind-lostinig poison's antidote was personally concocted by the sky G.o.d himself. It's not said that no one can concoct the antidote, but I'm afraid it won't be that easy to find the person who concocted the antidote in the Ancient G.o.d Battlefield, right?"

The young elder said: "There aren't any poison masters in the night king valley. The poison masters in the ancient G.o.d battle are all part of the Poison Monster, and the powers in the night king valley might be able to find them."

Although the night king valley had already declined, its internal structure did not dissipate.

Its information gathering organization was still the strongest in the ancient G.o.d battle.

Even legend palace would not be able to compare to him.

Finding someone was too easy for the night king valley.

An elder said, "Poison Monster had disappeared for dozens of years already. Looking for him would be like looking for a needle in a haystack."

The young elder said, "They still won't be able to see it."

The white robed receiver said, "If you have something to say, just say it."

"Yes sir!"

The young elder bowed and said: "Poison Monster is currently in fairy gra.s.s valley, I discovered it unintentionally. I believe the people in night king valley know about it too, and they will definitely return.


The white robed receiver shouted, "Very good!"

"There are millions of ways to the night king valley, even if we can intercept them it would be very difficult. Although the power of the night king valley is declining, we cannot underestimate them. However, there is only one way to the fairy gra.s.s valley, and as long as we stop them, they will die without a doubt!" The young elder excitedly said.

Quite a few elders shot envious gazes at him.

It was an honor to be recognized by the envoys of the sky G.o.d.

If it works.

That elder could very likely be the future Hall Master of legend palace!

The white gowned oracle said: "All of legend palace's personnel, follow your orders. If this matter is handled well, the sky G.o.d will definitely reward you handsomely."

The young elder immediately said, "This subordinate understands!"

… ….

G.o.d's mountain, the residence of the G.o.d Child Zhan Wushuang.

A faint smile hung on Zhan Wushuang's face, and he said: "Long Fei, you really did not disappoint me, breaking through Devil Island, killing Crown Prince."

"Hahaha …"

"As fearless as ever."

"Amazing, amazing!"


"You have also exposed your current position."

"It won't be long before those women of yours will appear in front of you. At that time … To die in the hands of his own woman, this feeling … Hahaha... "Hahaha..." Zhan Wushuang laughed wildly.

Just thinking about it made him excited.

Of course.

Zhan Wushuang understood Long Fei very well, and within a single day, Long Fei would undergo a crazy change.

It was hard to kill him with his woman.

However …

Whether it was Long Fei or Long Fei's woman, as long as they met each other, either Long Fei would die, or Long Fei's woman would die. No matter who died, it would be something to be happy about for Zhan Wushuang.

At this moment.

A servant spoke out: "Elder, there is a man wearing a black robe who wishes to see you."

Zhan Wushuang's face recovered, and said: "Did he say who he is?"

The servant replied, "No, he just said that he had helped you before, and … He said that he is the only person in the world who knows how to cultivate Soul Controlling. "

In that instant.

Zhan Wushuang's eyes shook, and thought: "Destiny G.o.d?"

"He really did not die!"

And then …

The corner of Zhan Wushuang's mouth revealed a cold and sinister smile, and said: "Bring him in …"

Soul Controlling!

Although he had fused with the fate energy of the Destiny G.o.d and obtained the elementary form of Soul Controlling, he had not made any progress in the cultivation of the Soul Controlling.

He hadn't moved an inch in such a long time.

Something must have gone wrong.

If he wanted to be above anyone, then he had to grasp three types of Law Energies.

He didn't expect … At this time, the Destiny G.o.d came.

This was simply offering coal in the middle of a snowstorm!

Three Laws … It was supreme!

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2010

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