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Chapter 2011 - Endure

The death of Crown Prince in the Primordial War, main temple, battleground caused a lot of commotion.

It was the same in night king valley.

… ….

Three days later.

The purple-clothed girl came to night king valley.

However …

The valley door was tightly shut.

This had never happened before.

night king valley was like a huge box. If the entrance to the valley was closed, no matter how hard you tried, you would not be able to enter.

The door to the night king valley had never been closed.

The purple-clothed girl stood outside the valley with a hidden lock between her eyebrows, loudly shouting, "Open the door!"

There was no reaction at all.

The purple-clothed girl shouted again, "Open the door!"

It was the same. There was no response.

w.a.n.g tai looked at the pitch black mountain in front of him and muttered, "Is this the entrance to the main entrance? "Why doesn't it look like it, could it be that I found the wrong place?"

Li Yuanba said in a simple and rough manner, as he walked forward and said: "Are you sure this is the main entrance? I can break it. "

The purple-clothed girl looked at the two of them as if she was staring at a monster.

These past few days.

w.a.n.g tai and Li Yuanba had not consumed any healing pellets, but they had … The injuries on their bodies healed as if they had seen a ghost.

Especially Li Yuanba.

The bones of his feet were broken into countless pieces, and his veins and tendons were all broken. It could be said that he was a cripple, but he was still alive and kicking the next day.

There was no sign of injury at all.

The whole thing was a freak.

Big freak.

Adding on the huge coffin on his back, Li Yuanba's appearance was really scary, I am afraid!

Li Yuanba foolishly took a fancy to the purple-clothed girl and waited for her answer.

The purple-clothed girl gently shook her head and said, "No, this isn't an ordinary gate. You won't be able to break it."


The purple-clothed girl once again said, "Uncle Heaven's Mandate, can you come out to meet me?"

After a long time.

A voice came from within the mountain, "Young Valley Master, Great Elder has ordered that you are not to enter the valley. From today onwards, you will no longer be a member of the night king valley, and your life or death has nothing to do with the night king valley. You should leave quickly."

The purple-clothed girl frowned. The thing she was worried about had happened after all. "I want to meet with Great Elder."

"F * ck!"

Li Yuanba rubbed his bald head, and said angrily: "You're cutting off all ties just like that?"

From within the mountain came the voice of an azure dragon, and said: "There's no need for that. From the moment you left the valley on your own accord, you have not been one of night king valley's people any longer."

The purple-clothed girl raised her eyes and immediately took a step forward, "Uncle Tianming, I am saving my father, I cannot let night king valley fall."


"If you don't let the night king valley fall, then what are you doing now?"

You pushed the night king valley down a cliff, and even said something about not letting the night king valley fall, it's because your night king valley had no choice but to close the gate that hasn't been closed for a million years, and even said something about not letting the night king valley fall.

"Let's go!"

"Don't appear here again."

The old man said solemnly.

w.a.n.g tai yelled. "He's your uncle?"

Li Yuanba said in a bad mood: "Is there such a thing as an uncle?"

The purple-clothed girl held back her tears and escaped from the Night King's Token, saying solemnly: "I order you to open the door!"

The inside of the mountain shook.

king of night order.

Seeing an order was like seeing a night king.

"Grand Elder, this …"

"The Night King Token is the supreme sacred object in our night king valley, and it is even n.o.bler than a blood sacrifice bracelet. We cannot let a single woman take all of it."

"The legend palace has already given the order to kill, and the envoys of the main temple have also intervened, they will definitely not be able to escape death."

"We can't get involved. We can't let them in."

"Why don't we do it..."

Destiny's eyes widened.

The elder immediately stopped talking.

night king valley would never fight.

Heaven's Mandate's voice turned heavy as he said, "The king of night order belongs to the night king valley. You …"

The purple-clothed girl unwillingly took the blood sacrifice bracelet off her hand and said directly: "We will return the king of night order to you. Please let us into the valley."

"As long as he is well, we will leave immediately."

Heaven's Mandate said lightly: "The mind-lostinig poison has no antidote, he won't be able to recover."

"The blood sacrifice bracelet."

"Something left behind by the Master."

"First Elder, that kid is very heavily poisoned anyway. Even if we get the antidote, he might not necessarily live. At that time, he will die in our valley, and then we will hand him over. Isn't that a great contribution?"

"But what if the powerhouse in legend palace arrive after they enter the valley?"

"Three days!"

"I can only let you stay for three days."

"When the time comes, you will definitely leave the valley!"

No matter what, the purple-clothed girl was a member of the night king valley, and she was still Young Valley Master.

Three days.

This was also the limit of the night king valley.

The purple-clothed girl said, "Alright!"

At a time like this, they had to find the antidote immediately. Otherwise, Long Fei wouldn't be able to wait so long.

Long Fei had saved her before.

She would also save Long Fei!


Crown Prince, legend palace, and even sky G.o.d might very well be the culprits behind his father's death, he had found his father's enemy!

Long Fei's life was very important.

"Rumble …"

"Rumble …"

After a wave of three bodies moved, a road extended out from the mountain.

It was as if he had made a supernatural feat of things.

The purple-clothed girl said, "After entering the valley, listen to my orders and don't act recklessly. No matter what grievances I receive, I will endure it all. Do you understand?"

"In order to save Long Fei, you must hold back."

Li Yuanba and w.a.n.g tai nodded.

The three of them entered the valley.

After entering the valley, both sides were filled with people pointing at the purple-clothed girl.

"It's her. She wants to destroy the night king valley."


"She is a scourge."

"How many people died because of her?"

"Even Coach Nether Enlightenment died, why aren't you dying?"

… ….

Many people cursed in low voices, and they were extremely resentful towards the purple-clothed girl.

Everything that had happened in the city of martial arts had long ago spread to this place. So many of the night king valley's elites had perished, and so many of the nether slave's dead, they all blamed it on the purple-clothed girl.

If it were not for her doubting her search for the Nine Reborn spiritual Flowers, the night king valley would not have fallen to such a state.

legend palace's domineering suppression.

Under the encirclement and annihilation of the various powers, the night king valley lost hundreds of elite within a few days.

The purple-clothed girl was like a sinner as she slowly walked inside.

She owed it.

At this moment.

One of the people in the crowd threw out an egg, "How do you still have the face to live? Why don't you go and die? "


The purple-clothed girl didn't dodge.

The egg smashed into her head and the egg flowed onto her face. The purple-clothed girl felt a faint pain in her heart.

Li Yuanba was furious.

The purple-clothed girl immediately sank. "Endure it!"

"No matter what people say or do, you have to hold it in, okay?"

Endure it!

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2011

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