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Chapter 2012 - Yuling guardian warrior

Endure was not an option.

However, this was the only thing he could do right now.

She was sorry.

However …

She owed no one.

If they could not resist, they would still chase out the night king valley. At that time, they would really have nowhere else to go.

Long Fei had to be saved first.

As someone started to speak, the surrounding people became even more frenzied. Some rotten vegetables and other rotten things were thrown out, and some of the stones were even thrown out.

The violet-robed maiden didn't defend at all, allowing those people to throw her as they pleased.

Bleeding from the top of his head.

Li Yuanba and w.a.n.g tai were both extremely furious, anger erupting from their hearts.

In the distance.

One of the elders had a cold smile on his face as he looked at the purple-clothed girl slowly walking over, "Young Valley Master? Hahaha... Why do I look like a dog? "

The sound wasn't loud, but everyone in the audience could hear it.

Li Yuanba was suddenly enraged.


The innate divine power in his body shook, Li Yuanba's eyes were like a vajra's eyes as he roared out, "Try saying another word!"

His voice was like thunder.

A powerful burst.

The entire valley shook.

It instantly quieted down.

The elder laughed coldly and said, "One more word? So what if I say ten more words? She's like a dog, she's like a dog, she's like a dog … "

"Cluck, cluck, cluck …"

Li Yuanba's fist exploded out! "F * ck!"

He cursed angrily.

He was about to charge out, but... However, the purple-clothed girl pulled him back and shouted in a low voice, "Do you still want your boss to go?"

The anger in Li Yuanba's heart made him go berserk, his entire body turning red.

He also had a bad temper. If he was unhappy, he would beat it.

But now …

When he thought of his boss, the rage on his body instantly died down. He stared fixedly at the elder.

"She's like a dog!"

The elder said this ten times with a proud smile, "Do you want me to say it another ten times?"

"Just say it a hundred more times."

"Hahaha …"

"She's not only a dog, she's also a b.i.t.c.h."

The elder stared coldly at the purple-clothed girl's chest.

"Cluck, cluck, cluck …"

He couldn't help it!

Li Yuanba's entire body was scarlet red, and smoke was coming out from the top of his head.

The young elder said: "What's wrong?" Unhappy? Angry? You want to hit me? Come, come, hit me! As long as you dare to touch even a single hair on my head, my father will expel you all from the valley. You will never even step half a step into night king valley. "

The purple-clothed girl said: "tian yuan, do you have to do this?"

"Hahaha …"

"Zi Yue, this is exactly what I want. Seeing your appearance, I don't even know how happy I am. Hahaha …" tian yuan laughed out loud.

"tian yuan!"

With a loud shout, a group of elders walked over.

The leader was Heaven's Mandate.

He was also the most senior elder in the night king valley.

He used to be Zi Yue's father's most trusted a.s.sistant, but now …

Zi Yue bowed slightly and said, "Uncle Tianming."

Heaven's Mandate glanced at Zi Yue and said, "In three days, this is the limit of the night king valley."

Zi Yue replied, "I know."

tian yuan said: "Hand over the king of night order."


"Hand it over first."

"Hurry up!"

The elders pressed forward.

Zi Yue pa.s.sed the blood sacrifice bracelet over and said: "I'll give the blood sacrifice bracelet to you guys first. I'll give the king of night order to you guys when we leave."

"Uncle Heaven's Mandate, can you lend me a flycatcher?"

"What are you going to do with a piper when you are in the valley?"

Zi Yue didn't conceal anything. "I want to make a trip to fairy gra.s.s valley."

"The mind-lostinig poison's antidote?" The s.p.a.ce between Destiny's eyebrows tightened.

Zi Yue understood a lot of things about the Primordial Divine War, especially some Alchemy. She was especially clear about the residences of the experts in poison refinement.

She had once visited the Poison Monster.

It's just that at that time, Poison Monster did not see her. It's for Long Fei!

tian yuan said: "The flycatcher is a divine bird that travels a million kilometers per day, is that something that you can borrow if you want to?"


tian yuan looked at Zi Yue and said, "It's not impossible for you to want to borrow it, take off your veil first."

Zi Yue had been wearing the veil on her face since she was young. Not many in the night king valley had seen his face, and tian yuan was the same.

As far as Zi Yue was concerned, she couldn't take off her veil.

Her veil was taken off only for her husband.

Everyone in the valley knew that.

tian yuan also knew that letting her take off her veil was just making things difficult for her and playing with her.

"I heard that your veil was left for your husband. Now, take it off and let us see. Maybe there's a big scar under your veil?"

"Is he ugly?"

"Hahaha …" tian yuan laughed out loud.

Zi Yue smiled faintly and said, "Alright!"

He extended his hand to remove the purple veil covering his face, revealing a peerlessly beautiful face. Many people in the surrounding area were stunned.

tian yuan's eyes turned sinister, filled with hatred.

He hated Zi Yue.

He hated Zi Yue for rejecting him.

Seeing this peerless face, tian yuan laughed: "Now that you have taken off your veil, does that mean that we can all become your husbands?"

"A lady like Dov... "Hahaha..."

"I don't mind."

Li Yuanba's fist was about to be crushed, the purple-clothed girl also fiercely grabbed onto him. The purple-clothed girl laughed lightly: "You can only remove the veil for your husband. If you remove the veil today, Zi Yue will never wear the veil, and will never marry!"

tian yuan was stunned.

Zi Yue said slightly, "Can you lend me the flycatcher now?"

Her heart was bleeding.

It was as if faith had been ruthlessly trampled upon.

She endured!

He ruthlessly endured it.

Everyone was slightly shocked. tian yuan was like a rooster who was defeated, very unhappy, very unhappy.

"No way!"

"You want to borrow the flycatcher and take off your clothes?" tian yuan shouted.

Li Yuanba said angrily: "You've gone too far."

He couldn't hold it in anymore!

"Laozi is going too far, what can you do?"

"Zi Yue, take it off. Let us all look at your body. Since you're not going to marry anyone, let us take advantage of you and let us take a look …"

Heaven's Mandate also shouted, "tian yuan, shut up!"

And then …

Heaven's Mandate said, "Okay, we can lend you the flying sparrow, but you cannot leave the night king valley."

The purple-clothed girl said: "Only I know fairy gra.s.s valley, if I don't go, then …"

"I don't care."

"You can't leave anyway." Heaven forbid Zi Yue from leaving. Of course … This was something he had to consider, because he knew … The fairy gra.s.s valley was now an inescapable net.

Whoever goes will die.

Zi Yue was his niece.

If nothing had happened, it might have been his daughter-in-law.

He felt sorry for this girl.

She could not let him die just like that. She could only treat it as doing the last thing for her dead father.

Li Yuanba said: "I'll go!"

"Draw me a map, I'll go!"

He then took off the coffin on his back, Long Fei could not take the impact, if anything happened, Long Fei would die without using the antidote.

Zi Yue had no other choice. "Alright!"

… ….

fairy gra.s.s valley.

A child-like person was standing on top of the mountain.


"How much longer do we have to wait?"

"It's been so long, but the boss still hasn't appeared."

"I wonder how Simple Li is doing."

"Boss, the Holy Spirit really misses you!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2012

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