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Chapter 2013 Three Great Formations

"w.a.n.g tai, take good care of my sister-in-law."

"If anyone dares to touch him, kill him!"

Li Yuanba said heavily.

They had all seen Zi Yue's suffering. If it wasn't for their boss, he would have really made a move.

He couldn't control his temper at all.

w.a.n.g tai said: "Brother Li, don't worry, I will risk my life to protect eldest brother and eldest sister-in-law."

Li Yuanba said: "I will hurry back."

Zi Yue replied indifferently: "Be careful along the way. You must be careful of Poison Monster. He has a strange temperament, fairy gra.s.s valley's rule is that if you want medicine, you must do one thing for him, if you succeed, you will give it to him."

"He might have all sorts of difficult problems, so you should be careful."

Li Yuanba said: "Eldest sister-in-law, you can rest a.s.sured. I will definitely bring the antidote back."

"I'm leaving!"

Jumping onto the flycatcher, idea moved to control the flycatcher.

He spread his wings and instantly rushed into the clouds, disappearing without a trace.

… ….

"Let's go!"

"looby left."

Just as Li Yuanba left, a disciple reported to him.

tian yuan laughed coldly, and said: "He's gone, he'll definitely not be able to return. Right now, what's left is that monster with black bones on its body."

"Young master, he's just a monster, and isn't he easy to deal with?"

"I just need to find an excuse to call him out and beat him up. I don't believe that he will still be alive after that." One of the lackeys said excitedly, "This is the night king valley."

tian yuan said: "Don't be anxious, take your time."

"Play slowly, hehe!"

A trace of gloominess flashed through tian yuan's eyes, and Zi Yue's peerlessly beautiful face appeared in his mind, as the corner of his mouth couldn't help but reveal a cold smile.

"Zi Yue, you're mine!"

"Hahaha …"

… ….

"Have they left?" Heaven's Mandate was also observing.

One of the elders replied: "Let's go Great Clan Elder, when we make our move, hand Long Fei over and our night king valley will be able to protect him."

Long Fei's life was very valuable.

Not only did legend palace want his head, main temple also wanted his head.

If he could hand Long Fei over, night king valley might even rise to prominence just like that.

Heaven's Mandate furrowed his brows as he looked into the distance and fell into deep thought.

He wasn't sure.

night king valley's ancestor, the first Night King, was once the G.o.d's number one and had the highest achievements in the battleground. However … However, he did not choose to enter the main temple, and instead left.

The most powerful organization was established during the ancient war.

He could become the most powerful powerhouse below the Sovereign, but he didn't.

Why is that?

Because …

Back then, he had obtained a prophecy that the current Sovereign would be overthrown and the new would live on for eternity.

Only the people from the night king valley knew about this prophecy.

Is it true or false?

After countless years, no one could determine.

Choose the present, or choose the future?

He let out a long breath, and said: "Don't move recklessly, let tian yuan also calm down a little."

"Yes sir!"

The elder left the room.

Heaven's Mandate muttered, "Father gave me the name Heaven's Mandate, which means to resign himself to the heavens' will. This time … "Just follow the will of heaven, if I can find the antidote, I will fully support you."

"If he doesn't return within three days, then …"

Destiny did not continue.

… ….

"Brat, get down here."

fairy gra.s.s valley, on a cliff.

The Heaven Spirit lowered its head to look at the unkempt, jet-black face of the elder in the valley. It smiled and said, "I don't think you'll be able to succeed."

Poison Monster.

Refining poison into a devil.

At the same time.

He was also the number one poison refiner of the ancient G.o.d battle, and he studied poisons with every word.

He was also an antidote master.

This time … But now, he had encountered a big problem: how to use poison against poison.

The Poison Monster puffed his beard and glared at the sky spirit, saying: "How preposterous, my Poison Monster's number one poison master, I don't believe you."

"As long as I succeed in forging the pill, I will use poison to attack the poison pill..."

"As long as you succeed, I will pa.s.s on to you the secret recipe for the Mortal Mortal Pill."


"It's a deal!"


Poison Monster turned and entered the cave.

The Celestial Spirit turned to look at the mountain range and muttered, "How can I wait here? Boss, when will you be here?"

In Eight King Kong, everyone's location was different.

When the Holy Spirit came out of h.e.l.l, it came to fairy gra.s.s valley.

He was neither a human nor a ghost, his physique that was neither a demon nor a demon immediately attracted the attention of the Poison Monster, and at the same time … The Mortal Mortal Pill on his back made him even more excited.

In this period of time, he had been in secluded meditation on how to turn the poison into an antidote.

The Heavenly Spirit was also living in the fairy gra.s.s valley.

Waiting for Long Fei's appearance.

Originally, everything was very calm, but in the past few days, a group of mysterious people had appeared outside the fairy gra.s.s valley, and they had cultivated to a very strong level.

"Another set of techniques has been completed."

"Against whom?"

"Poison Monster?"

"It doesn't look like it. Furthermore, the Poison Monster never leaves the valley. This kind of formation cannot deal with him." The Heavenly Spirit's eyebrows were locked, "These formations do not seem like they are meant to deal with demon beast."

"Against people? Against whom? "

The formations were very strong, and each of them had different strengths. The formations contained an extremely strong killing intent.

Other than that.

These people who had set up the formation were also experts amongst experts.

When a Heavenly Spirit came to the ancient G.o.d battle, he had never seen so many experts appearing at once.

The sun was setting.

The Celestial Spirit breathed out a long sigh of relief as he watched the sun set. "You're not here again. How long are you going to wait? How boring. It seems like I'm going to slaughter everyone together with Boss."

"That's more like it."

His figure moved.

He was like a ghost, falling back into the valley in the blink of an eye.

It disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The current sky spirit was completely different from the previous one.

The power of the Yuling guardian warrior exploded throughout the Infernal Realm.

At night.

It was his world!

… ….

"Lord, the little boy on top of the mountain has disappeared."

"When did such an expert come to Poison Monster's side?"

"No matter what, our target is Long Fei."

The young valley master of the night king valley did not come. The one who came was the Great Vajra Li Yuanba who was standing beside Long Fei.

"Then let's kill him first. As long as he can't bring back the mind-lostinig poison's antidote, Long Fei will definitely die. Once we finish him off, we can go to the night king valley."


… ….

Three great formations.

Entering meant death.

The person who laid the array was the Grandmaster of the legend palace, reputed to be the number one array master of the Ancient War G.o.d.

G.o.d's array presbyter!


He was also the young elder of the legend palace.

This time, he was going all out. If he succeeded, he would soar into the sky.


The sparrow spread its wings and approached.

The sensing formation activated.

G.o.d's array presbyter's eyes lit up, "They're here!"

At the same time.

Inside fairy gra.s.s valley, the heavenly spirit eyes opened, "The King Kong Qi, brother Yuan Ba is here?"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2013

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