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Chapter 2018 - Nine


"The boss was poisoned?"

"Who wants to die so much?"

The sky spirit was instantly enraged.

Inside fairy gra.s.s valley.

The Poison Monster circled around Li Yuanba's body again and again, his face full of excitement, as if he was looking at a treasure. From time to time, he would pinch it.

Following that was another burst of excitement, "Good figure, inborn divine strength!"

"It's immune to poisons."

"If I can become my experimental subject, it's really …"

Before he could finish his words.

The Holy Spirit stared at him, "Say that again!"

The Sky Spirit was angry.

The Poison Monster wanted to use Li Yuanba as a test subject, wasn't this like smas.h.i.+ng into a wall of spears?

Poison Monster immediately smiled apologetically: "I'm finished, I'm finished. Don't be serious, don't be too serious."

He did not dare to offend the Sky Spirit.

Because …

Initially, bringing the Heavenly Spirit back to the fairy gra.s.s valley was the most wrong decision for him in his entire life, because the Heavenly Spirit was about to go crazy.

Not human, not demon, not demon, not ghost …

It was a death sentence.

No matter what kind of poison he concocted, it wouldn't harm even the slightest bit of his zhenqi.

He was simply a freak.


An abnormal feeling appeared in front of him. He had the same feeling when it came to Li Yuanba, especially when he released that move from the Ten Thousand Illusionary Killing Array.

He looked at everyone.

Li Yuanba looked at Poison Monster and asked, "Who is he?"

Tian Ling said: "Poison Monster, although I said I'm a poison refiner, it's useless. If it wasn't for the fact that I want to stay and wait for my boss, I wouldn't even bother to stay here."

Li Yuanba looked at Poison Monster and immediately asked: "Can you refine the antidote for the mind-lostinig poison?"

"mind-lostinig poison?"

"The poison made by the sky G.o.d?" Poison Monster frowned.

The Sky Spirit was stunned, "Big Bro Ba, Boss was. .h.i.t by the Heart Devouring Poison?"

Li Yuanba nodded his head: "Yes, we have already dragged it out for four days, I am worried that boss won't be able to hold on much longer, and must obtain the antidote as soon as possible."


The Heavenly Spirit grabbed Poison Monster's clothes and shouted: "Can you refine it?"

He understood now.

No wonder when they sneaked into the fairy gra.s.s valley, their goal was to kill the Poison Monster and prevent Li Yuanba from getting the antidote.

Poison Monster was lifted up into the air like a little chick by the small Heavenly Spirit.

If it had been someone else, that person would have died long ago.

But in front of the Holy Spirit, the Poison Monster did not have the slightest temper. His face was filled with fear as he said lightly, "It's a little difficult."

"Don't tell me it's difficult."

"Since I've found you, you must have a method. I do not care what method you use, you must refine the antidote for me." The spirits don't care so much.

The life of the boss was more important than anyone else's.

Li Yuanba said: "If you have any difficulties, feel free to speak."

Li Yuanba was the same.

If he could not get the antidote, Long Fei was really …

The Poison Monster frowned: "The mind-lostinig poison can be said to be the number one poison in the Ancient Divine War, he was specially created by the sky G.o.d, and every time is different. If you want to refine the antidote, you need to find the formula for the poison in order to break it, but …"

"Don't talk nonsense with laozi. Just tell me if you can refine it." The Sky Spirit shouted.

Li Yuanba's heart tightened.

Poison Monster clenched his teeth and said: "I can only say that I will try my best."

"I can't do that. I have to make it." His tone was like he was on fire.

Li Yuanba asked: How long will it take to refine the antidote?

Poison Monster said, "It will take at least three days."

"No way!"

"There's no time." Li Yuanba asked, "Is there any other way?"

Long Fei wouldn't last three days!

In three days of time, Long Fei's mind, consciousness had already died, moreover... Under these circ.u.mstances, Long Fei was simply unable to enter h.e.l.l, even if his father was the King of h.e.l.l, he wouldn't be able to help.

The Poison Monster said: "Three days is already the limit, if you want to be faster, then you only have one way, to ask the sky G.o.d for the antidote."

"He made the poison."

"He definitely has the antidote!"

The heavenly spirit immediately asked, "Where is sky G.o.d?"

Poison Monster was stunned, he had only said that casually.

What kind of existence was the sky G.o.d?

Becoming a G.o.d, a true G.o.d!

He killed his son, yet he still asked for the antidote. This … Wasn't he courting death?

Poison Monster said: "main temple, or perhaps battleground, is in these two places."

Without saying a word, the Sky Spirit said: "Big Brother Ba, I'll go look for sky G.o.d to get the antidote, you go to Boss' side."

With that, he turned to leave.


Li Yuanba pulled him back and said: "Do you know where the main temple is? Do you know how the battleground is going to get in? "

The Sky Spirit was stunned.

He didn't know!

He was too anxious to think about it.

In three days, the boss was dead.

Spirit lowered his head: "Then what do we do?" We have to do something, don't we? "

Following which, the Heavenly Spirit looked at Poison Monster.

Poison Monster's body trembled slightly as he continuously retreated, saying, "I, I, I really have no way, unless, unless …"

A bright light flashed.

Poison Monster thought of something and immediately said: "Unless you can find the Spiritual Immortal Gra.s.s."

"It can cure all poisons."

"It's also the number one divine herb of the ancient G.o.d battle."

Li Yuanba immediately took a step forward: "Where is the Spiritual Immortal Gra.s.s?"

Poison Monster hesitated.

The Sky Spirit formed claws with his hands and tore through the air. The tip of his long nails was covered in the highest mysteries of the Ghost Vein Art, as well as the power of death and decay.

Poison Monster had seen this terrifying power before, so she immediately said, "It's in the fairy gra.s.s valley, in the h.e.l.l of fairy gra.s.s valley's ninth level, but …"

Not waiting for him to finish.

With a flash of his spirit, he disappeared into the cave.

Li Yuanba tightened his grip on her.

Poison Monster was stunned on the spot, and said loudly: "I'm not finished yet, there's a kind of terrifying h.e.l.l beast inside, it's useless even if you guys go."

"Sigh …"

"Even if I said it, I wouldn't listen."

"You guys will be able to escape soon."

Poison Monster muttered.

The Spiritual Treasures of Heaven and Earth usually have Guard Divine Beast s.

The better the item, the stronger the guardian beast.

The nine levels of h.e.l.l beneath the fairy gra.s.s valley is just a way of putting it, but … It was like h.e.l.l inside, each level more dangerous than the last.

However …

In order to save Long Fei, Li Yuanba and the Heavenly Spirit Realm would not care so much.

There was no one more important than Long Fei's life, not even their own!

… ….

In another place.

Dragon Coffin Cultivation World, Alien Battlefield.

The Yama edge in Long Fei's hands slaughtered wildly.

Standing on the peak, he panted, as if his body was about to fall apart. "1,732 heads!"

"Eight thousand two hundred and sixty-eight more left!"

"100 million experience points."

"Kill all these ten thousand Steel Armor Beast, my level will skyrocket!"


"No matter how powerful the poison is, it's useless against me!"

… ….

It was as if he had been revived.

Any binding will end.


Long Fei was in the Dragon Coffin's cultivation world, so this was his only chance. If he failed, he would not have the slightest bit of power to activate the system, and would not be able to enter the cultivation world.

His only chance!

"My life is not up to me!"

Long Fei roared out, "Come then!"

… ….

Young master, the people from the legend palace are almost here, should we make a move in advance?

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2018

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