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Chapter 2019 - tomb of night king, G.o.d of Slaughter Bai Qi!

The people of legend palace were rus.h.i.+ng towards there.

If he could take Long Fei down before them, it would be a great merit.

To be able to get the help of the legend palace …

tian yuan slightly narrowed his eyes, "My Tian Family has worked as a horse for the Ye w.a.n.g Family for dozens of years, and after all, we will only be a Great Elder. When will we become the true master of the night king valley?"



"As long as I capture Long Fei, with the help of the legend palace's forces, I can become the new Night King of the night king valley."

"To control three thousand and then enter the battleground, to seize the highest achievement and become number one under the Sovereign Realm!"

"Revive the glory of night king valley!"

"That's not right!"

"It should be the glory of my clan."

tian yuan said excitedly as the image of Zi Yue's peerlessly beautiful face appeared in his mind. He still wasn't dead from Zi Yue's heart, and he loved Zi Yue, so he similarly hated her.

Love to the bone, hate to the bone.

If he couldn't get her, he would destroy her. If he got her, he would destroy her.

"Young Master, then we …."

The corner of tian yuan's mouth curled up as he said in a deep voice, "Have our people wait. They will attack as soon as the sky turns dark. Remember, you must be quick. You absolutely cannot give others a chance to react."

He knew very well.

His father would never make a move against Zi Yue.

Because she was the Young Valley Master of the night king valley, and also the last person of the Night King Clan.

If he didn't take down Zi Yue at lightning speed, then his father would very likely interfere. At that time, it would be even more impossible to complete his grand plan.

As for Li Yuanba taking back the antidote …

tian yuan did not care about it, because even if he could get the antidote back, he would not be able to come back!

"Understood, I'll arrange it right away!"

tian yuan looked into the distance, and said indifferently: "Zi Yue, you are mine, you will always be mine to die, even if it means death, you will still be mine, tian yuan!"

… ….

night king valley Meeting Room.

"Grand Elder, it's the second day."

"Just now, I had someone sense that the sparrow riding the looby was already dead. From the looks of it …. He won't be able to come back either. "

"We …"

Many elders looked at Destiny.

This was an extraordinary time, and it was time to make a choice.

No one wanted to die.

But if they continued to protect them, the people of night king valley would die.

Heaven's Mandate was very clear on what they wanted to say. He said slightly, "An agreement is an agreement. No matter what happens within the next three days, we will take good care of them."

"Great Elder, what are we plotting? The Night King's clan has already fallen, is there a need to take the lives of all of us to protect them?"


"I received the news, a large group of experts from legend palace are rus.h.i.+ng towards the direction of the night king valley, there's no doubt that they are here for Long Fei."

"We can't resist at all."

"Great Elder, what era is it now? The current night king valley is already dead in name. We should think for ourselves."

… ….

Many elders began to persuade him.

The night king valley was simply unable to contend against the legend palace. Furthermore, the legend palace was still the main temple behind the scenes, so how could he be an opponent for the both of them?

Not at all.

If he let Zi Yue and Long Fei stay in the valley, the night king valley's blood would flow like a river.

Heaven's Mandate trembled between his brows and said with a deep voice, "We are all members of the Night King Clan. If we are here, the Night King Clan will still be here." No matter what happens, no one is allowed to touch Zi Yue within three days. "

This was a promise between him and Zi Yue.

It was also a promise between him and himself.

To be able to save Long Fei within three days, was the choice of the heavens. He would stand by Zi Yue's side without hesitation.

If Long Fei did not wake up within three days, then...

Even if he wanted to support Zi Yue, the rest of the night king valley would probably make a move as well.

With a loud shout from Heaven's Mandate, all of the elders s.h.i.+vered, showing fear.

Heaven's Mandate was the most important powerhouse out of all of night king valley.

He was too angry to say anything more.

… ….

"Huff …"

Cold sweat broke out on Zi Yue's forehead.

She had heard everything that had just happened in the meeting room.

Other than the nether slave and her dead father, no one else knew about the Heaven Listening Technique.

w.a.n.g tai saw her expression change slightly, and came forward and asked: "What happened?"

Zi Yue calmly replied, "It's nothing much, I'm just worried …" The people of night king valley will make their move against us. "

Even though he was destined to crush everything.

However …

She was very clear about the people from the night king valley, Heaven's Mandate alone was not enough.

w.a.n.g tai's brows tightened, and said: "Is this place safe?"

Zi Yue turned around and looked at the Giant Spirit Coffin, saying, "We have to think of a way to move. We have to wait for the big guy to come back."

w.a.n.g tai asked: How do I move?

"The courtyard is surrounded by people. It's fine for the two of us to move, but there's still the boss. This is going to be difficult."

Carrying a huge coffin that weighed over ten thousand jin?

Others weren't blind.

Furthermore, they weren't Li Yuanba. Li Yuanba had an inborn divine strength to carry ten thousand kilograms worth of pipes as if he was a normal person.

Zi Yue said, "Carry the coffin and let's go inside."


w.a.n.g tai trembled slightly.

Zi Yue said, "My room has a secret pa.s.sage. This pa.s.sage leads directly to my father's coffin hall."

No one knew this secret except her.

Only she knew where her father was buried.

That place was also the forbidden area of the night king valley.

Right now, Zi Yue couldn't care so much, she already had no other choice. Long Fei had to live, and only if he lived, would he have the chance to refine the Nine Steps Yang Reversion Pill, and be able to revive her father.

As long as his father revived, everyone in night king valley would be suppressed.

Everything depended on Long Fei being alive!

There was hope for Long Fei.

w.a.n.g tai carried the huge stone coffin into the room.

The aura coming from Zi Yue's body formed a force. With a slight movement, a mural began to slowly release its power like flowing water. The mural moved and slowly twisted, as if a teleportation gate had appeared.

Zi Yue said, "Go in!"

The two of them carried the coffin into the mural.

The mural returned to normal.

w.a.n.g tai felt his vision go black, and he instantly appeared on top of a straight path. The torches on both sides of the path automatically ignited, going all the way to the deepest part.

In the deepest part of the mountain was a mountain that floated in the air.

There were all sorts of white coffins on the hillside that were densely packed. The one on the top was the largest and had strange engravings on it.

Its entire body was glowing with a fluorescent light.

The entire hillside was painted white.

"This is the tomb of night king!"

"The one at the top is the first Night King."

"The rest are all previous Night Kings."

"The one at the bottom is my father's coffin." Zi Yue's eyes narrowed as she looked at the white coffin.

w.a.n.g tai was shocked.

At the same time.

The Spirit G.o.d among the Giant Spirit Coffin opened his eyes slightly, "It's a land of wind and water, there's actually such a place?"

Long Fei who was inside the training s.p.a.ce.

His entire body was covered in blood, but at this moment … A white figure suddenly appeared in his world!

G.o.d of Slaughter.

Bai Qi!

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2019

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