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Equipment were very important in games, but levels were even more important.

The disparity between their levels was too great, making it difficult for them to match each other.

Just like here, Long Fei was just a war chief realm. If the first level was Level 10, then he was only at Level 40.

But Hong Tianjun?

war emperor realm level 70.

How could he be a match to someone who could crush him at 30 levels?

The difference was too great.

Long Fei fought with all his might and even lost to Hong Tianjun. He was completely not a match for Hong Tianjun.


Brothers are injured, women are crying. If they don't fight with all their might, would they still be considered men?

So what if he knew he couldn't win?

If a man were to live, he would fight for an incense stick. Even if he were to die, he would have to fight with his life!

Long Fei continued to rush forward, the power in his hands did not weaken at all, his eyes were red, he crazily rushed forward, the dragon salyer slashed down heavily.

Yan Huang ancestor said in a deep voice: "Brat, your heart is in chaos, and your anger is in disorder. You are not his opponent right now."



"You're in a hurry to escape right now, I can …"

Without waiting for Yan Huang ancestor to finish speaking, Long Fei said in a heavy voice in his heart: "I'm not you. There are some things, even if I have to die, I have to give it my all!"

Ignoring the Yan Huang ancestor's persuasion, he continued to chop down.

This time.

He immediately activated the Unparalleled air s.h.i.+eld.


Hong Tianjun's gaze pierced through his air s.h.i.+eld s, his fingers moved, coldly laughed, and said: "Break!"


The invincible air s.h.i.+eld was pierced through, and another wave of Sword Qi pierced through his chest, however … This time, Long Fei did not fall down.

Instead, he forcefully withstood it.

With a roar, the dragon salyer slashed down.


"Rumble …"

The saber's aura was like a dragon, crus.h.i.+ng down.

Hong Tianjun did not try to dodge at all, and in fact, he did not even have any defense.

"I can't even cut my head off."

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The dragon salyer was half a meter above his head, trembling non-stop, but it could not cut through.

"Ahh …"

Long Fei suddenly retracted his hand, "moonlit step."

He charged forward.

As he leapt into the air, the divine power of his right arm burst out and the power of the Mountain-hit Fist superimposed onto both of his arms.

He released his strongest power.


It was like a red lightning bolt striking down.


It was as if the heavens and earth had been cut across, causing the entire Fire Gla.s.s City to tremble.

It struck the top of Hong Tianjun's head, causing his Qi to explode.

Hong Tianjun's body slightly lowered as his bun fell to the ground.

At this moment.

Hong Tianjun was furious.

Raising both his eyes, he made a grimace between his eyebrows. true breath surged from the center of the and he made a grabbing motion in the air, "Die!"




The power of the war emperor realm instantly exploded, and a wave of dense energy visible to the naked eye shot out, causing painful sounds to ring out across the entire horizon.

Bang! It hit Long Fei's chest and bounced him off.

Along with the dragon salyer in his hands, it fell.


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The dragon salyer fell from the sky and directly stabbed into the ground. The b.l.o.o.d.y blade aura instantly disappeared and was crushed by the aura that exploded out from Hong Tianjun's body.

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Long Fei was sent flying and crashed into the city wall. The city wall cracked and half of his body sank into the city wall as he continuously spat out blood.

Too powerful.

The war emperor realm was too valiant.

The number one genius of the South Horizon Region was absolutely not for show.

Hong Tianjun swayed his body, his gaze becoming exceptionally dark and gloomy. Staring at Long Fei who was on the city wall, he disdainfully said. "You can't even take a single blow!"

"With trash like you, what are you going to use to fight me?"

"What are you going to compete with me for?"


Suddenly with a roar, Hong Tianjun's figure appeared in front of Long Fei with a 'whoosh'. His five fingers moved, and grabbed, pulling Long Fei out from the city wall.


A line of energy shot out.

It was like a shockwave.

Long Fei fell from the sky and hit the ground with his body, creating a deep crater.



"Long Fei!"

… ….

The ground cracked open, and Long Fei laid inside the pit.


"Red alert, red alert."

"The player's life is in danger, the player's life is in danger, please heal, please heal …"

The system flashed red and an alarm sounded.

In the system, Long Fei's health point was only left with less than one percent.

As long as Hong Tianjun gave it a light touch, Long Fei would die.

This wasn't a game, not a game. Death could be revived in the game once more, but this was the real world. Death meant disappearance.

There was no chance to try again!


Long Fei's entire body was covered in blood. He stood up with much difficulty and walked out of the deep pit, step by step. He walked to the side of the dragon salyer.

Both hands tried their best.

"Phew, phew, phew," Long Fei gasped heavily, bent down with both hands clutching the dragon salyer tightly, and stared at Hong Tianjun who had a disdainful look in his eyes, roaring, "f.u.c.k, come again."

He took a step forward.

Long Fei could not stand steadily and almost fell to the ground.

The wounds on his body were too severe.


He still wanted to go all out.

There were always things more important than life for a person. To him, Xiao Bai, Ice and Fire were brothers, brothers are more important than life.

To him, Liu Luoxi was his woman. If he couldn't even protect his own woman, and looked at his own woman crying while doing nothing, then what was the f * cking use of living in this world?

Death was very scary.

Long Fei was extremely afraid of death.

However …

He was even more afraid of losing something.

This was something he desperately cherished, the only thing he felt warm about coming to this world.


Thus …

Long Fei was like a fool, fighting like a madman. He knew that he was not his match, but he had no choice.

Hong Tianjun's eyes turned sinister and the look of despise on his face became even more intense. He coldly sneered: "If you don't know your place, then go to h.e.l.l."

"Weng …"

The aura of the war emperor on his body moved, and the powerful force spread across the sky.

Yan Huang ancestor's heart sank, "It seems it's my turn to take action."

His aura wavered.

He had to protect Long Fei's life, he was in cahoots with Long Fei right now, if Long Fei died, he would die as well.

In any case.

He couldn't let Long Fei die.


He liked Long Fei more and more, because this guy had an imposing aura that was unafraid of the heavens, the earth, and the earth. What made him even more adamant was that Long Fei was persistent!

"Kid, listen carefully."

Yan Huang ancestor thought in Long Fei's heart.

Hong Tianjun took a step forward.

This time, he definitely had to kill Long Fei.

At almost the same time. = semi--/floating-life +)

Liu Luoxi broke free from her restraints, forcefully breaking free from the restraints placed on her by Hong Tianjun. In a flash, he stood right in front of Long Fei, watching as Hong Tianjun rushed towards him with a single step.

She sank to her knees.


Kneeling in front of Hong Tianjun ….

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