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An earth-shattering kowtow.

Time seemed to stop.

Everyone was looking at her.

Long Fei looked at her back.

Hong Tianjun looked at the iciness in her eyes.

Even Xiao Tiantian and Ye Ziyan were stunned.

Liu Luoxi said in a begging tone, and said: "I beg of you, please let him go, I agree to your request, I agree to the marriage proposal you made last time."

"Please let him go."

He was extremely determined.

Long Fei's heart ached as if it was being torn apart.

In order to protect himself, Liu Luoxi kneeled down to Hong Tianjun!

This …

Long Fei screamed in his heart, "Ah … "Ah …"

However …

Facing the back where Liu Luoxi was kneeling on the ground, he couldn't say a single word, because … He felt that he didn't even have the right to speak.

Not even the slightest bit qualified!

Not only was he unable to protect his own woman, he even had to make his own woman kneel. This made him feel incomparably uncomfortable.


"Why am I not strong enough?"

"Why am I so weak? "Why …" Long Fei's heart was screaming, enraged, and in incomparable pain. This feeling was even worse than if he were to die.

Yan Huang ancestor's aura relaxed slightly as a strong surge of energy slowly disappeared. He felt admiration for Liu Luoxi.

It was the first time he had ever admired a woman.

At the same time.

Yan Huang ancestor thought to himself: "This might not be a bad thing for him!"

… ….


Compared to Long Fei, Hong Tianjun's heart was in an even more unbearable state.

He had defeated Long Fei.

He crushed Long Fei with all his might, but... He still lost, and Liu Luoxi actually kneeled down for Long Fei.

It was extremely uncomfortable.

However …

On the surface, Hong Tianjun revealed a complacent look, lightly smiled, and said: "Luo Xi, you said it yourself."

Liu Luoxi said: "I said, I promised. Heavenly End senior fellow apprentice, please spare him once, I am willing to marry you."


The anger in Hong Tianjun's heart raged, but he still wore a complacent expression. He retracted his war emperor realm abruptly, walked in front of Liu Luoxi and extended his hand out.

Liu Luoxi's body trembled. He held Hong Tianjun's hand and slowly stood up, not turning his head back.

She did not dare to turn her head, and she was even afraid of turning her head to look at Long Fei.

Hong Tianjun looked at Long Fei complacently, and said. "Brat, today is your lucky day, hahaha … A trash like you really isn't qualified to fight over a woman. Scram. "


He was extremely pleased with himself.

His eyes were full of mockery and contempt.

Long Fei stared at him, he could not do anything, he could only watch as held Liu Luoxi's hand, there was nothing he could do, this kind of feeling was not something that someone could endure.

"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …"

Hong Tianjun laughed wildly and slowly walked out of the city while holding Liu Luoxi's hand.

From beginning to end.

Liu Luoxi did not even turn back.

Hong Tianjun's wild laughter still reverberated above the Fire Gla.s.s City. Long Fei stood there watching, his eyes spitting fire, his body trembling non-stop. He hated himself, hated himself for not being able to even protect women.


Hong Tianjun and his figure disappeared into the snow.

Long Fei's body was also covered in a thick layer of snow.


"Ahh …"

Long Fei punched him in the face, then roared towards the sky, "I'm really useless!"

Xiao Tiantian ran over and hugged Long Fei as her tears continuously flowed out, "Long Fei, don't be like this, don't be like this, don't be like this … "Woo woo …"

They were all crying.

In her eyes, Long Fei had risked his life to protect Liu Luoxi, but... Hong Tianjun was too strong.

This kind of power was untouchable to Long Fei.

Long Fei's heart was bleeding, and so was hers.

Ye Ziyan also rushed over, and said: "Long Fei, don't be like this, you've already tried your best, even Senior Sister is looking at you, she once told me, knowing you is the luckiest thing that has happened to her in her entire life … …"

Long Fei's body was trembling.


Ye Ziyan suddenly thought of something, and said: "Long Fei, do you want to take back your senior sister?"

Xiao Tiantian stared blankly for a moment, then chided: "Senior Sister, he is already so injured, yet you still want him to fight with Hong Tianjun?"

Ye Ziyan looked at Long Fei heavily, and said: "Long Fei, what's wrong? Where did your aura go when you were facing the Large Power King Kong Ape? Where did you go in front of Long Zhanwu's aura? Facing Nangong Huo, where did his aura go? You are Long Fei, the Soaring Dragon, what happened to you now? "

"Just this little setback and you can't take it?"

"I'll ask you now, do you want your senior sister back?" Ye Ziyan said one word at a time, her eyes stared straight at Long Fei, "Do you want to answer or not!?"

Long Fei's gaze turned sinister, and he almost roared: "Yes!"


Incomparable thoughts!

If he had the strength, he would fight his way out right now. Even if he had to put his life on the line again, he would fight.

Ye Ziyan's gaze sank, and said: "Listen up, from the moment they were born, Senior Sister Luo Xi and Hong Tianjun's wedding was decided."

"Senior Sister Luo Xi has never agreed, and has always resisted."

"This time, I came to the Fire Gla.s.s City because Hong Tianjun forced me to come out and relax. Just now, Senior Sister agreed to it, which also means that after three years, they will be married!"

"Three years from now, on the first day of the new year, it will be their wedding day."

"Did you hear that clearly?"

"Three years. You have three years. If you are unable to s.n.a.t.c.h back Senior Sister Luo Xi within those three years, not only her, but even I will hate you for the rest of my life."

Ye Ziyan was incomparably domineering as she said, "Because, I don't want to see Senior Sister Luo Xi marry a man she doesn't like."

"Long Fei!"

"The man she likes is you!"

"From the moment you saved us from the cave, Senior Sister has fallen for you."

"Long Fei!"

"Three years, you must become stronger than Hong Tianjun, you must!"


Ye Ziyan pulled Xiao Tiantian and said: "Let's go!"

Very determined.

Ye Ziyan held onto Xiao Tiantian's hand tightly and walked out of the Fire Gla.s.s City. They did not look back as well.

Because …

At this moment.

They too had tears streaming down their faces.

On the way.

Xiao Tiantian asked, "Senior Sister, how do you know that eldest senior sister will be married three years later? How come I've never heard of it? "

Ye Ziyan let out a heavy breath and said, "I lied to him."


She heard a thick and aged voice ring out in her mind, using this method to agitate Long Fei and allow him to stand up once again.

This old voice came from the Yan Huang ancestor. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents]

At that time, Ye Ziyan did not hesitate and immediately explained everything according to Yan Huang ancestor's instructions.

However, she did not tell Xiao Tiantian about this matter.

Xiao Tiantian was startled, "Senior Sister, you lied to Long Fei? Then, Long Fei would appear in the Heaven Sect three years later. By then, the eldest senior sister would already be married to Hong Tianjun. He will die of grief. "

"No, I have to go back and tell him the truth. We cannot lie to Long Fei."

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 206

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