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Chapter 2156 - Your extradition person

Devil Island Meeting Room.

Eight King Kong stood beside Long Fei.

In the hall.

Night King Bai Qi, the commander of the demons in the Deep Abyss Mountain.

Gold Robe Master, Zhang Sanqian, Yan Nantian, Baw.a.n.g Hua … And there was also tang renjie, who was standing at the door.

At this moment.

On his shoulders, he was still carrying the Husky.

Everyone discussed matters of the battleground.

"I say, there's no need to wait. Let's start the fight. What's there to be afraid of? The boss already has the power of 129 Laws in his grasp, who's his match?"


"That's right, let's do it!"

"But... We don't know what's going on inside. "

"Besides, who among us has ever entered the battleground? "What's the pattern inside?"

"I think it's best to consider things from a long-term perspective."

When they still have yet to react, they quickly took down the entire group. In a single breath, they overthrew the main temple, and also brought them to an island, where they established a firmament and let them have a taste of being imprisoned. "

… ….

All of them hated the main temple very much.

Be it the people of the Devil Island or the demons of the Deep Abyss Mountain.

They all wanted to do it!

This was also because of Long Fei's style.

Don't submit, just do it!

Zhang Sanqian looked at Long Fei and said, "Commander, what do you think?"

Long Fei kept stopping and did not comment.

Once Zhang Sanqian's voice fell, the hall quietened down.

Even tang renjie had turned his head to look at Long Fei, who was seated on the highest seat.

Long Fei said indifferently: "You guys hate main temple?"

The Gold Robe Master was the first to speak: "Of course I hate him. If it wasn't for main temple's unfair treatment, all of us would have been exiled because of him."

The Elder Lie Hu also said: "If it wasn't for the people of main temple selling them off, why would we demi-humans wait in that kind of cold weather for tens of thousands of years? I must take revenge for this resentment! "

"You guys hate me!"

"Are there others who hate those hundred thousand planes as well?" Long Fei asked.

Yan Nantian said: "What you mean is … for all of the powerhouse s of the hundred thousand realms to join our side? "


"My idea is to have the hundred thousand people from the Realm of main temple join our camp." Long Fei slowly said: "Our power within the battleground is not even comparable to that of the evil G.o.d palace s, let alone the main temple s of over a hundred of them."

"If we want to win in the battleground, our strength alone is far from enough."


Long Fei had entered the battleground before, so he was very clear about the situation inside.

Everyone is restricted.

Long Fei was the same.

However …

He only roughly knew about the situation in battleground. main temple had controlled the battleground for tens of thousands of years, so they had a better understanding of the rules inside.


main temple and evil G.o.d palace Alliance.

Then Long Fei's third party would probably have no chance at all.

If the battleground lost, it would be difficult to overthrow the main temple.

In the hall.

Everyone quieted down.

"But... Every single plane of the hundred thousand realms is restricted, and the number of powerhouse that can enter the Primordial Divine War are extremely few. Even if they hate us, I'm afraid they wouldn't be willing to join our side. "


"Who is willing to join the evil G.o.d palace Alliance to send us to our deaths?"

Long Fei said indifferently: "Indeed, it is very difficult to enter the Primordial G.o.d Battle Dimension, but there is a plane of the same grade as the Primordial G.o.d Battle Dimension."


"The divinity is the most ancient plane of the Hundred Thousand Worlds. It is the gathering place of the powerhouse of the Hundred Thousand Worlds. If you can get the powerhouse inside there to come with us …" Long Fei laughed faintly.


The breeding ground of the powerhouse s in the hundred thousand planes.

Most of the powerhouse in the Ancient G.o.d Battle came from the divinity.


The G.o.ds in the main temple were the same, and those who hated them were also in the divinity.

Other than that.

Long Fei's clone, the FiendG.o.d Body had successfully transcended the tribulation.

He was currently cultivating in the divinity.

Moreover, his cultivation speed was astonis.h.i.+ng!

Long Fei's Xu Mi Rings had the legacies of the Ming Clan, he wanted to pa.s.s them down to his clones so that he could control the power of the Ming Clan. If he managed to comprehend anything from them, Long Fei would think of a way to give the Ming Clan's imprints to his clones, and let him search for the ancient inheritance, Nether!

"I'll do it!"

Gold Robe Master said slightly: "My family is in the divinity."

"War has a lot of things to prepare."

"Pills, weapons, equipment, not a single one can be missing."

"Either not."

"If we're going to fight, then we have to show them our strength." Long Fei said in a heavy voice.

He did not choose to enter the battleground at the first moment.

main temple and evil G.o.d palace had been in battleground for thousands of years. They didn't need to prepare anything, but Long Fei needed it.

He wanted to complete all the missions that the dragon had left him.

He had to prepare everything!

Because …

The prophecy of disaster was still there.

Long Fei didn't know when he would appear, and the only thing he could do was to prepare everything.

The crowd dispersed.

Only the Eight King Kong remained in the hall.

Long Fei said, "I have a special mission for all of you."

Li Yuanba said: "Boss, go ahead."

Long Fei said: "Find the location of the main temple, when I enter the battleground, all of you attack the main temple."

The eight people were slightly startled.

Long Fei continued: "No matter the cost, you must break through the main temple."

"Once the battleground goes to war, Hong Tu, all of the Evil G.o.d's concentration will be on me. At that time, there shouldn't be anyone who can stop you from ambus.h.i.+ng the main temple."

Li Yuanba said: "Boss, Hong Tu and the Evil G.o.d are in the battleground, you are in even more danger, we should be by your side, why attack a main temple without any defenses?"


If the main temple plane did not have any defense, why did it attack?

The battlefield should be in battleground.

Long Fei said: "All G.o.ds have a divine root."

"My Deity Root is in the Devil Island. Because the millions of lives here in the Devil Island are willing to help me become a G.o.d, those G.o.d of Law s, and even G.o.d's Deity Root are in the main temple."

"As long as we can break through the main temple, their Spirit Root will be affected, and their power will be greatly reduced. This matter will be absolutely safe, so I will allow the eight of you to come with us."

The Eight King Kong was one body.

Even though …

Long Fei didn't know what ancient world's eight Heaven Pillar meant, but the combined power of the eight of them was extremely strong.

Everyone stopped talking.

They would definitely do what Long Fei told them to do.

Long Fei said: "Everything, be careful!"

The eight of them nodded their heads heavily and said, "Boss, be careful too!"

And then …

The eight of them left.

tang renjie was squatting at the door, shaking his head as he watched Eight King Kong leave.

Long Fei asked: What are you laughing about?

tang renjie stood up, looked at Long Fei, and said, "Boss Long, no matter what you do, no matter how much effort you put in, that great calamity is still there.

"And …"

"This calamity will affect everyone around you. If you can withstand it, they will live. If you can't withstand it, they will die."

Long Fei looked at tang renjie seriously and asked, "Just who are you?"

tang renjie laughed and said: "Your extradition person!"

— —

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2156

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