The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2157

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Chapter 2157 - Completing the Dragon Coffin mission

"extradition person?"

"What do you mean?"

Long Fei asked.

tang renjie did not say anything, he only laughed, and then walked far away while carrying the Husky that could not tolerate the soil and water, and a voice came from far away, "You will understand in the future."

It slowly disappeared.


Long Fei muttered, and did not think too much about what tang renjie had said. His current focus should be on the battleground.

Before entering the battleground, he had to prepare everything.

Long Fei entered the training room.

The idea moved and entered the cultivation world of the Dragon Coffin.

Looking at the training world that was identical to its original form, it was just that... Without the colossal dragon, Long Fei looked at the distant sky and muttered, "I will definitely complete all of your missions."

"I will!"


"I choose the practice method of inscribing formations!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"


"Inscription failed!"


Long Fei's idea was blown out, Long Fei didn't even bat an eye towards death right now, he only said lightly, "Again!"






… ….

A crazy failure.

Long Fei would not stop at all whenever he failed, and he chose to continue on.

Although the colossal dragon was no longer here, he had given him everything he could teach.

What Long Fei needed to do now was to train hard.

These training methods were useless to him, but... This was the dragon's mission, and he had to complete it.



"Just a bit more …." I don't believe it! "

In the secret room, Long Fei's angry roars kept on ringing.

Just like how he fought, if he didn't submit, he would do it!

… ….

In another place.

"All of you are willing to submit to me?"

evil G.o.d palace.

soul demon clan's generals kneeled in front of the Evil G.o.d.

They wanted to take revenge on the death of their great devil of soul, but their powers were not a match for Long Fei.

However …

They knew very well who wanted to take Long Fei's life in this world!

All of the source spirit demon generals said solemnly, "We are willing. As long as we can kill Long Fei, we are willing to pay any price."

Of course.

Their goal wasn't just to kill Long Fei, but more importantly, to take back the Yun Soul Realm's sacred artifact, the soul bead.

They did not mention this matter.

Your big brother was killed by Long Fei, from today onwards, I am your big brother. Follow me into the battleground, I swear to you, I will definitely take Long Fei's head away. "

"Hahaha …"

The Evil G.o.d laughed maniacally.

These Source Spirit Demon Generals' cultivations were not weaker than G.o.d of Law.

With the addition of these Demon Generals, the power of his evil G.o.d palace became even stronger.

At that time...

Once Long Fei died, he would be at war with Sovereign Hong Tu. With the addition of these Demon Generals, his power would greatly increase, and would definitely not be weaker than the main temple.


The Evil G.o.d waved his right arm, and the entrance to the battleground appeared.

Everyone entered the battleground.

"Reporting to Lord Evil G.o.d, we have found the location of Long Fei's ancient entry." A warlord quickly reported.

The eyes of the Evil G.o.d trembled, and it said: "Alright!"

"Hahaha …"

"Long Fei, you won't be able to escape this time!"

"I told you a long time ago not to try and make a connection with the ancient entry. You just had to do it your way and follow me to overthrow the main temple. Now …"

"You ungrateful dog, your time of death is almost up."

The Evil G.o.d hated Long Fei a lot in his heart.

Long Fei had ruined his plans time and time again, and she had rejected his invitation.

As the Evil G.o.d, his heart was already filled with anger.

"Someone, come!"

"Send the news to main temple." The Evil G.o.d smiled faintly.

The many generals were puzzled, and asked: "Master, why are you telling main temple? If we take Long Fei down, our morale will rise greatly as well. We don't even need to notify main temple. "

The Evil G.o.d said, "What do you know?"

"Long Fei is no longer the Long Fei of the past."

"Furthermore, we are currently in an alliance with the main temple, so we should be able to get them to lend a hand. We should at least send out a few dozen of their G.o.d of Law s, right?"

"By then... Once Long Fei dies, they will be killed. "

"Two birds with one stone!"

"Hahaha …"

The Evil G.o.d's heart was very venomous.

Even with the main temple Alliance, his ambition was still to become a Sovereign.

One of the warlords quickly retreated.

The Evil G.o.d looked into the distance with his hands behind his back, and said indifferently: "Long Fei, I know you are a tactical expert, but we will definitely not give you the chance to actually enter the battlefield."

"The moment you enter the battleground, you will immediately die!"

"Just you wait!"

Long Fei's previous performance was too stunning, and until now, he still had not studied it thoroughly, so how did Long Fei do it?

But none of that mattered.

As long as Long Fei entered the battleground, he would be like a turtle in a jar, unable to escape death!


What he needed to do now was to set up an inescapable net!

Waiting for Long Fei to enter the stage!

… ….


"Inscription mission completed!"


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for completing the inscription mission, you have received the system's special reward 'Divine Weapon Formation'!"


"Congratulations player 'Long Fei' for completing the talisman mission, you have received the system's special reward 'Sky Outlet Fire Talisman'!"


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for completing …"

Half a month.

For an entire half a month, Long Fei had not left the secret room even half a step and had been madly cultivating the entire time.

One mission after another was completed.

Long Fei's understanding towards each and every supporting occupation was also sublimated, and was completely different from one another.

Every time he completed a mission.

The system will reward you.

This was also what Long Fei relied on to become strong.


These were not enough. The huge dragon once said that these were merely Primary Realm s to Universal Large World.

How strong was the Universal Large World?

Long Fei didn't know.

"Giant Dragon, I've completed all of your tasks." Long Fei silently said in his heart.

There were no changes in the cultivation world of the Dragon Coffin.

The colossal dragon's voice did not ring.

Long Fei clenched both his fists tightly, and thought to himself: "I will definitely kill the Universal World."

And then …

He walked out of the training room.

Outside the secret room.

colorful fairy dragon stood outside the secret room and waited.

Not only that.

Many clans of the divinity that had dragon clans in them had sent their strongest experts to a.s.sist in the battle.

Dragon race.

Han Ba Clan.

Giant Clan.

Warbeast race.

In just half a month, Gold Robe Master and Rainbow Dragon G.o.d had used all their connections and brought over half of the divinity's experts to the Devil Island.

At the same time.

Amongst these people, Long Fei saw another person.

Magic Body.


Long Fei's eyes flashed, his heart becoming excited, "They're here, hahaha … Everyone is here! "

At this moment.

Jojo walked over and said softly: "Young Master, Yuan Ba has already locked onto the location of the main temple's plane, we are only waiting for you to enter the battleground to start the battle."


Long Fei replied heavily.

"Jojo, have you prepared the things I asked you to prepare?"

Jojo nodded his head, and said: "Everything is ready!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2157

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