The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2278

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Chapter 2278 - Dark Blood

No matter what, he had to face it head-on!

It was just that …

Strangely enough.

The dark unicorn looked at the blood that Long Fei had vomited and suddenly stopped.

The expression in his eyes changed.

He stared at the blood on the ground without moving, as if he had discovered something inconceivable.

Long Fei was also startled, "What kind of trick are you trying to pull now?"

The dark unicorn did not reply, both of its eyes were still fixated on the blood that was spitting out from Long Fei's mouth, its expression was truly indescribable.


A wooden chicken?


Or was it shock?

"If the enemy doesn't move, I won't." Long Fei thought in his heart, and stared straight at the dark unicorn, "What is this guy doing?"

Ten minutes pa.s.sed.

The dark unicorn did not move, its eyes did not even move, and continued to stare at the fresh blood on the ground.

Half an hour pa.s.sed.

One disappeared.

Two hours pa.s.sed!

… ….

Long Fei was getting impatient, "Did you fall asleep?"


Long Fei slowly stood up and looked at the Sky Sword on the other side that had not transformed even after being ravaged for a long time. He wanted to go get his sword …

At this moment.

The dark unicorn suddenly moved.

Long Fei's body shrunk, and he immediately stopped moving.


The actions of the dark unicorn caused Long Fei to be a little dazed.

Because …

This fellow used his nose to sniff the blood on the ground. Then, he dipped his claw into the blood and sucked until there was only a tiny bit left.

"Holy sh * t!"

"What the h.e.l.l?"

Long Fei's heart tensed up, "Could it be that he has the attributes of a vampire?"


Long Fei looked at the dark unicorn and his expression changed. It was neither fierce nor excited, but instead, it was ecstatic, as if it was ecstatic to see its family members.

He began to dance with joy.

Just like an old lady doing a square dance.

It swayed left and right, dancing about in all kinds of ugly postures. Long Fei felt a wave of disgust as he watched, "Have you gone mad? Could it be that my blood contains the blood elements of mad cow disease? "

"F * ck!"

"I, your father, couldn't even afford beef in my previous life, how did you get mad cow disease?"

"This guy is absolutely crazy."

Long Fei did not care whether the dark unicorn was crazy or not. He quickly ran to the side and picked up the Sky Sword on the ground.

The Sky Sword could even shatter a Fang Tiandao Seal with a single strike, if it injected Arrogant G.o.d Energy Value, it would definitely become even more powerful.

This was Long Fei's last move.

If even the energy of a Madman wasn't enough, then he really wasn't.


"F * ck you, have you skipped enough?" Long Fei growled. He really did not want to disturb the dark unicorn.

The dark unicorn also stopped abruptly, her expression returning to normal as she stared at Long Fei curiously.


A green blur moved.


Without giving Long Fei the slightest chance to react, she landed right behind him and sniffed at his back, "Huhu …"


He jumped away again.

Suddenly, he jumped up again.

He moved left, right and didn't make any moves.

Long Fei was a little scared, "Are you done yet?"

The dark unicorn stopped and looked at Long Fei, "Why is there nether blood in your body?"

"What the h.e.l.l?" Long Fei was a little confused.

The dark unicorn said: "Dark blood, the blood flowing in your body is dark blood …. No, you shouldn't say that, your blood is very strange, other than the scent of the nether blood, there is also a very strong blood vein's aura, and this kind of blood vein's aura seems to be trapped by some kind of Seal. "

"But …"

"Your blood contains the blood of the underworld, this is definitely true."


"Are you someone from the Ming Clan?"

Dark Blood, a unique blood vein used by the people of Ming Clan.

Long Fei was a little confused, "Dark Blood, Ming Clan? What nonsense are you talking about? I am not from the Ming Clan and I don't even know what the Dark Blood is.

He really didn't know.

His memories had yet to awaken. As for the rest of his memories from the G.o.d's martial continent to the Chaos Realm and then to the world of the Primordial G.o.d Battle World, they had completely disappeared. He simply did not know that there had once been a Ming Clan imprint on his body.

Just like the Dragon-Shaped Mark.

This Ming Clan Imprint also followed Long Fei into the Zhen Wu continent.

He did not awaken either.

The dark unicorn itself was a Ming Clan Beast.

His ability to sense the nether blood was extremely strong. Even though Long Fei's blood contained a small amount of nether blood, it was not able to escape his senses.


The dark unicorn did not say it all. The nether blood within Long Fei's body was very unique, it was something that only the super powerhouse possessed.


A high rank mark of the Ming Clan!

The dark unicorn stared at Long Fei and said: "You don't know?"

"You can't not know!"

"Your blood contains an incomparable amount of power, I have never seen such a powerful blood vein, forget about humans, even the supreme descendant of G.o.d's tribe do not have such a strong power, how could you not know?" The dark unicorn said in her heart: "Every kind of blood vein all have their own characteristics, and it is impossible to fuse them with the second type of blood vein, unless they exchange blood. But why is it that a person in the Escalate Blood 2 Stage Realm can't endure the pain of a blood exchange?"

"His blood clearly contains the power of the Dark Blood."

"Or should I say..."

The dark unicorn stared at Long Fei, and its heart sank, "He is someone that the elders of Ming Clan have chosen to fight, and he has the Ming Clan's imprint on him?"

"Ming Clan's Mark?"

The dark unicorn glared straight at Long Fei.

Those eyes … Like a gay man.

Long Fei felt his hairs stand on end as he backed off slightly and said: "I'm not gay, and I don't know how to be gay with wild beasts. You better stay away from me."

No matter how the dark unicorn looked at it.

He just couldn't see through it.

It was also hard to tell if Long Fei had the Ming Clan's mark on him.

However …

One thing he could be sure of was that the youth in front of him was definitely related to the Ming Clan.

The dark unicorn's gaze retracted, and said lightly: "What are you doing here?"


It happened a little too quickly, so Long Fei did not hesitate and directly said: "Digging a grave, eh … No, I was sucked into the formation, not thinking about it myself. "

The dark unicorn behind her acted as if it did not hear anything, "Digging graves?"

"You …"

"You know there's a grave here?" The dark unicorn's gaze tensed up.

Long Fei replied: "I don't know, I was just spouting nonsense."

This fellow was obviously guarding the tombstone. To say that he was digging a grave right in front of him, this was simply not giving him face. Long Fei quickly denied it.

However …

The dark unicorn, however, asked with interest: "Then do you know whose grave this is?"

Seeing him ask that, Long Fei also replied: "Heaven Lake Holy Maiden?"

"Heaven Lake Holy Maiden?"

"What is she?" The dark unicorn disdained.

Long Fei then asked, "Devil Sect Emperor, King Yan Huo?"

The dark unicorn disdainfully said again: "Never heard of it."

Long Fei said: "Could it be the tomb of the True Martial Immortal Xu Wu Fu? Didn't you say that he ascended? It can't be buried here? Is it going to be buried in the sect of infinitas? "

The dark unicorn disdainfully said: "These are all unknown disciples that you have never heard of. Do you know who was buried here?"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2278

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