The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2279

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Chapter 2279 - Ming Clan's First War G.o.d

The Three Great Emperor of Zhen Wu, the True Martial War Martial Immortal Xu Wufu, the Heaven Lake Holy Maiden Jue Xin, and the Magic Tribe Emperor Huo Yan; they were all the world's top powerhouse.

to be admired for generations to come.

and the three strongest people who had ever appeared in the Zhen Wu continent.

The result of the 16 words' Yin Yang Wind Water Secret Art 'was that of the True Martial Emperor.

Since he was the True Martial Emperor, then he should be the tomb of one of the three True Martial Emperors.

Could it be that there are other True Martial Emperors in the Zhen Wu continent?

However …

Why didn't anyone know?

Long Fei asked: "I don't know!"

The dark unicorn was silent for a moment, then said: "I don't mind telling you, since you can't come in anyway."

The dark unicorn's expression changed slightly, and revealed an extremely respectful expression: "Netherwyrm, Ming Clan's number one War G.o.d!"

His voice was very strong.

It carried the tone of incomparable adoration.

His entire body was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with power.

The moment he said that name, the dark unicorn felt extremely proud. It was a feeling of superiority that came naturally to him, as if becoming the guard of the Netherwyrm was his supreme honor.

However …

Long Fei suddenly said, "Never heard of it!"

It was like a bucket of ice water being poured over the dark unicorn's head.

The dark unicorn was instantly enraged, it's eyes exploded as it stared at Long Fei and bellowed: "How could a lowly person like you have heard of Lord Ming Long?"

"Do you know what is a Ming Clan?"

"Do you know what is Ming Clan's number one war G.o.d?"


It was as if he wanted to fight with someone.

This was also out of wors.h.i.+p.

Long Fei shook his head and said: "I don't know, but … This has nothing to do with me. "

dark unicorn's eyes were about to pop out, staring at Long Fei.

If looks could kill, Long Fei would not even have bones left.


"I really don't know which elder chose you, to actually leave a Ming Clan imprint on your body." The dark unicorn began to mutter, expressing its dissatisfaction.

He was now certain that the blood inside Long Fei's body was the Ming Clan's mark.

Ming Clan seals were divided into many different types.

With his strength, he was unable to see the imprint on Long Fei's body. This meant that the Ming Clan's imprint on Long Fei's body was of a very high level, surpa.s.sing the limits of his power.

Thus …

It also showed that Long Fei's ident.i.ty was not ordinary.

Long Fei said: "What did you say? I have the Ming Clan's mark on me? "

dark unicorn rolled her eyes at Long Fei, and said: "You don't know about it yourself?"

Long Fei shook his head and said: "I don't know!"

The dark unicorn disdainfully replied: "What a waste. The elder who imprinted your imprint on you must be blind. How could he imprint his imprint on a human like that?"

"F * ck!"

Long Fei was annoyed, "What do you mean by that monster?"

"So what if it is printed on your father's body?"

"d.a.m.n it, laozi doesn't care at all."

On the surface, Long Fei looked normal, but he was feeling suspicious in his heart.

He could not understand the dark unicorn's words.

He was just a playboy on Earth, it had only been a little more than a month since he transmigrated. How did he manage to get such a powerful and mysterious blood vein in his body?

Why is there some kind of Ming Clan Imprint?

And all of them were occupied by the Seal?

Why is that?

"Could it be that I still have memories that I haven't awakened?"

"Or should I say... Is that the reason for the owner of this body? "

"Or …"

"The scene that appeared in my mind last time?" Long Fei remembered the scene when he was born in his previous life.

It was another alien creature.

It was another kind of super powerhouse that couldn't be described with words.

What was all this about?

"What other secrets are hidden in my body?" Long Fei asked himself, "What's going on with the system? Or could it be that I myself have experienced something, but my memories have been blocked by the Seal, so I am unable to recall it? "

Long Fei was feeling a little depressed.

Seeing Long Fei secretly frown and look as if he was deep in thought, the dark unicorn slightly said: "Originally, you were going to die here, but you actually have the Ming Clan's mark in your body."

"Ming Clan never kills each other."

"You can go!"

According to his usual practice, Long Fei was already dead.

Ming Xue's appearance shocked him, but … He still hadn't figured out the Ming Clan's mark on Long Fei's body, and he didn't know his ident.i.ty.

There were a lot of things that did not need to be said.

Long Fei recovered from his thoughts, and said: "Go?"

"No way!"

"I haven't even started digging the grave. I'm here to dig the grave, so how can I leave?" Long Fei made up his mind, "Ming Long, Ming Clan's number one War G.o.d. Even if it isn't recorded in history, he should still be a Emperor Zhen Wu's realm, the system definitely won't make a mistake. How can I give up on such a tomb?"

The dark unicorn said coldly: "I advise you to leave quickly and dig graves?"

"Dig into Lord Ming Long's grave?"

"Ha ha!"

"Let alone you, even if the three sc.u.m of the True Martial Emperor comes, it will still be useless. Hurry up and leave."

Long Fei did not give up, and said: "Since you're already here, how do you know if you can't dig? "Right?"

He would not give up until he reached the Yellow River.

Even when he reached the Yellow River, Long Fei would not give up.

If the dark unicorn's words were so powerful, then the guy buried here must be amazing.

How could he not dig?

Furthermore, now that the dark unicorn had decided not to kill him, there was nothing more to worry about.

The dark unicorn stared at him and bellowed: "Don't be too presumptuous. Although Ming Clan does not kill each other, I can cripple you, do you believe me?"

The Netherwyrm was the person he wors.h.i.+pped the most.

How could he let anyone disturb the place where he was buried?

Long Fei laughed dryly and said: "I do, of course I do, but have you thought about what if it isn't the necropolis' tomb? You have been guarding it for so many years, what if you made a mistake? "

The dark unicorn roared in anger, "Impossible!"

Long Fei said: "Then let me ask you, did you personally see him buried here?"

The dark unicorn shook her head and said: "After Lord Ming Long died in battle, the news was always kept a secret and no one knew about it. I only found out about it after a hundred years and came here to guard it."

Long Fei replied: If it isn't your Lord Ming Long, then are you guarding the wrong grave?

"It's a small matter to guard the wrong grave, but you made the wrong decision with the Lord Ming Long. That is a huge matter."

Beasts were beasts after all.

No matter how good one's brain was, it would sometimes be unable to turn around.

Not to mention.

Meeting Long Fei, All-Mouthy King.

The great battle had been going on for far too long that he almost forgot about it.

The dark unicorn said: "Even if I tell you to dig, you won't be able to enter. With the Boundary set up here, no one will be able to get in."

Long Fei grinned, "Try it, then you will know."

While they were talking …

Long Fei walked to the large stone in the great hall that was covered in runes and thought to himself, "There's actually nether blood in my blood, then this stone …"


Biting his finger, he waved his hand.

Fresh blood splattered onto the huge rock. The runes on the rock continued to circulate, and a strange scene occurred …

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2279

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