The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2349

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Chapter 2349 - Sky Sword, spirits of the ten thousand swords!

From all directions, the tide of power.

Each wave of energy was like a huge tentacle.

Without waiting for Long Fei to rush up the altar.




… ….

From all directions, howls and explosions could be heard!

That scene … It was impossible to put into words.

Long Fei was instantly engulfed by the wild tide of energy.


All the bones in his body seemed to have shattered, at that instant … Then, his consciousness disappeared. In the end, when his mind became clear, he muttered in his heart, "I'm going to die!"

"I'm sorry!"

Thinking about Long Zhanting in the Dragon Abyss Dungeon.

Looking at the dozen or so chains piercing Long Zhanting's body and how Long Wutian ravaged Long Zhanting crazily, although it was only a dream, Long Fei couldn't help but feel very uncomfortable in his heart.

He wanted to save Long Zhanting.

But now …

He couldn't save anyone.

He was going to die.

Along the way, although it had only been a few short months, Long Fei did not regret it at all.

"Eighteen years later, I will be a good man again!"

Long Fei roared in his heart.

And then …

He was completely unconscious.

Dead, alive?

Long Fei was no longer able to control it.

"Arrogant in front of me?"

"What are you?"

Ming Yue was furious. He was born in the ancient world, even earlier than him in this world. Even the King of h.e.l.l would have to respect him when seeing him.

Even the current master of the Universal World, the emperor Xuan, would not dare to act arrogantly towards him upon seeing him.

A small human.

A human who was only in the Qi Refining stage.

What is it?

Arrogant in front of him?

Could Ming Yue hold it in?


As he watched Long Fei being engulfed by the surging energy from all directions, he coldly disdained, "You overestimate yourself!"

It was extremely disdainful.


And it was also at this moment that Ming Yue's eyes turned sinister.

Because …

Under the waves of power, a strange light burst out and flickered.

At this moment.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

A sky-piercing power suddenly shot out. "Weng!"

The sword hummed.

It was extremely ear-piercing, and even Ming Yue had a painful expression on his face.

The surrounding ocean of netherworld energy was also instantly crushed down, and the Secret World became quiet. Long Fei fell onto the ground, his face pale white, as if he had died without any expression.

Ming Yue trembled slightly, and said: "Sky Sword, you follow him because he has no future. You are the first sword of primordial times, and you are the spirit of the ten thousand swords.

"You were born from ancient times, why would you follow a trash like him …."

Without waiting for Ming Yue to finish.

Suddenly, a ray of light shot out from the Sky Sword floating in the air. The light came out of the Sky Sword and transformed into a humanoid female, just like a fairy in a painting.

Otherwise, there would be no life on earth.

The aura of a Myriad Sword Spirit emanated from his entire body.

Without waiting for Ming Yue to finish, he immediately interrupted him and said furiously, "Try saying that trash again. Do you believe that I won't cut you into two?"


Sword Spirit's Fury.


In the instant that the Sword Spirit got angry, buzzing sound could be heard... The entire Secret World, and even the entire Xuan Yue mountain range, released a series of sword hums, as though they were completely out of their control.

In the valley.

The swords of the Black Crow Warrior began to tremble.

It looked like it was about to fly out of the scabbard.

Not only that.

Even the entire rock wall began to tremble intensely. It was as if the end of the world had come for this mountain of swords. Its power … This was too crazy.


The Black Crow Warrior looked at the Black Crow quickly.

The expression on the crow was also ferocious, "Sword intent... He had never seen such a strong sword intent. Just who could it be? Or whose treasure? "

And then …

The crow glared at Yi Yourong and asked, "Did you really not get it?"

Yi Yourong was also shocked in her heart. She had seen Long Fei use the Sky Code before, but that kind of sword intent was completely different from the current one.

Right now, the sword intent felt as if it was looking down on the heavens and the earth.


Any sword intent would be useless in front of it.

"Has Long Fei become strong again?"

"Is this the sword intent he was emitting?"

Yi Yourong looked at the raven and said, "If you have the guts, go in and get them."

The crow snorted. "What exactly is inside?"

Yi Yourong said: "You'll know once you get in."

… ….

Xuan Yue sect, Artifact Forging Pavilion.

This included all the disciples who were using the swords, all of them were faintly trembling.

The long sword at Yue Wanshan's waist could not be controlled, as he looked towards the direction of the Xuan Yue mountain range, "What actually happened?"

Gui Qingshan also had a face full of astonishment.

"Too powerful sword intent!"

The Xuan Yue sect was in chaos.

The sword intent was too strong.

… ….

In the Secret World.

Ming Yue's eyes turned sinister, he was also a little afraid, he could easily crush Long Fei, but he could not suppress the angry Sky Sword Spirit.


Although he was born from the same ancient world, he was still born from the same Seal.

Ming Yue said solemnly: "I don't understand!"

"Why did you choose such a person? I don't see any potential in him, blood vein s don't have blood vein, his talent is average."

"It's just a few miraculous cultivation techniques. There's only one of it..." Ming Yue wanted to say the word 'trash' again, but he endured it, "This kind of person isn't worthy of you at all!"

That was the truth.

Grandmist's first sword.

A divine weapon bred by the ancient world, how could a mere Qi Refining Stage cultivator from a low plane of the Universal World be worthy of the first sword strike of the primordial era?


The Sky Sword Spirit was ice-cold as it said: "What the f * ck are you doing!"

Ming Yue was startled.

He could not see anything wrong with Long Fei, in his eyes, even if it was the Gifted Soul of Underworld s, he would not even spare a glance for them.

There was no hint of surprise on Long Fei's body.

Sky Sword Spirit said, "Do you think that you can see everything in the world with just your eyes? Do you think that the thing nurtured by your ancient world is that powerful? "

"d.a.m.n it, there are some things that even Duke Ming would not be able to see if he was alive, let alone emperor Xuan!" Sky Sword Spirit ruthlessly looked down on him.

Ming Yue was a little unhappy.

His eye could see everything in the world.

blood vein!



He could see everything clearly.

Even if it was the blood vein s on emperor Xuan, he could still see their talent very clearly.

Even if he was being trapped by the Seal, how could he not see the situation clearly?

Ming Yue said solemnly: "You can doubt me, but you cannot doubt my judgement of him. He is just a weak and lowly warrior, the blood vein on his body, his Inherent Skill, everything is trash. No, even trash would not be able to match up to him, because he does not have any Inherent Skills."

Ming Yue was also very angry.

The Sky Sword Spirit was very high and cold, and it made her feel very disdainful when she looked at Ming Yue.

However …

To prove that Ming Yue was an eyesore.

Sky Sword Spirit said coldly: "Look at him clearly!"


A ray of light shone down from the Sky Sword Spirit onto Long Fei's body.


A mark appeared on Long Fei's left arm.

Ming Yue was startled, "A high level mark of the Ming Clan?"

"Descendant of the Ming Clan?"

Sky Sword Spirit was very dissatisfied, he shouted: "Look carefully!"


A Dragon-Shaped Mark appeared on Long Fei's right arm.

And it was also at this moment that Ming Yue's expression changed, as his eyes stared intently at the imprint that faintly appeared on Long Fei's right arm, "Master, master, mine, my master?"


It was as if he had been struck by lightning.

He was completely dumbfounded.

Ming Yue muttered: "Master!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2349

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