The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2350

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Chapter 2350 - I want to bring him back to ancient world


Ming Yue called him master?

Sky Sword Spirit was also slightly shocked.

She only wanted to let Ming Yue know about the hidden power in Long Fei's body, and only wanted to let him know how powerful Long Fei was.

Sky Sword Spirit was puzzled: "Master?"

One had to know... Even Pluto did not call him master back then.

Just how powerful was Pluto?

He was once the strongest person in the ancient world.

Even he did not truly manage to tame Ming Yue, and now called him Master Long Fei!

It was shocking.

Ming Yue said: "The imprint on his body … Only my master has one, the ancient world, one of a kind! "

Sky Sword Spirit said: Isn't that the dragon clan's mark?

Dragon-Shaped Mark was naturally the dragon race's mark!

There were many in the ancient world dragon race, so this kind of imprint was not unique.

Ming Yue said: "No, the dragon clan's imprint is different from the imprint on his body. To be exact, it should be his created the dragon clan, that's why the dragon clan's imprint is similar to the imprint on his body."

The Sky Sword Spirit was shocked, "The dragon race was created by him?"

Ming Yue said, "You don't know anything at all... Perhaps, no one in this world knows about this, but I am very clear that before the appearance of the Ming Clan, when the ancient times were born, my master was already here. He could be said to be an existence that was born in the ancient world at the same time. "

"During that chaotic era, he represented the ancient world and held all of their power."

"It was also because I was taught a lesson by my master that I was born in the ancient world and became Ming Yue's eye. There were still many people who were taught by my master back then, but now … I wonder if those brothers are still here. " Ming Yue's heart was filled with yearning. That period of domineering days with Long Fei was the most unforgettable moment in his life.

Too nostalgic.


Long Fei suddenly disappeared from behind.

Without Long Fei there, none of them would be willing to obey, which resulted in all of them being separated, some even becoming enemies to the point of killing each other.

Countless years had pa.s.sed, how many could still survive in this world?

Ming Yue wasn't sure either.

Long Fei disappeared. He searched everywhere, but he couldn't find anything.

Also at that time, the ancient world's nurture gradually took shape, and one after another ancient inheritance was born, and the Universal Large World also slowly perfected it.

After which, Pluto appeared.

The reason why Ming Yue chose to be Hades' Eye was because Hades was capable of bringing him out of this place. He wanted to find Long Fei in another plane.


He couldn't find it no matter how hard he tried.

Even if he used all his strength, he wouldn't be able to find it.


Ming Yue himself wouldn't believe it, but he recognized that mark, and it was extremely familiar. Only his master would have such a mark.

ancient inheritance Mark.

The same!

It was also the first inheritance in the ancient world.

It was also the most powerful legacy.

It could be said that all of the inheritance power that the current ancient world possessed came from Long Fei, so he was the father of all inheritances!

She did not know much about this. After she appeared beside Long Fei and familiarized herself with the information, she knew that her mission was to protect Long Fei.


She didn't know about her previous life's master.

Just like Long Fei, her memories had also been sealed by the Seal because of the Sky Sword.

"Master... Is that you? "

"Is it really you?"

Ming Yue grew excited, feeling extremely guilty in his heart, and he also hated himself to the extreme, "It's all my fault, it's all my fault for being blind, I'm sorry, I'm sorry …"

No one could understand the pain in his heart.

If not for Long Fei, he would not have been able to become an adult, even after hundreds of billions of years of cultivation.


Yet, he had beat his own master down to the ground. This pain, Ming Yue wished for nothing more than to kill himself.

Sky Sword Spirit said: "He's not dead yet, but we were just a bit off."

"I deserve to die!"

"I deserve to die!"

"If I kill my master, I will never forgive myself." Ming Yue said fiercely with a lonely look in his eyes. Looking at the Long Fei who was lying on the ground, he felt extremely uncomfortable.

Sky Sword Spirit also looked at Long Fei, she just couldn't understand it, "How could he be your master?"

"Isn't he the descendant of the dragon clan?"

Ming Yue had no reason to lie to him.

And it was not necessary, because Ming Yue began to look down on Long Fei.

This sudden turn of events made Ming Yue feel as if he had committed a heinous crime.

"The person born with the ancient world … What kind of person is he? " The Sky Sword Spirit muttered to itself. She still couldn't imagine it.

If it was really as Ming Yue had said.

Then this man in front of him was really too strong. His potential, talent … Maybe even the G.o.d's tribe s could not compare to it.

Sky Sword Spirit asked: What do you plan to do now?

Ming Yue replied without thinking, "I don't know why Master has become like this, but no matter what price I have to pay, I will make him return to the peak of the ancient world … I want to bring him back to ancient world. "

"The ancient world is his stage."

"This low plane of existence will only hinder his progress. Only the power of the ancient world will allow him to grow quickly."

The ancient world gave birth to everything.

It was like the Original World of everything.

Amongst the source energy, the training speed was the fastest.

The strongest person in the ancient world back then, was now a low level warrior who had fallen to the lower realms. Ming Yue felt very uncomfortable in his heart.

He could do whatever he wanted if he saw someone in a bad mood.

Every living being in the ancient world was afraid of him.

Sky Sword Spirit said: Return to the ancient world?

Ming Yue said: "That's right, as long as he returns to the ancient world, he believes that his strength will rapidly increase, and that he might be able to unlock the inheritance Seal in his body as well. As long as he releases all of the inherited powers of the ancient world and unleashes all of its power, then not to mention the emperor Xuan, even if all of the powerhouse of G.o.d's tribe combined, they would not be his match."

He had seen Long Fei's power before.

emperor Xuan is nothing.


At that time, Long Fei's ancient inheritance had not yet been cultivated to the Great Perfection Stage.

At this moment.

Sky Sword Spirit suddenly said, "You even yourself are trapped by the Seal, and you still want to bring him to the ancient world? I ask you, how are you going to take him?"

A bucket of ice water was poured over him.

Ming Yue instantly became a little foolish, "Uhh …"

Sky Sword Spirit continued: "Since he is your master, then have you thought about how he became like this? Is this one of his own arrangements? "

"Or should I say... Back then, he encountered an enemy that he could not defeat? "

"He needs to start training again?"

"And …"

"He has many Seal s on him, the Ming Clan's mark is sealed by the Seal, and the Dragon-Shaped Mark is also sealed by the Seal. If you bring him back to the ancient world, what if his legacy's Seal cannot be undone?"

"What's more..."

"Right now, he is only a low level warrior on the Zhen Wu continent. His body, his mind, and everything else is unable to withstand the power of the ancient world. Do you want to bring him back to the ancient world?" Sky Sword Spirit said fiercely.

"Can we go back?"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2350

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