The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2521

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Chapter 2521 - Even G.o.d Must Die

Super Artifact, sun-killing arrow!

It was a special equipment given by the system!

However …

The first prerequisite for him to use it was to use one hundred million true qi Points!

More than half of Long Fei's true qi value had been consumed, so even if he was at full strength, he would not have a hundred million true qi value points. He had to borrow the Demon Emperor's true essence.

One hundred million true qi Points!

Holding it in his hand, the sun-killing arrow shone with a crystal clear divine light.

No arrows!

The purple robed elder slowly took shape, looking at Long Fei holding onto a bow with no arrows, he laughed out loud, "Hahaha … I'm so scared. "

"Such a big bow, do you want to shoot someone to death?"

"That's not right!"

"Do you want to scare people to death?"

"There aren't even any arrows, hahaha …"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

As his laughter faded, the purple-robed elder's figure landed. The devil fire on his body rushed out without restraint, once again enveloping the first ten-storey devil tower Secret World.

A ghastly and terrifying aura emanated from it.

It continued to rush towards Long Fei's mind, his sea of consciousness, violently crus.h.i.+ng it.



"Rumble..." Long Fei's sea of consciousness unceasingly stirred and his eyes revealed a painful expression. However, the corners of his mouth still carried a cold smile.

"Quick, quick, quick!"

"Hurry up!"


Long Fei urged.


"System Notification: true qi Value + 10000 points!"


"System Notification: true qi Value + 10000 points!"

… ….

The value of the true qi s that broke through the limits of Long Fei's true qi Slot was still increasing, just a little bit away from a hundred million.

Long Fei frowned, "Quickly, quickly, quickly!"

He couldn't wait.

I can't wait.

The purple-robed elder sneered, "Kid, why aren't you saying anything? Don't you like acting cool? Now you're a mute? "

"A mere human brat. I've said it before, you definitely won't be able to pa.s.s the tenth floor."


"I am an immortal existence here."

"In this place, I will be the overlord of a group of Deities. Hahaha …" The violet-robed elder was growing increasingly savage and excited. In truth … He didn't know why this was happening.

Twice he almost died.

Twice he was sucked into the tower by the powerful devil fire, and when he was in the tower he could not feel anything, he could only feel that his body was recovering, that his injuries were instantly healed, that both the burns and the sword wound were healing crazily, and that his strength was growing stronger in this process.

It was a bit unsolvable.

Although he did not know why the paG.o.da would do that, but … He knew that the Demon PaG.o.da used him to block Long Fei and did not allow Long Fei to pa.s.s the tenth floor.

How could a human being become a the chosen one Holy Artifact?

Absolutely impossible!

Absolutely not!

The purple-robed elder would definitely not allow Long Fei to pa.s.s.

With the help of the paG.o.da, he was even more confident that Long Fei would not be able to pa.s.s, no matter what. He is not dead now.

No matter how powerful Long Fei was.

No matter how powerful he was, it was useless.

I just can't kill him!

He was not in a hurry at all. If he did not die, then he would be invincible, he didn't need to worry about Long Fei having any more powerful strength, and with two more great moves being released, Long Fei's body wouldn't be able to withstand it at all. He could clearly feel the exhaustion in Long Fei's body, and said: "Brat, what other big moves do you have?"

"Show them all!"

"Take out a broken bow. Who do you want to shoot to death?"


"Who do you shoot without an arrow?"

"Hahaha …"

At this moment.


"System Notification: true qi Value + 10000 points!"


"System Notification: The true qi value has reached 100 million!"

Once the system beep landed, Long Fei's eyes became sinister, "Hehe …"

"It's always beeping!"

"I'm so unhappy."

"No arrows, right?"

Long Fei laughed sinisterly, and said: "I'll let you see what arrows are!"

His left hand moved.

The idea sank.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Imperceptibly, with two fingers pulling on the bow, the idea exploded, "sun-killing arrow, explode for me!"


Following Long Fei's instructions, the true qi value in his body was instantly emptied out, and the one hundred million points of true qi value instantly became zero. Furthermore, at this instant, it was as if Long Fei was pulling on something as heavy as ten thousand tons, extremely heavy, as if he couldn't pull at all.

It was too heavy!

A little bit, a little bit, a little bit.

Both sides of the bow and arrow slowly bent.

The use of Super Artifact s was too difficult.

Almost all of Long Fei's strength was unable to pull this Gong Xuan.

It was a bit unbearable.

It was as if the Super Artifact could not function.

"Ahh …" Long Fei roared with all his might, the veins on his forehead bulged, and his entire left arm shook, "Boom!"

The heavenly fire burned.

The power of nether from the Ming Clan's imprint surged out like a violent tide.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

The entire sun-killing arrow began to burn.

power of nether superimposed onto it.

"Creak, creak, creak …"

With the support of the heavenly fire and the Netherworld Udumbara Flower, Long Fei was able to control his arm a little bit and slowly pull back. At the same time, streams of Xuna Bai's light appeared on the bow one after another, turning into a Xuna Bai's light arrow.

"Arrows?" The violet-robed elder's eyes sank.

Long Fei grinned and laughed: "You're right, this is an arrow. It's an arrow refined from one hundred million true qi Points! "

One hundred million true qi s.

It was not used to activate the sun-killing arrow, but to condense arrows.

True essence arrow!

only used ten million true qi to release the h.e.l.lfire.

Even if one used the Sky Splitting Sword Technique from the Sky Code, there were only tens of thousands of true qi s, however... This arrow cost a hundred million true qi points.

The Demon Emperor's pupils shook. He thought to himself, "Is this the reason why you want true essence?"

"Good boy!"

"I was right about you. You were still holding back."

"Hahaha …"

The Demon Emperor couldn't help but become excited. But … At the same time, he started to worry, because he didn't know what the Demon PaG.o.da was trying to say. He didn't know if it was trying to give Long Fei more tests to stimulate his potential, or … Did the Demon PaG.o.da not want Long Fei to pa.s.s the ten-storey devil tower's test at all?

If it was the latter!

Then no matter how powerful Long Fei's power was, it would be useless.

The Demon PaG.o.da was the sacred artifact of the Magic Tribe, and in the Demon PaG.o.da, whoever it wanted to kill, it would not die!

The Demon Emperor said with a heavy voice, "Boy, pay attention to the Demon PaG.o.da!"

Ye Zichen reminded her.

The purple-robed elder's eyes were filled with contempt. "Kid, no matter how strong you are, it's useless. You won't be able to kill me. I've said it before, I'm G.o.d. I'm the ruler of everything."

"Hahaha …"

While laughing like a madman.

The purple-robed old man's body was covered in demonic flames that condensed into a blood-red hue as it smashed down from above, layer by layer.

Just like how it was for the nine heavens, it blasted toward Long Fei's mind layer after layer.

Long Fei blocked it with all his might!


At this moment.


A hum came from the sun-killing arrow.

A full moon!

Long Fei's eyes turned sinister, he stared at the purple-robed elder and said: "There is no one who can survive in front of me!"

"Even if he's a G.o.d, he still has to die!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2521

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