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Chapter 2522 - Hit Target

"Even if he's a G.o.d!"

"I'll kill him too."


With a wave of his two fingers, a hundred million true essence arrows condensed from the true qi shot out, and like a flash of Xuna Bai's lightning, shot out with the power to crush everything.



It was an indescribable scene.

There was no way to describe it.

The purple-robed elder was not afraid. Seeing the arrow rus.h.i.+ng towards him, he laughed out loud, "It's useless, it's useless. You won't be able to kill me.

As the Demon Emperor saw this true essence arrow shoot towards the purple-robed old man, his eyes widened and his heart skipped a beat. "This is bad!"

Even if the purple-robed old man only had a single drop of blood, he would be saved by the Demon Tower.

If he wanted to defeat the purple-robed old man, the most important thing was to defeat the demon paG.o.da!

Otherwise …

Long Fei would never be able to get past that.

"Kid, why don't you understand?" The Demon Emperor clenched his fists and gloomily thought to himself, "I'm finished. This is probably his last resort. I estimate that … "It's over!"

If the purple robed elder did not die from this arrow, Long Fei would definitely lose.

His primeval essence was depleted.

Even if the internal core of a zombie was constantly recovering, it was too slow.

Not at all.

Furthermore... Long Fei's body was in a terrible condition, his body could no longer endure the activation of any cultivation techniques.

After the arrow was shot out, Long Fei panted heavily.

Both of his eyes looked at the rule of the arrow as he thought: "I have to hit! I have to hit!"

The purple robed elder didn't move at all and instead let the arrow shoot towards him. He continued to laugh wildly as he spoke, "Hahaha …" "Kid, it's useless."

"I am a G.o.d!"

"The G.o.ds will not die."

"Hahaha... The paG.o.da will not let me die, so don't even think about pa.s.sing through here. If you can't reach the chosen one, hahaha … "

He was laughing maniacally.

Laughing maniacally with confidence.

Because …

The purple-robed elder believed that Long Fei would not be able to kill him, and believed that the Demon PaG.o.da would once again save him.


Arrows aimed at him... In this instant, the instant the arrow touched him, an incomparably majestic force suddenly exploded, as if the weight of a hundred thousand mountains suddenly struck his chest.

His body was sent flying backwards.


An even more surprising scene occurred.

A hole had suddenly appeared in the purple-robed old man's chest!

A hole suddenly appeared!

When the purple-robed old man saw a hole appear in his body, his eyes narrowed and his entire body began to tremble. "Whwhwhat is this?"

He was incomparably terrified.

The Demon Emperor's eyes also shook. "What sort of move is this?"

Long Fei grinned sinisterly and said: "Heh heh … This will cost you three thousand lives! "

The arrow pierced through the hole in the old man's chest.

It pa.s.sed straight through.

The arrow pierced through his chest. The purple-robed elder didn't do any damage except for being alarmed. There was no damage character floating above his head.

The purple-robed elder rubbed his body, and then began to laugh wildly. "Hahaha …" Hahaha... "Kid, I told you that I am immortal, hahaha …"

"Did you see that?"

"Your arrows are useless to me!"

"Hahaha …"

It was as if he was in a dream. The purple-robed elder himself was a bit stupefied, because he had never imagined that there would actually be a hole in his chest.

This was definitely the power of the Demon PaG.o.da!

The Demon PaG.o.da must be saving him!

Because of this, he became even more crazily proud of himself, "I'm a G.o.d, I'm an immortal. Hahaha …"

The Demon Emperor was dumbfounded.

At this moment.

He was also stunned.

He thought that the arrow would pierce through the violet-robed elder's body, but he didn't expect that it would pa.s.s through without causing him any damage. If that was the case …

It's over!

The Demon Emperor looked at Long Fei.

Long Fei's face carried an excited smile.

His eyes were filled with confidence!

He wasn't afraid at all. Everything was as he had expected.

The Demon Emperor's heart went cold. "Why is that?"

As he looked again at the movements of the arrows, the Demon Emperor's pupils suddenly shrank to a point of wheat. "Demon PaG.o.da!"

"The target is the Demon Tower!"

"Good boy!"

"Hahaha... "We've finally awakened." The Demon Emperor's blood began to boil. If this arrow could turn the tower upside down, then …

The Demon Emperor's eyes were fixed on the arrow as he thought to himself, "Must hit!"


Long Fei's target was not the purple-robed elder, but the demon paG.o.da!

If the Demon PaG.o.da was not destroyed, its power could revive the tower guard forever.

Long Fei no longer had the strength to fight back.

He had to do it!

Otherwise... The one who died was him.

sun-killing arrow.

If one locked their eyes on a target, they would ignore everything that blocked them. Whether it was a person or a mountain, everything in the world, other than a target, it could pierce through anything else.

Just like how the purple-robed elder had blocked it just now, a hole had automatically appeared in his chest and pierced through it.

It was much more powerful than the move that Aich used.

Besides being able to chase and kill a target across the entire plane, sun-killing arrow could also penetrate anything other than the target.

Long Fei's gaze tensed up, and he muttered to himself: "Definitely hit!"

"We have to hit!"

This was the first arrow, Long Fei did not know what would happen.


The sun-killing arrow s' injuries... The System did not give a detailed description, nor did it say that it would instantly kill or anything else.

The purple-robed elder seemed to have sensed something as he turned around to look at the arrow that was shooting towards the darkness. Xuna Bai's light was like a beam of light that exploded in the darkness.

The purple-robed elder's eyes narrowed, and he looked at Long Fei as well. Seeing the confident smile on Long Fei's face, his heart turned sinister, and he asked: "Your goal is the Demon Tower?"

Long Fei grinned: "Impossible?"

The next second.

The violet-robed elder began to laugh loudly. "Hahaha …"

"Hahaha... "Kid, you really don't know your limits."

"What do you think the Demon PaG.o.da is?"

"The Demonic Tower is the sacred artifact of our Magic Tribe. It is a transcendent divine level treasure that originates from another plane of existence. Deal with the Demon PaG.o.da? "

"Hahaha... You're too smart. "

If the paG.o.da was able to revive him, then how powerful was the paG.o.da?

It was hard to imagine.

A mere Mahayana Realm brat attacking the Demon PaG.o.da?

Floating duckweed shaking a big tree?

It's probably the funniest thing in the world.

The purple-robed elder said, "If I am the G.o.d of this world, then the demon paG.o.da is the creator of this G.o.d. Everything you do is useless to him."

At this moment.

The arrow sank.


Target hit.

Long Fei's gaze tensed up, he stared straight at the s.p.a.ce, and said solemnly: "I've said it before, no matter who it is, I will kill him, and the Creation G.o.d will do the same!"

"Bring it on!"

"Explode for me!"

Long Fei gave a loud roar.

The moment the True Origin arrow pierced the air, Long Fei became sinister.

At this moment.

The arrow formed from one hundred million true qi's true essence fiercely exploded, and rays of Xuna Bai light flashed out one after another, covering the entire ten-storey devil tower …

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2522

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